Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace


It is quiet with darkening evening sky and cooler weather, the trees acquiring their bareness in the Autumn escarpment at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Weather suitable to a Charlotte Bronte novel. I am working on the November 2020 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry . . .

"What you dwell on grows."
- Collective Wisdom

"Hold a good thought."
- Marilyn Monroe (goddess)

"The whole secret to existence is to have no fear."
- Buddha

"Time heals all wounds."
- Collective Wisdom

Think good thoughts. Where your thoughts go so does your mood. Do not let your thoughts dwell in dark places, dark thoughts will wreck your peace. Continually thinking about worst case scenarios can cause depression and self-sabotage where you manifest what you don't want to happen.

Inordinate fear causing sins of omission or an obstruction of justice can manifest negative karma and hurt innocents. Just do the right thing in the Spirit of The Holy Spirit. When you are on the right side of God you are on the right side of the Community. All God asks is for you to follow your calling for work, your calling for love and to not hurt innocents. It is also important to follow the cultural rules (which can keep you and your family safe) but it should be in balance with The Holy Spirit Way (it may also be important to have some good security, including door security for you and yours).

When you are consecrated in the Spirit (pray at least once a week, an occasional church service or meeting with other saints, keep the Sabbath, follow your calling from God for work and do not trespass against innocents) in my experience you will get SignsfromGod when you need them. In my experience, if there is serious life-threatening trouble your Guardian Angel will protect you with a SignfromGod. This affect may be honed through suffering over time and by following The Holy Spirit Way. This affect makes unofficial security forces (007's), elite Artists, Hollywood people, diplomats, politicians, the neighbourhood watch. Great skill at a career or art's calling and honed psychic sensibilities and gut instincts are God's compensation for grave suffering, often because of a cursed bed rite.

Even the worst situations, a poor childhood, a lack of understanding of the culture or The Holy Spirit Way, a lack of love and/or broken love relationships can have positive outcomes when you become aligned with the Spirit and The Holy Spirit Way. Happy miracles, some Deep Process work, education in the cultural way, better mentoring and discernment in love and work, instruction in your life's calling, some good friends creating good synergies, practicing your life's calling and over time you may become incredibly emotionally healed. Also having luck and education at creating a happy working love life on a positive SignfromGod and or longterm celibacy can be incredibly healing. Ideally, everyone would be able to follow their callings for work and love, to go against natural callings can be painful and are against God. All education, all experiences are grist for the mill, what appear to be bad decisions or painful circumstances can actually be processed in counselling, release work and through work or an art's calling and become learning experiences that help create a better more ideal life with a more positive emotional landscape. The Way of Peace.



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