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World Message of Peace

It is the celebration of friends and Community this Yuletide at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The poetry is writing . . .

Some thoughts on discernment in love relationships . . . lack of a happy longterm covenant love relationship, like a lack of food causes violence and war. My gift to you this Christmas is the peace of a perfectly discerned love relationship:

“There is nothing worse than a bad marriage.”
- Collective Wisdom

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
- Lao Tzu (Philosopher)

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”
- Pablo Picasso (Artist)

“Some colours reconcile themselves to one another, others just clash.”
- Edvard Munch (Artist)

“Marriages should not have an essence problem, if the lovers are not simpatico enough there may be conflict and the relationship may break.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Don't support the war/whore machine . . . happy covenant love life now! figure out how @ World Peace Newsletters,”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Establishment make it look like having many sex partners is normal, it is not normal for the vast majority of people.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“In my mind you are only meant for one of a handful of people - your 1 or 2 starcrossed lovers or 1 or 2 simpatico distant cousins . . . anything else that is truly simpatico for a happy longterm covenant marriage is pure luck.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

A recent study on marriage on the Internet states that 1 in 3 women marry men they are not suited for, knowing the relationship may not last. My theory is that arguments, discomfort in relationship and relationship problems are the symptoms of an essence problem. The 2 lovers aren’t compatible enough, the psychology of their inner child, their soul essence colours and their psychological/intelligence characteristics aren’t similar enough to sustain an intimate relationship. And quite simply, they are not Starcrossed Lovers.

As a rule of thumb I would date and not decide to settle in marriage until 25 years old, unless you’ve already met your Starcrossed Lover. It may also be good to consult a psychic and ask when you will meet your Starcrossed Lover. However, it is not impossible to settle in a marriage to someone who you are very well suited for, as long as the marriage is happy and in covenant it can be a happy experience creating good karma (a good settle can also have a Sign from God – using the “Staking Prayer” and other signs - ask telepathically).

A Sign from God, as a Starcrossed Lover or some other sign and/or the Sign from the Staking Prayer is the most important. Then psychology, similar and complementary, including loving your love interests inner child, followed by having similar soul colours that do not clash and physical attractiveness. The other considerations follow.

This is a guide for discerning a good marriage:

Starcrossed lovers. Are a very good match on all levels of inner child, soul colours, psychological type, physical type, it is predetermined between the Holy Spirit and your souls before you are born, they are meant for you. Often the Starcrossed Lover is from a past life and you may have more than one but you only need one for a happy covenant love life. They are always of the opposite sex. There is a Sign from God (ask telepathically, there may be rules about describing sacred knowledge so I will not describe it here). This society is so conflicted that some people do not expect to be able to marry their Starcrossed Lover and instead settle into elite body double security paradigms. This in my opinion is blasphemy. Why is the cultural/political paradigm ordered so that a Sign from God would be ignored? Starcrossed Lovers are Gods gift of peace to us in our life’s journey, it was the way the world was formed in the perfection of the Holy Spirit, creating peace in personal lives, the Community and peace in the world.

Favourite colours or soul colours are the essence of your lover. This is how souls in the Guft, before they are born to earth, determine if they will meld and create a Starcrossed Lover. Each soul colour has a particular essence or ouevre both individually and in relation to the other soul colours creating your lovers personality essence. It is important that your soul colours match, the more your favourite colours match I suspect the happier your relationship will be. The matching favourite colours should be to the same value or shade. I suspect the darker your soul colours the more “deep” or serious you are, the lighter colours more capricious and childlike. The different combinations of soul colors paint an essence personality picture of that person. Discordant soul colours, ones that are of different values or shades or soul colours that clash may cause some exaggerated propensity in the personality. Soul colour combinations that could cause “trouble” include the colours red, purple, black and depending on what other colours they are combined with. For example perhaps liking every shade of red causes a propensity for violence.

Some soul colors/favourite colors are primary (you wear them all the time, always buy things that are that color, decorate with that color) you have a very strong positive feeling about that color(s). Some soul colors/favorite colors are secondary, you don’t love them, you don’t hate them, you are neutral about them. Some soul colors/favourite colors are tertiary, you have a strong negative reaction to them, they make you feel awful, you never wear them or buy things in that color.

If your lover loves a primary colour you really dislike, that is tertiary for you or vice versa, it may make you feel uncomfortable or angry as you reject their different essence, I suspect it could cause an argument. Not a good basis for a happy relationship in the longterm.

The following are the basic essences of colours:

Red – The essence of the colour red is: danger, aggression, power, love, sex, passion, courage, determination, excitement, violence, heat, energy, masculine.
Found in the natural world: garnets, blood, minerals, flowers.
- Light Red – joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love, indecision.
- Dark Red – willpower, rage, wrath, anger, leadership, courage, malice, yearning.
- Maroon – indecisiveness.

