Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

It is a warm Spring at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .


"And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden . . ."
- from Woodstock by Joni Mitchell/Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

"Being in-line with the Holy Spirit is like a constant drink of water."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (poet, singer, songwriter, musician, writer, artist, philosopher, counselor, activist)

"Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord."
- Romans 12:19

The nature of the love of God/the Spirit and the Divine Right, the sacred. The nature of the earth, birth, regeneration and death is the cycle of the seasons within The Holy Spirit. The universe is constantly working its way back to a pristine state, coming back to God through karmic balancing. This applies on all levels, the way a society is governed, the social ecology, the body politic that is mirrored in the political concourse and This Writer theorizes is mirrored in the nature ecology. This spiritual paradigm is the nature of the sacred and plays into how well-developed societies go into decline and morph into new entities. The Economy/Government/Environmental Health/Personal Health and peace on earth is affected by The Holy Spirit paradigm for redemption/healing, karmic purity and wholeness and regeneration in the Spirit that operates in the background of life on earth. The Wiccan Spiritual principal of thrice x thrice, speech and actions that hurt or help, create karmic balancing and become magnified 9 x’s returning to the initiator, (that is why theoretically there are only helping witches) like a boomerang there is a karmic reckoning. In the life of Planet Earth there may also be other unseen interstellar forces operating that affect the weather.

With the current plague the environmental distaff is compounded by huge population growth since the late 1800s with the advent of manufacturing and the weight of so many carbon footprints has manifested pollution and unclean. With the history of the decline and fall of advanced civilizations, on a surface level affected by factors of overpopulation and living in unclean conditions leading to epidemic diseases spread by population movements and travel; warfare; climate change; famine; perhaps compounded by an unclean body politic, against the Spirit, a society of people not living the Holy Spirit Way, the Heads, the governance, the masses not living consecrated in the Spirit and not according to karmic Spiritual principal. This karmic dissonance against the Holy Spirit, sin is suffering, translates as violence and may also be reflected in environmental distaff, pollution, out of control weather systems, plagues. Spiritual dis-ease, can be mirrored in physical disease; sexual corruption of the body, abrogation of bed rites (people not marrying on SignsfromGod), trespass against others may become magnified and returns as a source of actual disease with a mirror of synchronicity within the natural environment, the weather, ecological systems and in the lives of the people. This idea of synchronicity is in the idea of portent in the weather in writings of William Shakespeare (playwright) and the theory of synchronicity in the writings of Carl Jung (psychologist), and This Writer has experienced as an Oracle.

The Maya, the Ancient Aztecs. This society practiced human sacrifice, fomenting wars with neighbouring communities, the men taken as prisoners. The prisoners were then scrificed in riutalized ceremonies by the king. This Writer’s understanding through research and psychic interpretations, Tchlechan desired a local beauty and had her sacrificed which led to him being poisoned at the local "smoky mirror society" (the local bar). With the despotic head disposed, this society ceased to exist in its violent state murdering innocents.

The Italian Congrieve for 900 years. Ancient Rome. In this society bed rites may have been determined through Lupracalia, marriages through a lottery (not through SignsfromGod) marriage ceremonies were outlawed (St. Valentine (namesake of St. Valentine’s Day) would secretly marry people who were Starcrossed, he was caught and put to death) manifesting a sexually defiled population, men as soldiers fueling wars with neighbouring communities, the sacrifice of Jesu and innocents, feeding Christians to the lions, violent Colosseum "games." Italy was affected with the Plague, the Antonine Plague: A.D. 165 – 180 (small pox). Plague of Cyprian: A.D. 250 – 271, probably spread by troop movements as well as violence against innocents.

Ancient Greece. The Fall of Troy (1194 – 1184 B.C.) Warring kingdoms. The killing of the innocents of Troy, all the men were happily married to their Starcrossed Lovers, so there would be no revenge the male children were thrown off the cliffs and died impaled on the rocks below, none of them were good calls. Hélène was basically an innocent in an unhappy marriage, remarried to her Starcrossed Lover Paris. Menaleaus’ first concurrent wife was his Starcrossed Lover. Later, The Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 B.C.) – between the Greek cities of Athens (the city of light and the arts) and Sparta (the city of war). Plague of Athens: 430 B.C. (typhus).

Ancient Egypt. Brother/sister marriages amongst the Egyptian Royal Family and the enslavement of the Jewish people (who were probably sexually defiled) set free through The Holy Spirit and SignsfromGod operating through Moses. In the Bible mentions plagues delivered to Egypt. (Sexual licentiousness and not keeping The Holy Spirit Way is also mentioned in The Bible stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah’s Ark).

The Renaissance/Reformation (1600's England). In London, England and in Europe the population had severely increased which led to the exploration and colonizing of North America/South America. In London, living conditions were overcrowded/unclean and disease struck as The Plague, the Great Fire of London burnt down a lot of the old architecture and as a silver lining the rats and disease dissipated. Through some of the major Artists of the time, William Shakespeare (Playwright), John Dowland (Composer, Lutenist), This Writer theorizes the inside of the Bible in The Holy Spirit Way was rediscovered, and some major Artists, perhaps Heads, bed rites were severely out of place and they were living largely in celibacy or in serial sexual relationships. The tenets of the Holy Spirit may have become lost again with the morphing to the Industrialized Society and the rise of the city state.

A combination of factors including capricious Heads not aligned with the Holy Spirit; the death of innocents, human rights abuses; conflicted bed rites (sexual defilement and/or celibacy) where people are not married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover on a SignfromGod, cleaving only to their spouse for longtime. A defilement of the pristine soul, the sin returning thrice x thrice, manifesting karmic dissonance in violence, that when widespread spirals into Collective Calamity bringing hell fire (e.g. Sodom and Gamorrah) and eventually morphing into karmic redemption, the Godhead reasserts itself returning the Community to a state of pristine nature and health in line with the Holy Spirit when the ways of the Holy Spirit are kept by everyone.

The nature of The Holy Spirit paradigm in the ecology and in the social habitat – a karmic balancing for purity and karmic redemption, in love lives and in the ecology. Like a point of karmic impurity (a polluted environment) there is a natural reckoning, a regeneration paradigm of the sacred, for the pristine forest. A state of moral decay, a dis-ease of the soul, being out of sync with the Holy Spirit for a majority of the population manifests karmic dissonance, a violence that creates change for the re-establishment of the principles of the Holy Spirit and reinstates the pristine state, the well-tended garden. A re-establishment of the natural order of the Holy Spirit.

The royaume, the natural appointed leaders of the family/the political heads/advisors of the country, appointed by physical attribute of an open room head by the Holy Spirit. They should not be sexually defiled. They should be karmically pure. Should be married to their Star-crossed Lover or more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod and cleave only unto their spouse. They should be effectively educated and enculturated learning The Holy Spirit Way. They should keep consecrated in the Spirit. The Heads being in-line with the Holy Spirit create peace, justice and prosperity, reflect well-being in the incoming harvest and positive weather conditions. When they are righteous and of an age, they experience SignsfromGod at the end of their psychic line, as the Holy Spirit protects them as they help protect the community. The Heads are like Icons of the Holy Spirit. The natural order of The Holy Spirit needs to be taught to each new generation in a way which they can understand to avoid tragedy and disaster. When the population is effectively mentored and discerned, following their calling for work, their calling for love and does not hurt innocents, keeping the tenets of The Holy Spirit Way, life becomes a dance with the Lord without needless suffering, manifesting a prosperous, peaceful community and one without major Collective Calamity problems. The Way of Peace.



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