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World Message of Peace

It is the end of harvest season with full moon in November, the cold and darkness of winter is causing the flower of Summer to close at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Amaryllis plants are in at Atwater Market for Christmas, in bright orange and white.

I have been working on the administration side of the business as the guitar and music is sleeping and concerts have slowed to a stop. Poetry is writing. I am cooking a photo for the Poetry EBook: Running with the Night and the very talented photographer Eric Tschaeppeler,, has been by to oblige. A short Poetry EBook: Haiku: From the blue series is to be published in December. I am contemplating opening a new Internet Poetry Zine, to highlight the new word synergies of New Age Poets and showcase the work of New Age Artists . . .

"I tried to commit suicide by sticking my head in an oven but there was a cake in it."
- Lesley Boone (Actress)

"If I had not been already been meditating, I would certainly have had to start. I've treated my own depression for many years with exercise and meditation, and I've found that to be a tremendous help."
- Judy Collins (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

“If they could put happy love life in a bottle it would sell a million.“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

How to cure depression from having too many lovers or when a lover leaves you (also a good article on suicide prevention) . . .

Sex with too many lovers, sexual defilement, sex in serial relationships, sexual abuse, rape and the break-up of a marriage can cause sexual violation issues and negative karma which can lead to anger issues and depression. A sexual/love relationship that breaks is like soul murder, it leaves darkness on the soul. If you have sexual violation issues there are many things you can do to feel better and create a better mood (positive affect), your love life need not be permanently ruined.

There are certain rules of karma around a sexual relationship, sex is the sacred physical union of a man and woman in which it is possible to be touched by the Holy Spirit, as if experiencing Heaven on earth. The woman’s hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant – I suspect in the Agricultural economy the first marriage, usually to your Starcrossed Lover, was meant to last for your entire life. (However this may not be possible with the unofficial rules of love lives/the economy in modern times - the vast majority of people, currently, do not marry their first lover but marry their Starcrossed or more suited Lover as their second lover). Sexually defiling each other, anal sex, possibly oral sex, possibly physical manipulation of your genitals by someone else could be karmically negative and cause you to lose respect for each other making the relationship break. After having sex with 5 different lovers or sex with one same sex lover (heard from the street) there is a visualization from the Holy Spirit that you are karmically impure, I suspect this makes it difficult for a future sexual relationship to work in the longterm. It takes about 20 years of following your calling for work/an arts calling to find karmic redemption and then I suspect it is possible to have a peaceful love life in covenant if you can find a suitable partner on a SignfromGod. Women are the font and which needs to be filled regularly in covenant to keep good karma and positive affect (no depression, a good mood). Women need to be protected in relationship in a well-suited covenant relationship or married to their Starcrossed Lover. This means they need to have a good working relationship with their man and need to have sex regularly. It is a good idea to talk about family planning and use birth control. In uncertain times, it is always good to know what you are doing in relationship, if you do not have an insured income or are being cursed and in serial relationships it is always good to make informed decisions about having children. It is not fair to bring children into very conflicted situations. Every child a wanted child, well looked after and socialized with love.

The cult of ego in the West should not exist. It is not alright to square off on someone, everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or a more suited Lover on a SignfromGod. People should not have to marry someone they are not suited for without a SignfromGod just because someone else says so. Marriage is a sacrament, it is meant to be happy without an essence problem. These arguements over bed rites are never meant to happen, they are against God and the Holy Spirit way. People were not meant to suffer in their time on earth they were meant to be in a happy dance with their Starcrossed or more suited Lover.

Men and women may understand sex differently – for a man it may be like a handshake, they can roll over and they just had physical exercise, yet for most women it is like finding the enchanted garden and being home and to be without this special love relationship is like being in oblivion. In my experience about half of all men can have serial sexual relationships and not suffer too much, while it is only about 5 % of all women who can “jump” successfully.

Sexual violation issues can lead to anger and depression and/or artist’s rote: fighting anger, and acting in (suicide) or acting out and becoming violent. Even people who are able to have serial sexual relationships and not suffer too greatly (a minority of people), it can really begin to take a toll after awhile, with drug and alcohol abuse, becoming mental patients or in the prison house. If you have had too many lovers, take up an arts calling or a special calling for work, over time you will become karmically pure again. It is then possible to marry in a karmically pure relationship. It is still possible to have lovers up until this time but you can become very sexually wounded, suffering from too much sorrow and anger/depression, it may be difficult to keep work, people sometimes suicide or become violent and abuse alcohol and drugs.

How to deal with sexual violation issues:

- ask yourself what you need and give it to yourself.

- go to bed and sleep for 3 or 4 days or for 6 months or for however long it takes (with just minimum maintenance, going to the bathroom and taking some food) until you start to feel better, sleep is very healing.