Pink – The essence of the colour Pink is: romance, love, friendship, passivity, calming, affection, ethereal, feminine.
Found in the natural world: flowers, sunsets.
- Pale Pink – sweetness of youth, fragility.
- Vibrant Pinks – high spirits, energy, youth.

Orange – The essence of the colour Orange is: warmth, energy, balance, excitement, success, friendly, joy, happiness, heat, constructiveness, Autumn.
Found in the natural world: the sun, flowers, pumpkins, oranges.
- Dark Orange – deceit, distrust, Autumn.
- Red Orange – desire, sexuality, domination, aggression, pleasure.
- Bright Orange – tangy citrus, health.
- Pale Orange – sophisticated.

Brown – The essence of the colour Brown is: friendship, home, reliability, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, intimacy, productivity, fertility, generosity, masculine. Found in the natural world: earth, stones, tree bark.
- Reddish Brown – harvest, Autumn.
- Beiges and Tans – sophistication, neatness, conceals emotion.
- Copper – passion, money goals, professional growth.
- Coffee Browns – sophistication, richness, robustness, panache.

Gold – The essence of the colour Gold is: wealth, God, winning, safety, happiness, wisdom, spiritual love, sciences, concentration, masculine.
Found in the natural world: mineral.

Yellow – The essence of the colour Yellow is: intelligence, memory, social energy, cooperation, happiness, energy, warmth, clarity, understanding, wisdom, betrayal, jealousy, cowardice, caution, covetousness, disease, curiosity, mellowness, confidence, humour, creativity, idealism, hope, enlightenment, Summer.
Found in the natural world: topaz, sun, light, flowers, wheat, some fruits.
- Dull Yellow – caution, decay, sickness, jealousy.
- Light Yellow – intellect, freshness, joy.
- Ivory/Cream – quiet, calm, understated elegance, purity, softness.

Green – The essence of the colour Green is: earth mother, physical healing, success, abundance, fertility, growth, food, hope, renewal, stability, immortality, inexperience, envy, quiet, misfortune, compassion, calm, joy, love, friendliness, fresh, reincarnation, Spring.
Found in the natural world: emeralds, grass, trees, plants.
- Dark Green – money, ambition, greed, jealousy, prestige.
- Yellow-Green – sickness, cowardice, discord, jealousy.
- Olive Green – peace.

Blue – The essence of the colour Blue is: peace, mystery, wisdom, protection, creativity, quiet wisdom, freedom, love, trust, loyalty, depression, sadness, tranquility, truth, stability, confidence, order, comfort, harmony, patience, idealism, cooperation, sincerity.
Found in the natural world: saphires, ocean, water, sky, flowers.
- Royal Blue – richness, superiority, cold.
- Dark Blue – stability, credibility, wisdom, warmth, knowledge, power, integrity, serious, law, order, serenity.

Turquoise - The essence of the colour Turquoise is: emotional healing, calming, protection, refreshing, sophisticated, feminine.
Found in the natural world: stones, flowers, sky.
- Light Turquoise – feminine.
- Teal – sophisticated.

Purple – The essence of the colour Purple is: influence, psychic ability, spiritual power, dignity, royalty, cruelty, arrogance, transformation, wisdom, creativity, magic, energy, self-confidence, sensuality, elegance, conceit, nausea, capriciousness, feminine.
Found in the natural world: amethyst, flowers, plums.
- Lavender – sexual indecision, romance, nostalgia, feminity.
- Dark Purple – sadness, frustration, richness.
- Mauve – world conciousness.
- Violet – meditation, creativity, beauty, inspiration, sensuality, concentration, quietness, ethereal, responsibility, sacrifice.
- Blue Purple - mystical.

White – The essence of the colour White is: spirituality, peace, virginity, simplicity, cleanliness, humility, sterility, innocence.
Found in the natural world: diamonds, snow, stars, Winter.

Silver – The essence of the colour Silver is: clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, sleekness, modernity.
Found in the natural world: metals.

Grey – The essence of the colour Grey is: security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, sadness, conservative, professional, sophisticated, durability, quality, quiet, masculine.
Found in the natural world: sky, stones, Winter.

Black – The essence of the colour Black is: protection, power, sexuality, sophistication, elegance, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, sadness, bad luck, anger, drama, serious, anedonia, masculine.
Found in the natural world: onyx, night sky, stones, minerals.

