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World Message of Peace

It is hot Summer poetry at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are working on a Chapbook for Kimberlynne Darby Newton, RESIST, a beautiful tome of love and Spiritus inspiring peace, A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint. I have just finished writing A Psalm of Blue a cento/erasure poem utilizing Psalm 23, 24 and 25, hopefully to be translated and printed as a perfect bound Chapbook. It is vacances for August 2020, I am planning to catch up with quilting and projects around the apartment. Thank you to all Readers, Contributors and Supporters. Have a great Summer!

"just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should"
- Collective Wisdom

“the fish does not know of the water s/he swims in”
- Collective Wisdom

“if it feels right, do it" . . . can be a misnomer, as soon as you hurt an innocent you lose, karmically and in every way”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Counselor, Activist)

This is a psychological/Spiritual theory developed from 9 years of Deep Process Work, study of psychological works, study of psychology at university and life experience.

Gut instincts can develop over time and become reliable guides almost akin to SignsfromGod. Like prophesy you have an idea of what will happen next and what to do about it. After awhile you always listen to these instincts because they save you from inconvenience and bad situations.

However early on, when you are young and from an aberrant homelife or have soul colour conflicts, your gut instincts may betray you. The rule of thumb “it feels good”, “it feels like the right thing to do” may not always be so.

There is psychological betrayal and there is soul makeup betrayal.

Psychological betrayal may happen when someone is from an abusive family, where the child was either made a “God” or where the child’s basic needs weren’t met. In the first 5 years of life, depending on caregiving and education a child’s psychological make-up is formed. The authentic self develops, sense of humor, usually based on how the child achieved receiving mother/father’s attention. The initial wiring of the psyche will determine sexual identity, sexual orientation, psychological type for job, sense of humor and the characteristics of the personality. If the child was consistently rewarded for a certain type of behavior, this becomes an expectation. Whether it is a realistic expectation in the real world, depends on the people you are communicating with, hidden agendas, goals of the individual/society/government. Often people may expect certain outcomes, based on their experience with their parents/family/school teachers only to find this is not the reality in certain situations.

If a child’s every need is met and they receive more than mother’s total attention, are socialized properly, yet the love affair with the parent becomes stale after the first 3 years, the mother ignores the child, the child may become self-centered and expect others to cater to them.

Most infrastructure people (police, firefighters, doctors, accountants, public service people) have been effectively bonded with, socialized and cared for by their mother. They know what they are doing in life and love, their expectations of the world rhyme. These people have an ego, sometimes a large one, and may act out, sometimes hurting people if their stress is not channeled properly.

If there is violence in the home and the child is ignored, their basic needs are not met, this sets up a needy psychological construct. This child finds solace in solitude, perhaps making projects and may become an artist. These people have little or no ego and in my experience do not usually hurt others.

Parental absence/abuse in the home sets up a heartbroken child paradigm where the child may attempt to reclaim the parent when they are older, through a love interest, sometimes it may be a same-sex lover.

This gut instinct is largely false. You love everything about the same sex, are readily attracted to them but this should probably not translate into sex, you are just heartbroken. It is good to work through this heartbrokenness with a Deep Process Worker with release work and prayer. It is good to remember the Holy Spirit paradigm. Starcrossed Lovers and SignsfromGod for lovers are always for the opposite sex. Gay sex defiles the font, oral sex, anal sex, manipulation of the genitals which can cause you to lose respect for each other and the relationship may break. It may also cause you to become karmically impure on a SignfromGod. If people are gay and in a happy relationship it is important not to beat on them because they have made an alternative life style work. I suspect it is the vast majority of people who belong in a longterm happy covenant with an opposite sex lover. It is too easy to be on the wrong side of the cultural paradigm and this can cause great suffering, better mentoring and discernment in life and marriage is needed.

