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It is the Season! We have been pugnacious this past year . . . with the covid and almost everything closed we holed up and worked (it wasn't that different than usual) but it was difficult without a lot of places open in the Spring. Tango Blue has become more friendly sleeping out on the bed, and we have for the most part cured his fur balls with some Salmon Oil.

An old carved wooden chair, one of "The Mickey Mouse chairs" gave up the ghost and the bottom fell out so some reupholstery work was done. There was a myriad of old hand turned nails made at the blacksmith's that were removed and because the ends were so sharp, I reused them. I gave all the old furniture that needed it a coat of white paint and varathane. Hoping to get to some Kintsugi Quilt Repair.

August was a much-needed vacation, I hadn't had a true holiday in 8 years, and it was a bit of a bus man's holiday. Saw a few people I hadn't seen in awhile and frequented the second-hand shops. Slept and rested for a week and a half. Perfected a recipe for puff pastry also used to make croissants and recently constructed a recipe for bombolini's (Italian doughnuts) without sugar.

What's New at Subterranean Blue Poetry! A hardcopy Subterranean Blue Poetry - 7" x 10" Perfect Bound with full colour art/photos and midnight blue font, in French and English is introduced at for $12 USD. A very exciting celebration. Currently Available: Volume VIII Issue IX, Volume VIII Issue X, Volume VIII Issue XI. For a deal on Author copies please Inbox. If there is a Subterranean Blue Poetry Issue you really want in hard copy, please Inbox and I will format and publish.

Also introducing Codagriffes - books of poetry in coloured fonts and sometimes with art/photos. Borrowing from the Comic Book tradition, pictures and dialogue print, Codagriffes are pure candy pictorial poetry food, an evolution in A new innovation in the world of Subterranean Blue Poetry.

This year, we published RESIST by Kimberlynne Darby Newton, Loose Canon by Mike McNamara, and we are working on: PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ for Zo-Alonzo Gross for a February 2021 release. 9 books of my poetry written over the past 5 years were published at Amazon Stations. These books are small paperbacks, 5" x 7", with some French translations, the bookplate Book Covers are influenced by the Sylvia Plath Faber & Faber editions of The Colossus and Ariel.

Book Reviews were written, including: A Signal Through the Flames and some kinds of earthly love by Neil Beethoven Flowers (Little Wing Press), Osmosis by Debarashi Mitra, Papi Doesn't Love Me No More by Anna Suarez (CLASH Books), La Belle Ajar by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda (CLASH Books), The Elvis Machine by Kim Vodicka (CLASH Books), The Snow Dead by Marc Zegans, Flutter by Kristin Garth, These Elegies by D.C. Reid, Caught in the Myth by Alison Stone, amongst others.

Working on: The Sylvia (a collection of poetry).

Projects essentially completed and waiting to be published: The Demaricon (a utopian science fiction novella), The BeeKeeper's Daughters (a retelling of The Battle of Troy from the inside, a long poem featuring erasure poems in midnight blue font), Prison Music for Chameleons (a book of poetry), The Dinner Party and Other Short Stories, A Psalm of Blue (A Cento long poem featuring Psalm 23, 24, 25 and photos in blue-green font), Epilogue (Chapbook, outtakes from writing The Demaricon), Lover Is Sunshine Coffee (New Edition in pomegranate pink font), Sunshine On Our Little Towne (long poem novella about growing up in the 1960's in Willowdale in yellow font).

Currently: Serializing The BeeKeeper's Daughters at Subterranean Blue Poetry.

We are always looking for Books of Poetry for Book Reviews (hard copy, .pdf's, .docx) and Submissions of Poetry, Critical Essays and Art/Photos for Subterranean Blue Poetry. We pay $10 per Poem, $20 per Of Poetic Interest . . . critical essay, $20 per Masthead Art/photo .jpg. Payment for publication in the month of publication. Also, looking for Poetry Ads for Subterranea . . . Events, Festivals, Readings, Book Launches, all things poetry. Please send us all your poetry news.

Subterranean Blue Poetry offers Poetry Book Publishing and an Array of Poetry Book Marketing Services @

Thank you to all Readers, Contributors and Clients of Subterranean Blue Poetry!

Merry Christmas!



P.S.: I need some help with WebSite work, The Book Reviewer needs the Archives updated (Indexing), links on 3 WebSites need to be double checked. Please Inbox with a flat rate quote.

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