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"What sleeps in the autumn awakes in the spring". Battening down the hatches for winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. There are several Submission Calls up at Subterranean Blue Poetry: "John Lennon and The Beatles for Christmas 2022", "By the Sea", "The Beat Poets", and "Girl in Traffic". Next month's Issue is titled: "Night Street: Moonlight".

The white elite cultural system (the family rules) as an abuse of power. This cursehold system, the blood sport colleseum, a slight of speech that occurs in under 5 minutes may look innocuous but it is very serious, with possible lasting consequences of 20, 30, 40 years or more. Like lightning, it is too easy to use or be misinterpreted. Because of how karma works the negative karma against an innocent will come back to the perpetrator 9 x’s.

There are different cultural cues for people from different countries and in Italian for different families. These cues are only to be known and used by those of that particular extended family. So people outside the family (Blacks, people of different cultures) may not know when they have been operated on. It is catastrophic for people to experience violence at the end of unknown cultural cues and creates an unsafe, entrenched and demoralized Community. The cultural cue may have been infiltrated by chaos operators/government which adds to the misery. Sometimes children are used in abusive power paradigms by chaos agent parents.

Also the cultural cues are a litany of knowledge, there is always more to know. In my experience, depending on the way the children are instructed, it takes at least 20 years to have the basics. If you do have elite cultural rules, it is best to pick up family rules from your extended relatives, at school and in the street.

In matters of the heart it is never O.K. to give an initial lower cut to a leaving lover. Beyond telling all your friends your lover has left and you miss them, anything more than this is an abuse of power. These cursehold “games” make bitter enemies and may cause violence to innocents. It is demoralizing causing underground wars. The best answer is to be better mentored and discerned for love. Things change, you meet new people, you heal up, sometimes someone comes back to you, if you truly have an essence problem in the relationship (soul colours do not match in synchronicity) you usually will not come back together. Plus, there can be hidden agenda paradigms and more going on than you know, it is important to ask questions. You can increase your depression from a busted intimate relationship exponentially over time by throwing the first curse. If your parents and/or people in your life gloss information or do not explain find out what you need to know from someone else. These cursehold situations manifest mental patients, addictions, rape victims, people experimenting with their sexuality, celibacy and can ruin people’s personal lives causing untold suffering.

If a young adult is perceived as being someone abusing the cultural system, it is not alright to curse them when they are just untrained. If something is wrong with the young adult’s protocol they should be taken in by someone and instructed.

There are national/Spirit Handbook rules in the background that are, in my experience, sound, preventing suffering. It is not alright to abuse the Spirit Handbook to make it say whatever you want. Eventually, what you have done will come back to you as the innocent scapegoat suffers so badly they develop SignsfromGod. This takes upwards of 20, 30, 40 or more years of suffering in their personal lives to happen. (Someone who is righteous is not as likely to commit suicide). The SignsfromGod are public, the Community will know as well and should support the innocent scapegoat. The consequences for abuse of the cultural system are extreme and may result in 20+ years of a work or arts calling, incarceration in the church or death.

The cost of the suffering of innocents for upwards of 20 years or more. Everyone has a calling for love and work. To go against these natural callings is grave suffering.

Some elite like to “bookmark” their cues, so that they know what is going on, it is a way of holding people accountable. This Writer believes it is like inculcating evil, it is too easy to use and can cause ruination and untold suffering. Anyone well versed in The Holy Spirit Way is not about to cause violence for an innocent. Anything you say or do will come back to you 9 x's karmically. In my opinion young adults should not be held accountable for the actions of older people in the family. Also, often people may call foul, blaming people who are innocent for a death in the family. It is an old world overconstructed system of violence that, in my opinion, is a mess in the post-modern world. It is unhealthy playing into people with control issues, those who are of poor intelligence, people without empathy skills, people with overly large egos, people with too much monies and influence inculcating power paradigms that are an abuse. As in Absurdist Theater, where someone attempts to overlord an innocent and there is conflict. People need a better idea of who they are, where they begin and end, where others begin and end, better socialization, better mentoring and discernment in life, love and work and an idea of The Holy Spirit Way.

The Signs and Symbols culture is eloquent but should not translate as violence against innocents.

It is my opinion people should put on better door security and live close to the road, everyone has a reputation, know who you are dealing with. If something is wrong the Community should do everything to bring the situation into the light and back into safety. What begins as a “mole-hill” can gain momentum and become a huge mountain, snowballing abuse and violence against innocents when people do not operate effectively. Consciousness raising, noting observations, putting in a good word, truthtelling, creative solutions, telling people about The Holy Spirit Way go a long way to preventing out of control violence situations. The Way of Peace.



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