Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

It is quiet in the still of the winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .

The Heads of Families, Countries, Religious Communities, Royal Families, Major Artists/Oracles as “Renaissance Men/Women” with the calling of keeping their Family/Community/Country safe with their many fauceted roles to mentor people and help discern them for life and work, pass on information, solve problems, be diplomats, study and teach Spiritual and Cultural information, raise spiritual consciousness, raise people’s spirits/entertain, generate ideas and prevent disaster.

The Heads (people with open room heads, all their thoughts are in the open) are usually of the Artist/Royalty type umbrella of jobs. They are Teachers, Politicians/Spies, Artists/Chefs, Marketers/Public Relations/Diplomats, Psychologists, Librarians, Spiritualists (Priests and Priestesses), Economists and over time with study and mentoring they are proficient in these roles.

Historically, there was a cast of priestesses, The Oracle of Delphi, that aided the Community. They were sexually broken at Feast days. People would travel from all around, bring large gifts to have the Head provide wisdom and insights and ajudicate their problems. They would consult with her, she would do some divination/prayer and give them an answer. The answer was wise, enigmatic, often in symbols and may have been like a riddle, often prophetic. The Oracle of Delphi was a source of Holy Spirit/cultural knowledge/divination and wisdom. Over time, a cast of male priests/warriors invaded the cast of priestesses and the role of Oracle became the Bards. Learning the lyrics and music of their people, creating their own songs, passing on cultural information, healers passing on naturopathic information, being an “Astrologer” (advisor) in the background of the government, communicator (passing on the news of people from places they have been), prophet traveling from place to place. (e.g. possibly John Dowland).

The Oracle operates largely on a pychic telepathic level, with people they know, people who live around them, people who know of them and look them up in their thoughts. The Oracle is also constantly in contact with the Spirit World (Saints, relatives, spirits between worlds, the Holy Spirit) because they have no inner room. Being primarily alone for long periods of time encourages the psychic phenomena, the Artistic process, and communication.

The Official Oracle is the inducted head of a Royal Family, the head of the country, the official head of the Church (Catholic Church is the Pope). I suspect the head of a Royal Family, has an open room head, the other heads have a Sign of public ascension. Usually the head of a Royal Family is karmically pure and married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod. The head of the country is usually a vetted Saint and married with a Sign of public ascension. In different churches their are celibate cast heads (the Catholic Church, the Dalai Lama) and some sects are married. All of these official roles are supposed to answer to an honour code where they put the best interests of their people and the Community first and do not hurt innocents.

The Unofficial Oracle (rates in the same capacity with The Official Oracle) is in the background of government, communities, and families and can be major Artists. They are like unofficial advisors. The Unofficial Oracle is often broken sexually, with multiple failed marriages and may have suffered greatly. When enculturated and instructed in The Holy Spirit Way practicing their special calling for work/artist’s calling, they are supposed to be of the highest honour and often have earned accolades from the Holy Spirit.

The Heads receive SignsfromGod regularly at the end of their psychic line when they come of age as the Head, this occurs when they are in favour with God, have not harmed innocents, when they are consecrated in the Spirit (prayer at least once a week, attending a church service, not trespassing, giving to charity, following their callings for work/art), there is a SignfromGod. When they are insulted or persecuted, even only in thoughts, a negative SignfromGod will occur for the perpetrator to cease and desist, the Holy Spirit protects the Oracle. When the Oracle is bell-weathered and studied enough they will receive a Sign of public ascension.

When the Oracle is going about their day, thoughts come on the wind, triggered through people on their telepathic line as well as the Spirit World as they think about ideas and go through their daily routines. Often the Oracle is a lightstone for ideas, coins, artistic practice and sometimes these thoughts are prophetic, in riddles and symbols in wisdom that enlighten situations. Often the “sayings” are based in Literature, the Bible, Mythology, past events, places, namesakes, Religion, nature, people, the Muse and if you analyse them to their origins you can understand their meaning. Sometimes they can be formed into poetry and literature or become Art. Like the I-ching, Astrology, divination, these “sayings” can be influenced by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit World, work on multiple levels (a personal level, about people, places and things, about events and situations) and may have the element of prophesy.

There is also information in dreams, before you go to sleep at night, you say to yourself in thoughts “I want to remember my dreams.” Dreams can be sent by people you know or who know you or may be sent by the Spirit world, Angels or the Holy Spirit. Dreams have elements that are symbols, The Dreams Mood Dictionary is a good source for helping with interpretation. When from a divine source they can tell you how your day will go, give special information of past lives, insights into situations, are a source of artistic ideas. Sometimes if dreams are sent from capricious people/spirits they can be just hassles. Sometimes it is a way of keeping in touch and communicating with people and when divinely inspired may be illuminating about people and situations in your life and globally. Dreams may hold an element of prophesy.

Creating art can give hidden truths. These truths are sometimes warnings, sometimes elucidations of current events, a certain postcard in time, a communication. When studying historical information, insights that were not written down and is read between the lines, can become apparent. These “sayings”/ideas/inklings work on different levels, on one level they describe, are a picture in time, illuminate truths to keep people safe, there is also a psychological healing element for broken love lives and suffering. When adapted to the art world they can illuminate truths, make people feel better and prevent suicide. They are a celebration of what was, what is, and what is yet to be, creating mythologies. A full blown Artist’s calling works on a psychic, gut instincts level (which when bell weathered are akin to SignsfromGod) that creates healing, magic, new genres, truthtelling, original design, communication, sometimes a critique of people in places of power to create more positive situations and safety.

In the Industrialized Economy this special information This Writer suspects, was largely lost. In that era, often these special, talented people were misunderstood within the societal paradigm, perceived as being chaos agents because of misunderstandings with people and cast as mental patients. The concept of schizophrenia was developed by Kraepelin (psychiatrist) as a “disease” when in fact the heads may not fit into the cultural/political conscripts because they are brain anamolies. The Oracles think in the open, the vast majority of people have inner rooms which creates private and public space, the Oracles are always in public space. In my understanding there are cultural/family/elite rules about everything, including thinking in public spaces. These brain differences are not meant to cause chaos, in God’s great wisdom he created Heads to cause peace and safety, to be Community leaders. It is important to have feedback from your family and reliables in the Community (teachers, elders, Artists), so you know if you are a Head and pick up all the cultural/family/Holy Spirit rules. The Oracles are not the problem, other people’s jealousies, false political conscripts, satanic cultural ritual, hidden agendas, and cult of ego plans are not healthy and cause frustrations of callings from God, human rights abuse and violence. In This Writer’s opinion, cultural/social control systems are largely uncalled for, are from the Agricultual slowtime Economy and assume and create unneeded violence. When everyone is effectively, mentored and discerned for love and work, without hurting innocents, the world becomes in-line with the Holy Spirit. People’s callings for life, work and love should not be frustrated, creative solutions within the New Economy can bring self-actualization, peace, and prosperity, a society in-line with The Spirit. The Way of Peace.



Subterranean Blue Poetry

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