Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace


Thoughts on a Summer vacation day at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .

“Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius . . .”
- from Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In by The 5th Dimension

“The stars, the moon and the truth are not long hidden.”
- Buddha

“If it hurts don’t do it”
- Collective Wisdom

Currently, some systems of government, official and unofficial, may not be in-line with The Holy Spirit Way. The natural way of government in SignsfromGod by The Holy Spirit I suspect has been abrogated. The Holy Spirit Way is ecumenical in SignsfromGod for all peoples. A well run government in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit is a gift of peace and protection, with needs met.

The hazards of systems of government not inline with The Holy Spirit Way is a population of people too sexually defiled, causing anger/depression/addictions/suicide and violence, manifesting a debt ridden war economy. The “heads” beds out, the populations beds out, influencing weather disturbances affecting agriculture. Manifesting violence and war, famine and disease.

Governments inline with The Holy Spirit is the way of peace. The Holy Spirit Way is the gift of truth, love, protection, prosperity and happiness.

The New Economy as the blue iVillage, based in the new technology, the Think Machine. A society as the post-apocalypse village. Everyone with their calling for work and love, needs met and enough. Ecologically sound, practicing recycling, whole earth practices, largely vegan, all available green spaces planted with food, organic farming, clean water. A rejuvenated ecology with no or little pollution, a fresh, clean environment with the wild animal populations in sync and without illness. Clean oceans with healthy fish and sea creatures. A society without pollution causing cars. With streamlined manufacturing that does not pollute. Responds to emergencies and has vested interest in peaceful practice. Educates each new generation, and no one is singled out for self-destruction or abuse. Happy families. No systemic violence. A significant number of people working from home over the Internet. People living in happy communal situations if not with families. People being held accountable over the Internet. A conscious, self-regulating society, where people do the right thing in the Spirit. A politically responsible society, where the best policies exist for people, where innocents are not being scapegoat or hurt, abused, murdered or driven to suicide. Where people are not sexually disturbed, but in a happy marriage for the longterm when they have calling. Where couples do not have more than 2 children if they cannot support them and/or only have children if they have a calling to have them. A happy society where people help each other with information, with positive speech and action. Everyone following their callings from God for work and love, not hurting innocents. Then the world, the blue iVillage sings. With everyone on the same page, no secret agendas, accountability, fair dealing and enough.

The natural order of political/social systems by The Holy Spirit in my experience have been abrogated. The “heads”, people born with open room heads, all their thoughts are in the open. These people are the heads of their families, village elders, may be the head of the country and may be diplomats. May be caught in political occlusion scenes, particularly if they are in the elite, “plants” and for reasons of hidden agendas (someone has a plan for their bed, someone is playing them as an economic driver, people are jealous, blood sport . . .) In my experience the “heads” are a political anachronism in this culture for various reasons, they do not fit in with “tabla rasa” (a silent psychic sphere in public places), they may be of influence (which can threaten the powers that be if they do not agree), their supporters if they do not support them may cause violence, the current powers that be may have no vested interest in grooming or supporting the new heads, they are too self-interested or too cowed and someone may be manipulating the young people’s lives for their own interests.

Also, there is a SignfromGod around public ascension, who is qualified to be the political head. Usually this person is a Michelangelo or Lawyer psychological type, without capricious soul colours, may have post-secondary education, has a solid reputation, is versed in protocol and The Holy Spirit Way. I suspect it is possible to have a Sign of Public Ascension and not have an open room head.

The unofficial Holy Spirit Handbook in the background is in my experience sound. It protects the innocent and prevents violence against innocents. In my opinion the “unofficial” elite violence culture should not exist, it is like handing someone temptation in a 5 minute parlay and sets up situations that is most often human rights abuse. At the very least all people, even the least amongst us should be effectively mentored and discerned. It is like having a life game, where only half the people have the rules. There are elite family rules (for 1 in 3 in the population) and national rules, that keep people safe. In all games everyone should know and understand the rules, for a fair playing field, otherwise it may be a slaughter against innocents, saved only by The Holy Spirit and the Community of Saints.

When hell freezes over? And peace will reign between the stars, in the Age of Aquarius. The Holy Spirit Way.



Subterranean Blue Poetry

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