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It is a bright winter night full of work and I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas. I am working on a poetry book art house publishing project PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ by Zo-Alonzo Gross to be launched in February 2021. The Christmas 2020 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry, a celebration of the life of Marlon Brando, is ready to launch. Stay tuned . . .

“Man thinks, God laughs . . . “
- Jewish Proverb

"True power is God's love."
- Collective Wisdom

“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.”
Honore de Balzac (Novelist, Playwright)

“Causing the grains some years to bear too much rain and others too much sun until the celebration of the Sun King
had become a dirge of silence. As if the altar had been beaten with rotten corn and the marriage bed was corrupted.
In the heat of Summer, the heart of the fruitgrain had turned rancid in the devastation of Sun that blew out across
the earth, across the land. In the silence of years . . . “
- from The Demaricon by Rebecca Anne Banks

“The world is overconstructed. they makin’ people soldiers.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“Getting your love life to work in happy longterm covenant is like rocket science.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The following are thoughts on the power constructs in love relationships . . .

What is a real love affair?

- no essence problem

- a positive Sign from God

- poetry and gifts to each other

- the relationship is approved for longterm by your family and Community

- don’t defile the font (sexual defilement can make you lose respect for each other and the relationship may end)

- your goals for the relationship are the same

For a woman making love to a man who leaves you does not offer you emotional protection. For the man it is like conquest, he’s scored, for the woman, it is as if she has lost a war and been vanquished (raped). In my experience when a man sleeps with you he holds the power in the relationship. If he doesn’t talk to you properly, doesn’t sleep with you regularly, if he is unhappy with you, it shows and can affect your health. In a real love affair, he sexually services you and talks to you regularly, offering emotional protection over the longterm. Women are vulnerable, they are usually more sensitive and suffer more if a marriage ends. It is good to know your partners intentions, if the relationship can last, to know the lay of the land, if the marriage is well discerned, is your prospective lover karmically pure, is s/he attached to someone else, is s/he waiting for someone?

The least interested person in the relationship will hold the power in the relationship, determining if the relationship continues or ends. Ideally both parties are well suited psychologically, similar and complimentary, do not love a soul colour the other hates (do not have an essence problem) and there is a positive Sign from God. It is good to do Becky's checklist @ the Noel/Christmas Special 2011 World Peace Newsletter on Discernment in Marriage before getting involved in an intimate relationship.

There are behaviours by a man that will tell you whether he is staying with you or not, they are different for each elite white family. And sometimes people are the victim of a cursehold/politics and cannot stay longterm. Positive Signs from God help indicate if the relationship could last. In my experience politics pervades over SignsfromGod.

In the Old Economy/the war economy, the role of soldier is fed by broken love affairs. A broken love affair sullies the Souls of the lovers who are parted, it goes against the Holy Spirit and causes suffering. A broken love affair manifests anger and depression, and after repeated broken love affairs can make one prone to committing violence, murder and suicide. Broken love affairs cause bad karma and mental illness manifesting mental patients, street people, people in prisons, alcoholics/drug addicts, people with health issues, murders and suicide. The violence of broken love affairs is reflected in violence in the Society. When a majority of the population is karmically impure it creates a war economy manifests suicide and murder and economic drivers. When a majority of the people are karmically impure the weather systems could kick out because of negative karma and are a violation of the Holy Spirit. In the Bible breaking with the Holy Spirit Way on a mass scale caused Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gamorah, and Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. A mass violation of the Holy Spirit Way where a majority of people are karmically impure causes karmic backlash and a return to reason, a karmic balancing.

A great love affair/marriage should have context, living together is ritual. Making and eating food together, sleeping together, is life in daily ritual. It is a sacred trust, where you protect and nurture each other, creating family over the longterm. A happy well discerned marriage is the sacred cornerstone of personal peace and peace in the Community/society. The Way of Peace.



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