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World Message of Peace

Thoughts on Summer days at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .

“Things that are dark, things that are hidden brought into the light.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Activist)

“Do not harm for greater good, it is karmic dissonance and causes violence.”
- Collective Wisdom

“Because streaming of songs only pays 1 cent a play, I suspect people are not buying $1 downloads
. . . significant music artists in the New Economy are being ripped off.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Activist)

“In Canada, 28% of the population lives alone.”
- Statistics Canada

“Family homes in Italy are selling for $1 . . .”
- Internet

“It was a bad season for witches.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Activist)

Somewhere inside the capitalist/communist b!tch hole . . . it is the end of the reign of the unthinking machine. The hidden evil of racism, political chaos and the disembodied scapegoat has come to an end. The whipped dog/vache in a can syndrome has been discontinued.

Our over-controlled lives, that are carefully planned to every detail by family, family enemies, people interested in your “case”, people interested in your bed, people interested in using you in their facecard security paradigms, people interested in your suffering because it makes them monies, people interested in your downfall.

It is a society where others control your reproductive rights, control who has sexual access to you, who rapes you, if you have access to the cultural/Holy Spirit information you need to survive, if you are mentored and discerned effectively for work and love, if you have access to adequate healthcare, if you are a research experiment for new drugs/new technology, if you are being used unwittingly in violence paradigms, if your bloodline is considered important, if your happiness is important, if you are blood sport entertainment, if your personal thoughts/speech are public, they can even steal your ideas as you sleep. It is a society where nothing is private and your suffering is a national and international cross.

In my understanding, lack of socialization for children in some elite families creates an unsafe situation. The first few infractions may get you spec(s) on your love life. Continual infractions, the grown girl child may be expected to offer themselves up as a rape victim to the men of the families that may have been operated on because the girl child did not practice proper social protocol. In my experience the vast majority of women are too sensitive to have serial sexual relationships, only 3 in 100 women can “jump” without becoming severely suicidal. This is considered “appeasement” and may keep the elders in the girl scapegoat’s family safe. Also, because the girl scapegoat suffers so incredibly their survival instinct goes into overdrive and they invent new ideas, becoming economic drivers. An open thought can be picked up by anyone and put into play making monies. Male children in similar situations may not be able to have a happy longterm marriage. When innocents beds are in the road, they may become karmically impure ruining their health, they may not have children or have children they cannot take care of very well, sometimes the scapegoat may experiment with their sexuality and suffer inordinately. The strictures of sexual cultural politics may cause violence to older family members. In the Old Cultural/political paradigm, why are the older psychotics/love interests in the family using children as “accomplices” implicating them in their crimes? The entire paradigm is sick. (I suspect an older extended family member may be looking for the young person in their bed or may have plans for the young person's bed and/or may be agents of chaos). Unwitting innocents are not responsible for other people’s violent actions. And the scapegoat’s child bed and calling for work can be frustrated, ruining their lives. However, there is help through the Community of Saints and The Holy Spirit in opportunities, information, karmic redemption and healing. If something is wrong it is important to say so (and there may be cultural rules around this). It is important that the problem people be addressed with an explanation of the Holy Spirit paradigm in the background of the lives of all people, preventing violence in the Community and that the child scapegoat be effectively instructed in the culture.

This Writer suspects because people’s bed rites are so horribly conflicted there is a significant unrecognized shoah in the West of murders and suicides. In the United States there are about 48,000 suicides (71,000 last year, not helped by the epidemic) and 15,000 murders with 10 million cases of domestic violence a year, plus significant figures of alcoholism and drug addiction and mental illness/health issues (people with essence problems in their marriages, or they are karmically impure, are cursed and can’t stay together longterm).* Suffering drives the war economy and the economic driver scene. On the surface monies are made but because of the negative karma of great suffering, the karmic dissonance causes monies to eventually be lost. Never do great harm for great good it is karmic dissonance and causes violence, debt and war.

In the background of elite white cultural social control systems, elite security paradigms tied to bed rites and chaos politics, millionaires and billionaires may be setting up your love life as an elite face card security paradigm. A good settle is determined through a positive SignfromGod, and very rare in a “house” configuration in This Writer’s experience. The Old Society is basically racist, part Black people were “glossed”, may not be effectively socialized, may not receive proper healthcare, may not be mentored and discerned effectively for their work or love lives, may have been used as experiments (Canadian Indian peoples), their bloodline or personal happiness may not have been considered important. Part Black people who look “white” may be being used as widgets particularly if they are of influence, to complete “white” facecard double security paradigms (and sometimes in Black security paradigms) in this matrix of the predetermined. Sometimes people’s fates are predetermined, people play smalltown favourites, your suffering is entertainment and opportunities may be predetermined by other people. Because there is an unequal distribution of wealth in the New Economy, significant Artists may not being recompensed enough, the “heads” beds and the beds of others may not be in, there are severe karmic ramifications that include weather disturbances, epidemics, violence and the bankrupting of the economy.

