Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

It is the time of Beltane and the warm winds of Summer are waking the land to the sun at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. My old desktop computer has become broken and I have had to purchase a new laptop. Unfortunately some original writing was lost, 4 or 5 Newsletters, some notes on the Demaricon, and some photos for the next video. No songs were lost and I have hard copy notes for some of the writing. I have backup files for most of the older files. So plans for further projects EBook: Radio Storms and the video for The Valentine Rain are suspended until I can get organized and realigned with the world. I have been writing songs (The Minstrel of the Morning) and have begun writing a new book of poetry, Running with the night. In the Time of Winter finished writing at the end of March, it is a postcard of the winter of 2010/2011 and awaits publication. I am planning performances in the Summer Concert Series in the Montreal Metro, hopefully beginning in May 2011 . . .

“Beware the dungeons and dark alleyways, stay amongst the people of the light.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher,Counselor)

“Happy love life = Peace on earth.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The busted up frig machine hurts and kills people.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Fracture in love lives makes N.A. an underground war zone.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on Hidden Agendas, the different affiliations of people in your life who could have vested interest in making you a whore/economic driver. Sometimes people have secret plans for you, in my experience there is a huge design machine, you need to ask a lot of questions to figure out what is going on and stay on the right side of people, not causing serious offense. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover and a calling for work, any trespass of cultural principal, political goal or other people's plans that interferes with either of these happenings is a sin against God. Cultural power constructs should be benign, witch hunts should be avoided and if something is seriously wrong it should be investigated and dealt with. Safety of the people in the Community is a priority. Innocents should not be made scapegoat in some power scheme to create monies or so they fit into other people’s body double security paradigms. The following information is an overview discerned through life experience and the grapevine and may or may not be current information . . .

Your Family

May have plans for you. If they withhold key karmic or cultural information it is best to pick up this information from the elders in your family, from “reliables” (people who are usually in a state of grace with good reputations) like school teachers, from cousins and people in the street and the schoolyard. If you are not being socialized properly, there is a lack of respect in the home and/or violence you should probably leave home when you are 16 to 18 years old. If you are not being socialized properly you may have your love life cursed by friends and people in the Community because you are not acting properly within acceptable cultural standards. How to tell? Not everyone has to worry too much about these issues, rules of socialization depend on your family bloodline (about 1 in 3 people are the elite and need to know about this). If you are in trouble with your friends or there seems to be an argument of some kind with your friends or teachers or your friends won't talk to you and their families actually move away(and this happens regularly)and you don't know what is going on ask a lot of questions (even just telepathically). You can always trust someone who usually is in a state of grace (most teachers). Your parents may be creating you as an economic driver/whore so that they can brag to their friends that they have a famous son/daughter, may be using you to feed their families businesses with ideas for product development etc. However this practice is very violent emotionally and actually and also creates people with addictions, suicides and murderers. The more broken you become in your love life, the more you suffer, the more addicted to alcohol or drugs, theoretically the more creative you become as a survival instinct kicks in. Your family could have plans for your career eg. becoming a doctor, lawyer, priest etc. or have someone in mind for your marriage partner (possibly a child of a friend of the family). Your family could have plans for your marriage partner, maybe in an elite body double security paradigm. Sometimes the plans are benign, sometimes they are not, figure out what is going on.

Your Friends and the Community

It is best to stay on the right side of your friends and the people in your Community, not offending people or they may curse you. Ask around about the people you meet everyday (even if just in thoughts) if they are of good reputation, can you trust their information? Anyone who is usually in a state of grace is a reliable. Stay away from people who are not of good reputation. There are cultural and karmic rules to live by, learn them, ask a lot of questions.


Past lovers may have an interest in having you back. They may cause a slander/whispering campaign or curse you so that you can’t have a longterm relationship with someone else, making you a rape victim and creating an economic driver. These “cases” can end in addictions, murder or suicide for both people. In my opinion no curse should be longterm or permanent. It is not right to curse someone beyond making it known that your lover left and you miss them. You have 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you become karmically impure. Practice the Pining Prayer and Healing Prayer to take away the emotional pain of loss if a lover leaves. Journal, do release work, have positive dialogue, meditation, yoga, exercise etc. Sometimes a true affair of the heart will wander back to you. Disseminate, develop more contacts over the Internet, at school, at work, find your Starcrossed Lover, you are usually in their thoughts when you are in the same room and the sign occurs when you go to talk.

Traditional Family Enemies

May have a vested interest in ending your bloodline or raping you, everyone makes money from economic drivers. It is best to ask your family who your family enemies are. Sometimes when you are a child (or an adult) you get a feeling when you meet someone, that you don’t like them, this means there could have been trouble (murders, broken marriage vows etc.) between your extended family members. It is best to stay away from traditional family enemies and not offend them. Probably best not to date unless star-crossed.