The same/complementary psychological type. According to an aptitude test/I.Q. test (these are free over the Internet) if you are suited to the same umbrella of job categories, it means your psychology is similar, shaped by similar early experiences as well as similar personality characteristics. In my experience the familiarity of the self is mirrored in the ideal lover. For example writers/artists/musicians are often attracted to other writers/artists/musicians. Also some psychological types are attracted to complementary psychological types. For example accountants/public service people/police/doctors (and those in this umbrella of jobs) may be attracted to lawyers, nurses (and others in this umbrella psychological type). Also, it may help that the lovers psychology is familiar, often people are attracted to people who remind them of the psychology of their mother or father, if these initial relationships were conflicted, a good longterm intimate relationship may heal these early emotional wounds. The psychology of your mother or father is mirrored in the marriage interest, so if for e.g. your mother was cold and distant and not very demonstrative you may be attracted to someone with the same psychological ouevre. Or if your father was loud and angry, you may be attracted to someone who is also loud and angry. I suspect people may be attracted to the psychology of the least frightening parent. Also, people may be attracted to those who were similarly wounded at the same psychosocial stage. If for example the person was wounded at the stage of attachment, the first stage in Ericksons hierarchy, if the child could not depend on having its needs met, therefore not bonding properly with its caregiver and having trust issues this person may be attracted to someone also wounded at the stage of attachment. The magic is when both of you are well suited psychological types and mirror the psychology of one of the others parent. Dissonance occurs and possibly a broken relationship when only one of you has complementary psychology or if you are not in the same umbrella of job categories for psychological type.

The role of the Inner Child in love relationships. The inner child is the persona that presents itself when a person becomes playful. This persona was largely formed in the first 5 years of life and it includes elements of childlike wonder, vulnerability and a particular sense of humor. As one grows into adulthood the Inner Child may become suppressed because of social conditioning (which is concerned with conformity) and adult goals. The Inner Child is the person’s authentic self; it is innately full of energy, creativity and fulfillment.

Your reaction to your lovers inner child is in my experience automatic, either you laugh and embrace them or you get angry and dump on them or maybe some variation of this. If you consistently celebrate your love interests inner child, it is positive and one of the key elements to making a happy longterm commitment. Who wants to get into an argument everytime your lover's inner child comes out to play? It means you are rejecting their essence and they are not a good match for you, your psychology isn’t similar enough.

Kinship. May determine if you are attracted to someone. If there has been trouble between your 2 families (traditional family enemies etc.) you may find yourself at someone’s throat; it is the bad karma of betrayals, ended engagements, murders etc. between extended members of the 2 families. On the other hand, distant cousins may be very attractive if the same psychological type with similar soul/favourite colours.

Physical type. It helps to find your lover physically attractive. The discernment prayer or “the staking prayer”. The Holy Spirit will tell you how well you are suited to your potential lover taking in all considerations. Because this is sacred knowledge I am reluctant to describe it (there may be rules about describing sacred knowledge (as if naming God) it is tabu and may result in loss of grace and create bad karma) but see what you can find out telepathically. In my experience it does work. If you don't trust it, get an elder to do the prayer for you and your lover. Sometimes elders and Oracles can tell how well suited you and your lover are just by looking at your eyes.

Astrological Charts and Psychic Impressions. Casting both yours and your lovers astrology charts may help determine compatibility. Also, psychic impressions, determining if you shared a pastlife together; people who have shared past lives have a certain sympatico, even if you were on opposite sides of a war, the person will still feel familiar and all compatibility concerns considered can help in making a good marriage decision.

The Elements as Soul Essences. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The elements as essence are determined partly by soul colour essence, the characteristics of the place your people are from, past lives and astrology. Usually people are primarily one element essence with a secondary element essence. In my experience most French/Italian people are water people who like the colour blue (influenced by living by the ocean). Irish people tend to be earth people. Air people may have been birds in a past life. In my experience the familiarity of the self is reflected in a marriage partner. So if you are a water sign, you may be happier with a partner who is a water sign. But in all considerations for a marriage partner Element Essence may not be a primary concern.

Remember the Spirit rules of love. To create peace in covenant relationship it is important to be karmically pure. To not have had more than 5 different partners in intimate relationship or one same sex affair. To have found karmic redemption after having practiced an arts calling or a special calling for work over a period of about 20 years. Being karmically pure is positive karma that helps keep the relationship in peace and covenant. If people are karmically impure, I do not think it is impossible to keep a relationship together in covenant, it helps to be really well-suited, I believe it is just more difficult emotionally (it is important to know each other really well, have clear intentions to stay together and not to take out your angst over past losses on each other by doing release work and journaling). It helps if one of you is karmically pure. It also helps to not "defile the font" or commit sexual blasphemy (anal sex, manipulation of the genitals with the hands, and perhaps oral sex on women), people sometimes lose respect for each other when this occurs and the relationship may break, if it is a same-sex relationship you may turn karmically impure (heard in the street).