Systemic violence is fuelled by lost or abrogated bed rites. A vast majority of people, karmically impure, with multiple bed partners are sexual assault victims, that between partners are very uncomfortable in celibacy. People become very broken become angry and depressed, become karmically impure, often take out their heartache by bullying and violence to others. Racism is a heartache cue. Evil can also be unconscious and/or an aesthetic. All words and actions return thrice x’s thrice, sin is suffering, there is a natural balancing for justice from the Holy Spirit. There is only one rule, do not hurt innocents. People who hurt innocents, may lose their teeth for shame, are depressed, suicidal and sometimes paranoid. The world is a coliseum of out of control power paradigms. Ego, a lack of empathy for others suffering, not having an understanding of where their influence begins and ends over innocents, false “revenge” paradigms over innocents, people lying about innocents and misrepresenting situations for large gifts, people not giving innocents imperative information, committing sins of omission, people woefully not acknowledging the rights of people who they perceive as different, or people they are jealous of, or unfairly expecting sexual access from an innocent, committing rape and subsequently ruining their lives and the lives of their facecard doubles. There is a call to service and duty to the Community through the Community of Saints and The Holy Spirit, it is always important to speak the truth and do the right thing by innocents, even the lessors among us have a mission from God for work and a Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover to dance with in harmony with The Holy Spirit and the Community in their time on earth. The Spirit Handbook, the cultural/national/Spirit rules inside the Holy Spirit, in my experience are sound knowledge. They prevent suffering and abuse of innocents, however, the elite cultural system easily hands people a "gun" which can cause needless longterm suffering. It is not O.K. to force an intimate relationship with someone, the idea of consent is very real and should not be abused.

Everyone knows someone, in the background of even the worst conflicted, scapegoat situations, the Community of Saints operates, often causing miracles.

Certain members of the elite may be naive, too self-interested with vast resources and monies. Sometimes people have different ideas of what life and love is, it is important to have a truthful dialogue with the elite and the Community. Are they running a “design” machine in people’s personal lives around beds and occupations based in face card doubles with hidden violence agendas for certain scapegoats? Perhaps based in satanic ritual. When the elite does not understand The Holy Spirit Way and do not acknowledge others as equals with plans for innocent individuals that may not be in line with their callings from God, there is a coliseum of violence, of innocents being multiple rape victims with the damage this causes to their health and/or being alone in celibacy, akin to being in prison, often for over 20 years of time and more. This cultural/chaos political oeuvre is a human rights abuse.

Social control systems are antiquated, may have been infiltrated by chaos and/or other people's hidden agendas, the unconcious "player", may have boiled over due to growing and unwielding population growth and causing violence. It is like a large matrix cookie cutter of a series of boxes and crosses from 3,000 years ago, the sharp edges are pressed down upon each new generation causing untold suffering. (Each new generation may not have an idea of itself, an idea of culture or The Holy Spirit, of who they are or what it means. Most people I have heard from (through the walls) only knew about half of the information I have presented.) Being born into a family, a culture, a society is like being in a movie and not knowing the plot line, the history of what is. Because of other people’s hidden agendas controlling for outcomes of the new generation, new traditional family enemies, new experiments, being at the receiving end of other people’s designs is just like being in the basement torture chamber of a medieval castle, being strafed for 20 years or more. If you survive, only to emerge into the sunlight to find? If the scapegoat has had a successful art calling/work calling over that time, is their karmic redemption acknowledged? Ideally you would be able to have enough financing to have enough and/or a happy longterm love affair.

A cultural/political system that does not forgive innocent people after a set to is catastrophic, the other side of this is a system that introduces violence to control for outcomes in your love life ruins not only the leaving lover’s life but also the life of the one who has operated. Innocents should never be hurt, it is the one main rule of the Holy Spirit. People who contravene suffer. In love, the answer is better mentoring and discernment, when you know what you are doing you can weed out the unhappy unsuitable “contestants” and hopefully have a happy longterm love affair for the longerm in the first 5 love affairs, before turning karmically impure. People on the right side of the Holy Spirit, not hurting innocents, following The Holy Spirit Way will always "win". If something is seriously wrong the older people in the family and in the Community need to come up with creative solutions to diffuse any violence.

Also, if you are perceived as being a contravener, one who breaks the cultural rules of your elite family (an estimation is only 1 in 3 are in the elite) you may be cursed by your friends and associates. No child is intent on doing serious damage to his family or friends, they are children. There is no need for a system that assumes violence, especially when children may not be being instructed effectively for whatever hidden reason(s). Historically, Blacks and the Jewish Community do not have social control systems. The white culture in signs and symbols can be elegant but should not be backed by violence.

When people are free from the matrix, in the Spirit of love and forgiveness (even God forgives a true and contrite heart) life flows back into human existence and becomes living, a dance with your Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover on a SignfromGod under the sun, moon, and stars.

The voice of reason is calling people back to God and The Holy Spirit Way. Forgiveness. Better door security. People taking an interest and helping people out with information, resources and opportunities. People not causing violence against innocents. The “honour” system is not honourable when innocents’ callings from God are abrogated, for work and love, they are made scapegoat, and violence occurs. Secret gun clubs causing violence and setting up innocent people for suicide/murder may I suspect be a very real past-time. SignsfromGod are miracles. The Way of Peace.



*These statistics are for the United States. There are about 300 million people in the United States and about 34 million people in Canada. About 18% of people in the United States and 38% of people in Canada are married.

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