This is an unofficial acronym for World War II German elite (including some lines of German royalty) and the corporations they own. They are white supremacist. I suspect they organize elite security paradigms based on body doubles, sometimes people are broken through various sexual partners until being fit into a face card “house” for their final permanent partner. They may have a human seeding program that creates cast off children as "spare parts", usually a married woman is given a large gift of some kind (not usually money but something through channels, a guaranteed job or request like your husband never leaves you or deals on what you need) in return for keeping the “plant” child (I wonder how the woman is made pregnant, whether through artificial insemination under hypnosis or from having had an affair with a half-brother of a Royal head or a Royal head). Plants are often economic drivers as they may be cursed by their families and/or the Community, particularly if they are not socialized properly. Often the family will withhold cultural information because they are angry at being seeded. F.U.C.K. runs the world with Alphabet Soup, 26 people whose opinions are used to determine public policy. It is always best to know how much influence you have and if you are being used in these paradigms. N.B.: When giving opinions it is always best to be even handed (something positive, something that needs to be improved on) because you could be negatively affecting someone’s bottom line which could get you unexpected company at night i.e. you could be raped under hypnosis while you sleep).

European Royalty

European Royalty are interested in self perpetuation, doing good works, promoting charities, diplomatic work and keeping financing. Probably white supremacist, may be interested in body double security paradigms. May be interested in the economic driver scene, because it creates entertainment and government agents.

The Church(es)

Basic Christian corollary, do good works, help keep the peace. A place of ritual, confession and atonement.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is surrounded by negative cultural practice. Often people end up as priests and nuns when they do not have a true calling, causing sexual acting out and other abuses of the Spirit. The Catholic Church looks for the failed economic drivers, the ones that may have cursed someone more than public opinion and those that have become celibate after a serial rape situation. It is a place of sanctuary but people are meant to be with their Starcrossed Lover (on a sign from God), in my mind it is not natural to be celibate. Someone who is meant to be a celibate in the Catholic Church gets a sign from God when they do the discernment prayer for love on a love interest, I suspect suitable conjugants are already karmically impure, have a low sex drive and good intellectual/communication skills. There is healing in the religious mysteries, taking of the Eucharist and being mitered in the Spirit – if anyone is in real trouble I always suggest going to Catholic Charities or to a Church service with Confession, an act of Contrition and taking the Eucharist, and to go and sin no more.


The Scientologists seem to be about making money and Saints. They look after people with good therapy after the fallout of the “sex wars.” In my experience they are helpful.


May have an interest in economic drivers because they invent new products, improve products and streamline systems.

Big Oil

Big Oil is big money. Not above using the U.S. Army to preserve its interests. Secretly runs the U.S. and I suspect the world. In the 1970’s someone invented a car engine that ran on water, an oil company bought the patent and mothballed the project. My casual observation is “Anyone they can’t screw or buy gets forked into the ditch.”

Big Pharma

Supports the psychiatric system and the broken economic driver scene which creates a market for selling psychotropic drugs. Occasionally creates miracle cures.

Terrorist Organizations

Promote a political agenda and the safety and interests of their people. Not above using violence.

Black Panthers

Promote the safety and well being of Black people in the face of white oppression.

K.K.K.(Ku Klux Klan)

American white supremacists, interested in marrying white. Probably secretly running North America.

The Government

May have an interest in the economic driver scene as it creates leaders and possibly agents. May actually participate in the disabuse associated with the “sex wars.” As the “case” unfolds in public, they may take sides and in my experience, may not always be righteous. N.B: Sometimes small towns will play favourites, in the “sex wars” everyone has an opinion and may disabuse someone.


Is an association of Italian cousins (there are different families) that have business interests. They may not be above using violence to promote their interests. May be interested in the economic driver scene because it creates money and murderers. Go figure.


The talent may be honed in serial rape situations (because their love lives may be cursed) that creates suffering, hot properties and people with addictions that may suicide. These are the successful economic drivers.

The Army

Takes in those that are karmically impure (had too many lovers) or have cursed or been cursed more than a slight of public opinion. The violation of having had too many lovers can make one violent and excellent candidates for killing people.

To not have a happy love life in covenant with your Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover is a serious hurt. Be fully versed in cultural/karmic information, stay on the right side of the people in your family and the people in the Community, it is important not to be cursed. Stay away from people of not good reputation, people who hurt others and operate against the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes good to do some consciousness raising. Any trespass of cultural principal, political goal or other peoples plans that stop you from having your Starcrossed Lover or following your calling for work is a blasphemy against God. Ask a lot of questions (even just telepathically) and try to discover what people have planned for you.

The Way of Peace,



Subterranean Blue Poetry

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