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It is quiet blue Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. An exciting New Age Book of Poetry is being published at Subterranean Blue Poetry, Loose Canon by Mike McNamara, "the Shakespeare of the Storm". Also, I received some exciting Books of Poetry from CLASH Books for Book Reviews. August is vacation month, there will be no new Issue at Subterranean Blue Poetry for August 2020, (you can read the past Issues in the Archives) and the journal will resume in September 2020. Thank you to all Readers and Contributors . . .

"Too many cooks spoil the broth."
- Collective Wisdom

How to Tell if You are a Plant . . .

Old monied British Royalty often with European roots may have a "seeding" program where women, often married will be impregnated and given a child. I suspect there may be up to 100 half brothers and sisters for each plant. In my understanding the woman gets a big gift for it, something through channels like a car when you need it for not too much monies, an ensured job or a big gift of some kind. The birth of the plant child of course means war by the cuckolded husband. Often the wife misrepresents the situation and says she was jumped, so her husband doesn't take out his anger on her. By not telling the truth, the mother has set the child up for the wrath of the father, who may curse the child, they may not be socialized into the culture effectively, they may have their lovers cursed and they may not get the job they are suited for. If the child is not socialized into the culture effectively it may create a safety issue for their friends and contacts as well as their family members. This child is an innocent and not to blame, the child a guest in the step-father's home. However, often the cuckholded father does not understand. The longterm negative consequences for the mother and step-father who do not socialize the plant child are catastrophic, the peace and safety of the family is destroyed, the parents may die before their time, their may be violence to family members and others, their bloodline may be ended, the truth of the ruination of the innocent child will become apparent eventually through the Holy Spirit and SignsfromGod.

When someone in the elite is not socialized effectively they are in political terms a "sleeper." Being born into a family they are under deep cover and may be cast as foreign chaos agents by the family they are born into. This child may not get the information they need for effective socialization, mentoring and discernment in love and work and becomes an outlander, often eventually becoming violent or suicidal, sometimes murdering someone and being incarcerated in mental hospitals and prisons. They are innocents and may be operated on with the goal of "end game." The step-father may not want the plant child to have children, a husband, or a job, and may set the child up for extinction taking out his anger that he did not know where the plant child came from, on the innocent. Sometimes there is a deal with the progenitor father that if the "plant" suicides their inheritance monies goes to another child in the family. It is a game so that the cuckholded husband does not kill the plant child. Plant children are often cast as acts of war.

Creative interventions are needed in these situations so that innocents are not hurt. Firstly, the plant child should not be denied special information. If the child is not being given special information by the family, it may help to tell 3 people you are not a member of that family when you are 16 years old (heard through the grapevine). Ideally, another family member or a distant cousin or someone that loves this child should adopt the child and socialize them. If this does not happen it is best to get out on your own at 16 to 18 years old. Sometimes the villagers are in on it, have been promised inheritance monies or big gifts or are threatened into not helping the plant child with special information. If the step-father does not respect the child, it is not right that he have to be in constant contact with and have to raise with his finances and time a child he did not father, that reminds him of his wife's infidelity or that his wife was used as a "breeder".

For the plant child. The first clue is that you do not look like the other members of your family. If you are "out" (people are bullying you) in the street and at school something is wrong. If people are not giving you special information in thoughts and repeating your thoughts back to you and/or scrambling their thoughts so they don't make sense, something is wrong. If your friends and neighbours move away and cut contact with you, something is wrong. And often there is violence in the home and fighting. There are some basic rules, at 16 your step-father is supposed to tell you, you are not his biological child. Often there are neighbours or children at school or introductions to people from the progenitor's (real father's) family but you may not realize you are related. If your mother and step-father (or if you are raised in a single parent home) are progressive and intelligent and they have given you all the love and special information you need and it is a happy family, it is best to ask what they expect of you at 16 years (some parents would prefer if the teen aged child move out on their own, that they persue education, or find a job they have a calling for etc.) If the family is discordant, violent and they did not socialize you, it is best to make your own way at 16 to 18 years old and move in with friends or other family that love you, respect you and treat you well. It is important to figure out the politics of your situation so you are not being used as a cue for violence by a chaos official or unofficial government. (ask the responsibles (elders and teachers, government people) for direction, often just in thoughts and check that it is reliable information (see if they are in a state of grace, ask different people for the same information and see what answers you get). If someone is good to you and helps you regularly, ask them if they want you to stay in touch with them.

If the family you were born into has plans for you it is best to ask what they are before you leave home. These plans may colour the opportunities that come your way and influence your job prospects and love life. The teachers and elders know everything, it is good to get them to leak even just in thoughts. It should also be possible to pick up information in the schoolyard and in the street. If your love life is cursed, you should at least have your calling for work. On a good day your calling for work can be enough. It is important to have an understanding of the cultural way. And there is more information about this, this is just an overview, each situation has it's own parameters, ask in telepathy in the street, look for information from reliables, teachers, elders.

Plant children were never meant to suffer because of other people's anger, or to be used as an object of hatred, violence and war. In this culture often people have plans for people, but they should not be binding. All children are children of the Spirit, God has a plan for each of them, in callings for work and love, it is a sin to frustrate people's callings from God. Often plant children become the Artists, the peacemakers, they are emissaries of the Holy Spirit. If you are a plant child you do not have to be an instrument of violence, you can make your life a song of peace. There is always more to know, ask around in the street, friends and contacts, this is just an outline. The worst situations can be healed by special information, a loving Community and the love of The Holy Spirit. The Way of Peace.



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