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World Message of Peace

The Summer is quiet with birdsong, as the lilacs open slow, under blue skies . . . At Subterranean Blue Poetry and here, at Tea at Tympani Lane Records, we are taking vacances for July and August 2021. Happy Summer!

The Internet as the Archives of voices of all peoples, alive and passed. The New Collective Memory.

Traditionally, the Collective Conscious of the society and all peoples is passed on from generation to generation in the oral tradition of stories of relatives and family who have passed and in the art and culture. In elite white society there are rules of protocol and behaviour that is only passed on through telepathy. It is not written down. It is the unofficial depository of memory of those who have passed in signs and symbols. This can be quite elegant, however it may be marked by violence against innocents which is karmic dissonance that sours and inversely destroys people’s lives and destroys the culture because it makes the Community unsafe. The Collective Conscious may have also been infiltrated by outside chaos politics.

This discourse in telepathy can be infinitely falliable. Not everyone in your family who are responsible for passing the information on may have a full understanding of it, so the children may not have a full catalogue of unofficial elite family information. Also, there is a lot to know, not only elite family information (if you are a member of the elite) but national rules (usually passed on by teachers) and the Spirit paradigm (karmic sonnance and karmic dissonance, the balancing for peace and justice) in the background for all peoples, in The Holy Spirit Way. Often children do not believe what the elders are telling them, they need to be carefully instructed with a positive relationship with their parents, family, and Community, a relationship of trust. Also, parents and elders may be selective in what information they pass on, and may have control paradigms or hidden agendas in the background. (Once you realize you are a member of the elite it is best to pick up family/cultural information from anyone you meet who is a relative). Usually, it is never to be talked about outloud, just through telepathy.

It is a control paradigm, those left out of the loop, not informed, misinformed, capricious may easily have specs on their personal and work lives, ruining their callings from God and their dance with life. As the society sets people up for a marriage partner where there may not be a positive SignfromGod, manifesting heartache and suffering, it is making people economic drivers and feeding the war economy.

Because the history was telepathic, unspoken, unwritten, the tragedy of not understanding, being in trespass and not knowing or being an unwitting catalyst for tragedy was too easy. The Internet introduces the idea of a Conscious society. Potentially, one in which it is impossible to leave people uninformed, where they can find help, friendships and Community, where there is accountablity. It is an introduction for all peoples into the Community of humankind, opens a dialogue where all people can see and be seen, creating a known universe, one where everyone can be safe and have enough food and shelter, suitable work, a happy love life. The ThinkBox being an excellent form of communication, a place where you can see everyone’s stories in their art and writings, a depository of information in truth. The Internet challenges control paradigms, where people are hurt and human rights abuses occur, it is the ultimate communication tool, it is easy to get the word out and rally others to a good cause.

The New Collective Memory is "written down." The Internet as The New Collective Memory, is the living depository of writing, art/photos, videos, films, is the new open culture, the living truth through time. With the possiblity of reforming the political discourse, in line with the Holy Spirit creating safety, fulfilled and happy lives and peace. The Holy Spirit Way.



N.B.: It is best to follow all unwritten protocol, street etiquette around unofficial culture, the less offense caused the less chance of violence. It is also good to be on the right side of The Holy Spirit, not naming G-d, not describing SignsfromGod verbally.

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