- release work: blow the anger off by doing physical exercise and deep breathing. (it also helps to pray for God to take the anger away from you as you do this).

- turn up the radio and scream as you do physical exercise and deep breathing (it is a good idea to let people know that this is therapy so they do not call 911). (and also pray that God take the anger away.)

- in-depth conversation/therapy with someone you love who will not scapegoat you or with a Deep Process Worker (when in therapy with a good Deep Process Worker it is possible to have hugs and organic Pot-Luck Dinners).

- get a hug.

- get the endorphins going: rub the inside of your right hand, eat sugar or carbohydrates (anything that turns to sugar when it hits the bloodstream)(this may not be very healthy but in a crisis situation can take the edge off).

- eat the magic foods: chocolate or meat/fish or ice cream or any food you have a yen for.

- get a blood test, you may have nutritional deficiencies (such as low iron in the blood) that can be corrected with a vitamin, supplement or just by adding a particular food with that element to your diet and this in turn can make your physical health better which can make your emotional health better.

- drink herbal tea remedies for depression - particularly good is lavendar tea.

- do meditation/yoga and deep breathing.

- take a long walk.

- prayer – talk to God; get someone to do the Pining Prayer (not your ex-lover if you hope to get back with them) or the Healing Prayer through the walls (ask questions telepathically). there are various prayers for healing.

- ask your friends and family to pray for you.

- give a donation at a church and ask the church people to pray for you. if you are very conflicted emotionally with a lot of bad karma from sleeping around and maybe cursing get an excorcism from the Catholic Church.

- pray for the ancestors. make a sojourn to visit the graves of those that have passed in your family, or famous icons you admire. Say prayers and leave flowers/gifts on their graves.

- celebrate all Holidays. even if it is just to have some special food and say a prayer. perhaps get together with friends/family. you should probably not work on Sunday.

- get a massage.

- take a hot bath or get to the whirlpool/Hot Springs.

- go to the Spa or make an at-home pedicure/facial.

- if you are really steaming, hot and burning from the bad karma from the sexual violation/violence take a cold shower or a cold bath. (usually after 2 weeks to a month after the sexual assault and when needed)

- do journaling/writing.

- write a gratitude journal, giving thanks for the good things in your life.

- read and practice daily affirmations. (like a horoscope).

- immerse yourself in a reading list. read all your favourite poetry, novels, comics.

- practice your calling for the arts and make some big, beautiful art.

- look at your favourite art – go to your local Museum/Art Gallery or browse the Internet.

- “colour therapy” – look at your favourite colours (maybe repaint the living space or get some new clothes in your favourite colours).

- listen to and sing your favourite music or write a song.

- look at your favourite flowers (take up growing orchids or your favourite flower).

- be around healing nature, bodies of water and trees are very healing. go for a walk in the woods.

- watch fireworks. very uplifting but usually only in season.

- sit under a sunlight/heat lamp bulb (you can get them at the hardware store for under $10) – this is especially good in winter when natural light levels are low.

- hold and pet a dog or cat (or look at pictures of your favourite pets on the Internet).

- get a new perspective: do some goal setting, take up a new project or past-time something you can get excited about. Figure out your Mission from God (sometimes revealed in dreams) and follow your calling for work (take an aptitude test) and love.

- use soft organic drugs to take the edge off – cannibas drinks are good to aid sleep, L-tyrosine is a mood elevator (an amino acid).

- have no enemies – do not trespass against God or the Community, live in a curse free zone. If a relationship is stressed, make amends and do some consciousness raising, make peace, however if the relationship is emotionally or physically violent it may be better to walk away, at least think good thoughts to them and make peace telepathically and in prayer. Thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words, doing positive works will create good karma which will create positive affect and make you feel better, creating healing synergies. Do good works (perhaps do volunteer work).

- mend your love life in happy covenant.

These suggestions are all natural/inexpensive ways to heal the depression and anger of sexual violation after having had too many lovers. Sometimes people use drugs and alcohol to feel better but after the initial high they are usually depressed the next day which adds to their emotional pain (however, it may be helpful in moderation to take the edge off.) If you have tried everything and are still in a really bad way you may consider seeing a psychiatrist and getting some medication. Time heals all wounds, it may take years of Deep Process Work, taking good care of yourself, prayer and possibly being celibate but it is possible to regain your mental health and a new perspective. It also helps healing to not trespass against the Holy Spirit or the Community, don’t hurt each other and have positive thoughts, words and actions creating good karma and healing synergies which will make you feel better. It is even possible to heal in intimate relationship but it is important that the marriage be very well-suited and in covenant so you are not sexually wounded again through a break up.

The Way of Peace,



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