Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

"It is never good to create great harm for great good, it is karmic dissonance and will manifest violence."
- Collective Wisdom

"Your children are from you, they are not of you."
- Kahlil Gibran

"Your love affair is a political event."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The idea of God/the Spirit and how the enlightened consciousness appoints leaders of families, communities and countries. People who are the leaders of their family are born with an open thought head array and may receive SignsfromGod when they come of age. They are created by God/the Spirit and appointed by the Ancestors, eliminating the immediate bloodline will not prevent these leaders from being born, the phenomena will manifest in the extended family somewhere. The open-thought head array people are meant to be. It is not fair to put these child leaders in power combines with the goal of end game (suicide). A conscious society looks after everyone even the elite leaders. These children are usually of influence and born famous, this may be an immediate red flag to people in the elite, traditional family enemies and political opportunists (those looking to cause chaos). These special people need a solid family and socialization in the family rules, perhaps being trained with the help of a psychologist. It is not fair or equitable to leave these people out of the "loop" of special information that is the history of culture and for the white elite, a lock and key rote of behaviour that prevents violence. This is true for all children in the white elite, not just the community leaders. There are severe consequences for not socializing children effectively, a cult of ego system where the family controls outcomes for their children is mentally unhealthy when the goals of the family are not in-line with the natural talents and callings from God for work and love for the child. When the family has hidden agendas everyone suffers. When the Community (unofficial government) and possibly government has hidden agendas that hurt the leader child, frustrate their calling for work, manifest havoc in their personal lives that may cause them to suicide, it is time for a rethink. A cast-off child of the elite, traumatized by family members, may also be bullied by friends and neighbours in the community. Often people do not stay in touch and may actually move away when a child of the white elite is not socialized effectively. When the child is misinterpreted as an instrument of violence, they may be cast as a psychotic and put in mental institutions. Ideally another member of the family or Community would take the child in and give them a proper upbringing with the information they need. The costs to the family, the community and the society for not socializing children effectively is a grievous hurt. There may be actual harmful consequences and karmic consequences for "sins of omission" where people who do not operate effectively face the wrath of God for not protecting innocents. Everything you say and do and if you do not think or say something when you perceive something is wrong will haunt you karmically and actually, usually more than what happened to the scapegoat child. The costs of not operating effectively will be discord in your family and with others, you may lose your personal peace, the family may break down and not talk to each other, it may not be safe, people may not have children and the bloodline may be ended. The actual costs may be that you have ruined your reputation which could reflect on socialability and job prospects/business prospects. The cost to the Community is its safety and they may be out a valuable member of the society who was not effectively mentored for their role. The cost of the disabuse will also be reflected in the economy as well as the weather systems. These miscast children may have their personal lives ruined with revolving lovers when they do not have a calling for it causing karmic dissonance, violence and suicide. It is a grievous hurt not to have a happy marriage for the vast majority of people.

This cult of ego or overlord society should not exist. Ideally everyone would operate within the parameters of the Holy Spirit not hurting innocents and if something is wrong to amend it. A society that tolerates human rights abuses is not safe or sane, it is unhealthy and it is not a democracy. When people have unfulfilled callings everyone loses. A society that is in-line with the Holy Spirit where everyone follows their callings for work and love, not hurting innocents is healthy and operates effectively and happily, and in my understanding of the Holy Spirit would be one of prosperity.

Everyone has a role to play in the Society, all roles are important, the open head thought array people are the leaders, the healers, the peacemakers, the diplomats, the politicians, the teachers, the Oracles, the Artists, they are the ones who help run the society, streamline systems, invent policy, the idealogues, prevent human rights abuses, protect people and hold and pass onto the next generation of children the keys to the society. The role of passing on the history of the family, the culture, a bardic role can be assumed by anyone when they are versed. However, like any role it needs to be effectively nurtured. When these special head array people miss their callings for work and love and are bullied, raped, tortured, cast as psychotics, it is a sad commentary on the state of this society. In my opinion all children need to be in a happy family situation and fully integrated into the culture and the Community. It is not fair or equitable to sucker punch people into roles they were never meant to play and ruin their lives. If someone was meant for the role of politician or a role of leader/Artist, this is their contribution to society, it is their calling for work it is just as important as any other role and can be a grave misgiving when someone is not mentored and discerned effectively.

The world is diseased when special head array people are used as widgets in other people's security paradigm marriage configurations, a good settle in my experience is very difficult to achieve in a house configuration on a positive SignfromGod, it is also painful when they cannot determine or find education for their calling for work. And it makes the situation much worse when someone is out of the "loop" and there is no special information to determine your life path. Truly the Old Society was a drudge, a prisonhouse, and a system of organized violence where it was easy to control outcomes through a lack of information and to disabuse innocent people. There are major costs both personal and to the safety of the society for not mentoring and discerning people effectively for their work life and marriage. People cast as whores, who become karmically impure and cannot make their love lives work longterm and in covenant can suffer from addictions, loss of employment, depression, suicide, violence, become mental patients and prison house people. Their suffering in overdrive may also cast them as Oracles or economic drivers feeding other people's businesses. Never manifest great harm for great good it is karmic dissonance and presents as violence. The vast majority of people should be happily married on a positive SignfromGod for the longterm. This would create a better synergy for safety and peace. When everyone follows their callings from The Spirit the world becomes a magical place full of light and dance. Free or inexpensive birth control could keep the population down and food supplies could be kept in flux with greenhouses and planting available green spaces with food. Imagine Peace, the New Society gives positive creative solutions through the Internet and the good health and karma of The Holy Spirit Way.

In my experience the worst hopeless situations of violence, rape and depression can be healed by the Holy Spirit. By following the tenets of the Holy Spirit Way, there is a roadmap to recovery and good health. All God asks of us is to follow your calling for work, your calling for love (if you can) and to not hurt innocents. One of the main keys is to find your calling for work or an Artist's calling and offer it to the Community, a public service celebration that keeps the Community working well and keeps everyone safe. The magic of finding and practicing your calling for work will give you place and shine peace on you and everyone you know (as does a happy longterm marriage on a positive SignfromGod but in my opinion this seems to be frustrated for a majority of people due to the cultural/political oeuvre). In very conflicted situations, it helps to journal, Deep Process Work, doing release work (physical exercise and deep breathing) being in contemplation, reading, praying and being in dialogue with God/the Spirit (God forgives a true and contrite heart that goes and sins no more), and mending broken bridges at least in your heart and discerning your calling for work. The magic of the Internet Age, an inexpensive library, the ease of mass communication saves the Artist, gives them place, an easy way to make their art public and Community. The poor can find and utilize resources inexpensively, self-educate, bettering their living conditions, creating work sources and Community. The less disaffected, stressed and lonely people are with needs met the less likely there is to be violence. Crime doesn't pay. Everyone has a role to play, better mentoring and discernment and healthier and happier lives create healthy, happier and safer Communities. A more conscious society that does not have hurtful hidden agendas for innocent children or innocents of any kind is inline with the Holy Spirit and therefore better for positive outcomes. The Way of Peace.



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