Sometimes gut instincts about love can be wrong as well. You meet someone of the opposite sex and you fall in love, it just feels right. In my experience most people know their own blood type, they fall in love with people who are simpatico for them. However, just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are in love with you or a good match. Everyone is different, the ones that are simpatico for you, you will be able to tell by their body language, they smile and look down at what you say and like your sense of humor. It is important to have a positive SignfromGod before getting together in a happy longterm covenant marriage. Sometimes you know they are for you from the first conversation, sometimes you can do the discernment prayer for marriage and discover what is a good match. But it is important to also know the cultural/political rules around love and have the consent of family/friends/community. In my experience politics reigns over Spirit signs, it can be a hard world. The violent undertoad of the cultural/political construct often creates mayhem. Sometimes people do what they do to survive (serial relationships, become queer, become celibate, marry someone they are not suited for . . . ) and it can lead to suffering, drug/alcohol addiction and suicide/violence/mental institutions because it is away from the Spirit. The Spirit intended people to be in happy longterm covenant marriages on a positive Sign from God.

The other cause of false gut instincts is lost or misconstrued soul colours. If people’s soul colours are not copacetic, in the same value and they clash it can cause aberrations in personality essence and violence. Also if the colours are muddy or sickly. The overall essence of people’s favourite colours will give an impression. The “problem” colours I suspect, are red, black, purple and some muddy shades of green and how these colours relate to the other favourite colours. People who like the colour blue are Spiritual and usually not a problem. People who like light colours may be more capricious, people who like dark colours may be more serious. People who have the majority of soul colours in the same value, like all dark or jewel tone soul colours are usually not a problem.

e.g. someone who likes all shades of red and black, may be a Nihilist, it may just feel right to be violent and hurt others. Combine these colours with liking purple and/or orange and the person may be capricious, without a conscience. Someone with these soul colours may be fighting negative instincts and needs to channel their energies in a positive way.

If it feels right to hurt people, it is important to remember the Holy Spirit paradigm, the basic premise of the Holy Spirit is to not hurt people. And channel your energies into release work, exercise, journaling, meditation, an arts/sports calling or a special calling for work. People who like the colour red may be great at being nurses and doctors, it takes a certain amount of nerve to give a needle or perform surgery.

Conflicting soul colours do not have to be a problem, I suspect most Starcrossed Lovers have similar or a lack of conflict between their soul colours, as they do not have an essence problem in marriage, they form a communion of peace. The basis of peace in society is personal peace in happy longterm covenant marriages.

In serious matters with gut instincts it is important to remember the Holy Spirit paradigm, children are born with a clean slate, they do not know what has gone on in their families in the past, it is not fair to blame them for the sins of their forebears or other people’s violence. With traditional family enemies, you sometimes get a feeling that you don’t like that person, there has been too much violence between your 2 families in the past. An instant feeling of dislike may also have to do with psychology, perhaps the person reminds you of someone who hurt you in the past or they are a different psych type and this makes you uncomfortable. Sometimes this feeling of dislike may have to do with past life paradigms where this person was a catalyst for harm to you or your people. It is important to just be civil but do not hurt them, do not take them into your inner circle of friends, maybe do some consciousness raising. If you perceive the person as a catalyst for harm in this lifetime, it is important to get to the truth of the matter but rape and violence are not the answer. Giving out cultural/political information, telling people about the Holy Spirit and changing people’s thoughts which change people’s actions is a positive construct for change and peace. Sometimes people are afraid of their own death and this may cause them to want to act out and hurt others so they can feel in control, feel powerful. This is an illusion. The first rule of thumb is everyone at some point will die, a transformation into another dimension. Over time you will grow into your own death, like falling back asleep. Hurting others is not the answer, most of the time the people you want to act out on are just as hurt and have suffered just as much as you. If everyone went around hurting each other, the place would be a constant war zone. Channeling violent energies into pursuits that don’t hurt others is positive, in line with the Holy Spirit and can make you feel better creating better karma. Arts callings, special callings for work, exercise and release work . . . “Nature abhors a vacuum” everyone is suited to do something.

Trusting gut instincts develops over time. When a young adult it is important to ask a lot of questions, have feedback about yourself so you have an understanding of your own psychology (get an aptitude test/I.Q. test over the Internet, sometimes for free) and have an understanding of your family/ancestors, the cultural/political rules, what it means to be you. Also, there is a Holy Spirit paradigm operating in the background based in karma, how your speech and actions affect others will in turn affect you.

The Way of Peace.



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