Remember the Cultural/political rules of love. Each country has a broader culture with unofficial rules, ask older family members telepathically, teachers at school and in the street. Elite white family rules may be different from Black families. Each elite white family has its own agenda, the father or head of the household is the last word. Marriages are condoned in concert with your family, your lovers family and the Community – it is important not to be cursed by someone. There may be exceptions to these unofficial rules of influence and finances. This is my understanding of the overall rules for Canada/North America.:

i. the vast majority of people do not marry their first lover (exceptions may include benefits of finance or influence);

ii. the lovers may need to be the same national political affiliation;

iii. it may not be possible to have a longterm lover if one of you are on welfare;

iv. if you are karmically impure you may need to marry out (ask telepathically);

v. you cannot keep a wife and a mistress unless you are under 30 years old and karmically pure (there may be an exception of finances);

vi. at 50 years old these rules may become lax.

These may be the unofficial “rules”(there may be a few more depending on nationality) which I have picked up in the street. With the Online Transition Economy, a shift is occurring because of streamlined systems creating less employment. In my mind some of these rules could use a rethink, it is as if they were put in place in the early 1950’s by certain captains of industry when the welfare system was introduced and they “kicked the table”, they were afraid the economy wouldn’t work (everyone would want to be on welfare) however the awful suffering caused by some of these rules has created karmic dissonance, which sabotages the economy in any case. Ideally these rules would be in line with the Holy Spirit, in my mind doing the right thing will bring good karma and prosperity.

Firstly, a woman’s hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant, I think you should be able to keep your first lover.

I do not understand the second rule, ideally people’s needs could be looked after by their friends and relatives on a local level but a government entity may be a larger information system. In my opinion a nationality spec plays into an “us” and “them” mentality that is not really healthy but sometimes governments are not on the same page and do not have the same agendas, in my mind ideally everyone would be married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover, a Sign from God is afterall a Sign from God, what higher authority could there be.

The third rule is an oxymoron to me, in my mind you should be able to have a longterm Lover regardless of the state of your income – in a world with reduced employment this unofficial rule is creating a very broken society and is promoting violence.

The fourth rule is a matter of culture and politics (ask telepathically), if the goal of the society was peace (rather than monies) in my mind it would be in everyones best interest to be married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover regardless. However being karmically impure you may fall victim to elite security paradigms, by marrying a double of a head (usually European Royalty) you may be able to get away with marrying in, however the marriage may not be that well discerned (ask around in the street where the “house” is). There are also other parameters around elite security paradigms that are violent, sometimes people will fight over the “house”. In my mind it is best to get your love life settled in happy longterm covenant in the first 5 Lovers.

The fifth rule is a matter of the heart, sometimes a man may marry and meet his Starcrossed Lover afterwards, and as a tradition in French society may keep a wife and mistress, in my mind people’s love lives are their own.

These “rules” are unofficial and could possibly change, doing the right thing and not hurting others in my understanding of the Holy Spirit will naturally create good karma, peace and enough. Perhaps this society is over regulated manifesting people with unhappy love lives (Traditional Family Enemies, enemy agents) who take out their sexual frustrations by hurting others, in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence.

In my opinion it is a sin to be alone on our earthly journey. The Spirit provides each one of us with a Starcrossed Lover (at least one) to dance in celebration with in our time on earth, creating a happy longterm covenant relationship, family and social cohesion. Because of cultural/political constraints people may have to settle for someone who is not their Starcrossed Lover for a marriage partner, it is not rocket science but it is rocket science, you need to know the persons past, their family and their essence characteristics before you become intimate (plus there may be elite body double security paradigms at work). It may help if your prospective marriage partner is distantly related to you, if their colour essences are very similar to yours, if you are similar or complimentary psychological types, if there is a certain sexual chemistry and if you like each others inner child. It also helps if you both are karmically pure and it helps to have the good sanction of the friends and family in your life and the people of the Community and not be cursed. A commitment/marriage ceremony celebrates the union of the 2 people becoming joined over longterm in covenant with the blessings of the Community and the Spirit.

In the Old Agricultural Society I suspect people would not marry without a positive Sign from God (either Starcrossed or some other sign) indicating suitability so that the couple would be in happy covenant until death. The modern world is over constructed, cultural power paradigms should not cause harm, people need each other, the basic unit of society is a happy covenant marriage with a husband and wife creating peace, harmony and healthy synergies in the New World. The emotional pain from broken sexual relationships creates economic drivers and karmic dissonance that ruins the world with addictions, violence, debt and war. Healthy and happy longterm intimate covenant relationships in the New Age would create a whole inclusive society in which there was less suffering, less violence, less addictions, less suicide, less debt, less war, less pressure on the healthcare and penal systems and happier families with better raised/happier children. Peace, love, dancing and enough in the New Online Economy.

The Way of Peace,



Subterranean Blue Poetry

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