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Quiet storm in the trees, quiet winter day at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .

"It is not good to cause great harm for great good. It is karmic dissonance and will cause violence."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

At The Office of the The Oracle. The inside of karmic impurity. About ½ of all men and 3% of women have a propensity for serial sexual relationships (intuited from experience). Just because these few people (about 28% of the population) can "jump" doesn't mean they should. It is not a perfect world. Ideally everyone would be home with a longterm lover on a positive SignfromGod. Why would God send everyone the perfect lover for longterm if they weren't meant to have them? The very few women who can "jump" are very practical and there is an empathic Sign. Sometimes these people have affairs that when over bumps people back to a lover that is looking for them (that the person may not want), or into a new relationship. The person who sleeps around becomes very broken emotionally and in someone's theory will accept whoever shows up for them, effectively breaking them into "house" formations. The other side of this is sometimes people become queer or celibate may become violent or may suicide. For the sensitive, there is a saying "Only once with poetry", that after one happily consummated affair with poetry between the couple, when the affair breaks, the person may become celibate for a longtime.

People who are karmically impure (cursed or without special information and have had more than 5 lovers) who are of the Michelangelo bloodtype have the potential to be great Artists. God fills their empty hands with creation projects and service to the community that saves lives and protects people. Like the Bards of the Middle Ages they travel (sometimes just on the Internet), carrying news to new places, an idea of the Holy Spirit, special information, they are a repository of family, Community and Holy Spirit information, and celebrate the day with their art. They are a truthtelling and report problems and help to solve them. As in the days of old they are like the King's Astrologers or Advisors. They are in the background of the government, business people and their families. They notice trends, invent new products and policies, streamline systems, are psychics and seers, sometimes prophets, information fonts and innovators. All of this is usually done through the grapevine, or telepathy.

As they handle the emotional distress of their depression from too many lovers (through Deep Process work, meditation, prayer, art creation, journaling, organic drug use, exercise, sleep . . .) (see Newsletter: World Message of Peace, mid-Novembre/November 2011 - How to Cure Depression from Having Too Many Lovers - How to Heal When a Lover Leaves - (also for rape issues and suicide prevention)) their system goes into overdrive, a survivalist affect, that puts their creativity into overdrive.

It is God's gift to those who suffer without a husband/wife longterm. However, This Writer suspects a vast percentage of the population is karmically impure, perhaps as high as 85% of the population. Which is against the Holy Spirit Way. Ideally everyone would follow their callings for work and love, which ideally means the vast majority would be married to their Starcrossed Lover or happily settled on a positive SignfromGod (with perhaps 15% in serial sexual rotation). Because a large percentage of the population is karmically impure, there is violence, it is karmic dissonance which causes a debt and a war economy. (It is never good to cause great harm for great good.)

There is a theory of thought, structural functionalism, that says situations exist for a reason. It is a dance that is repeated that follows a pattern. I suspect this high rate of karmic impurity in the population exists for a reason, on some level someone wants it to:

The Elite is making 007's. They are useful, and when vetted and successful are Saints that entertain, inform and protect them.

It is an experiment with the economy since 1953 making economic drivers.

It may be a takeover bid from a chaos government.

The pot may have boiled over.

The oeuvre of the Old Economy keeps the population down and eases stress on resources. When people are at each other's throats, they may not procreate. When someone dies it frees up resources. There is an underwritten Machiavellian script that involves being karmically impure, the suffering from having too many lovers. Whatever you get you are thankful for, it makes death easier, makes people milk machines for the elite, keeps the population down, makes honed workers, frees up resources, jobs, marriage partners for others when they suicide, causes chaos and underground war scenes that are unsafe and keep the population entertained. Because of the old cultural rote the vast majority of people may not be marrying their Starcrossed Lovers. There may be karmic ramifications for ignoring a SignfromGod, (upset weather systems, epidemics, odd ecological cataclysms) although in my experience politics in the Community of men reigns over SignsfromGod. This society is really Soddom and Gamorrah, I suspect the places that keep the old wisdom and pass it along to their children prevent chaos, violence, suicide and ended bloodlines.

Durkheim. A shift in the economic structure is causing stress because there is real change occurring, often leading to suicide. With the change from the agricultural economy to the industrialized economy, people moved to cities, off the land, took up rote work in factories. If you were an intellectual it wasn't your economy. A loss of Old World wisdom perhaps due to the economic shift from the agricultural economy to the industrialized economy (as people moved away from their families on the farm to the cities) may have fuelled karmic impurity. With the change from the industrialized economy to the ThinkBox economy the entire face of the society was changed. From the tools of business, communications, business models, the social economy (everyday life) which can mean people's bottom lines may be out. At the same time violence statistics before the Epidemic were down, possibly because of interfacing over the Internet. These changes do not have to be a permanent detriment, people purchase computers, become educated in .html and software, acquire Internet and cell phones, develop social media profiles, launch WebSites, develop client lists and get paid online. After a certain amount of time and familiarity with the new business structure I suspect the economy flowers, gives food, shelter and needs met.

Better mentoring and discernment for work and love and an understanding of The Holy Spirit Way goes a long way towards preventing chaos, violence, and suicide. In my experience people's plans for people may be more important than the people themselves, which is highly unfortunate and causes unnecessary suffering and violence. It is a sign of dis-ease and unhealthy attitudes and a Society structure that is not inline with the Spirit when innocents are hurt and human rights abuses occur. Every child has a calling for work and love, missions from God, when this is abrogated by a lack of information, lies, fomenting, hatred, racism, traditional family enemy paradigms, and false political strictures the entire world suffers.

And in the background of violence and dis-ease is the all-enfolding love of God, the Holy Spirit, St. Mary, and the Community of Saints. Whatever is wrong, outside of time, lost love affairs, can be arighted and healed in the Holy Spirit. With information and effective discernment you can find your calling for work, you can find old friends and make new ones, you can repair your love life. I suspect everyone has a calling to do something, something they are good at, a calling from God. Even in the worst situations you can be healed, just do not hurt innocents and follow the few rules of being consecrated in the Spirit (keep the Sabbath, pray at least once a week, attend a church service occasionally, give to charity) and follow your calling for work and/or giving back to the Community. Time is a gift, use it wisely. All innocent people win with the Lord, eventually and it is possible to be healed over time. Even if everything is disaster your work and love life out of sync or destroyed, if you have a calling to be an Artist you can become the Office of the Oracle, font of information for the Community, a truthtelling, a mythology, a celebration of the stories of the Community in art and heal your life. On a good day the Artist's Calling can be enough. The Way of Peace.



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