Subterranean Blue Poetry
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World Message of Peace

"If you die in silence, does it make you easier to forget."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counsellor, Activist)

A personal freedom's alert. What does choice mean in this society? It is a very overconstructed society. About 1 in 3 people in N.A. are in the elite, they have someone famous in the direct line of the family. The elite white cultural rules may or may not be passed down from your family. Your family can control if you get the special information you need. You have no control over whether or not you are involved in the elite white tragedy, serious life or death games, and often you may have no idea what is happening. It is a serious game I would not have chosen to be involved in particularly one I did not know about. In my experience most people have just enough cultural information to hang themselves, I had none. Because it is a hidden paradigm, it is not examined enough in conscience and often has violent outcomes, that are ignored creating a society of human rights abuses. This hidden paradigm you are not even supposed to admit exists, it is the unexamined violence, the unexamined sin. The violence "machine" may also be connected to foreign chaos governments.

The Spirit rule is it is the Spirit of love and good not the letter of the law. In some elite white cultural families the rules may not be forgiving enough. No one wants an innocent hurt, no one wants an enemy, no one wants repercussions. In my opinion it is not alright to use the violent elite white cultural power plays against others, someone always knows, the influential relatives of the victim will set you up, you may not get the lover or job you want, you may end up in a mental institution or in the street, you may ruin your reputation. The elite white cultural rules can be like voodoo. As someone can cause violence for you and your lovers, attempting to control who you marry, namely them. Marrying or living with a psychotic is just a lousy time, it is not safe and fraught with violence.

Some of the rules are positive, like having to announce your intentions "sexual resume" at least in thoughts initiated by the man, so your lover knows if the relationship is going to end. And there is more in this vein (Please read On Love and Marriage in the New Age), any rules that prevent abuse are positive.

People were meant to have a good long life with friends and family, a society free of violence, where people are safe and happy. A society where people follow their calling for work, their calling for love and do not hurt innocents. In a real peace-time economy no one would be made scapegoat and no one would have their callings for love and work frustrated.

Love lives can be abysmal. If you have a bad intimate relationship, one that is conflicted with an essence problem and the relationship ends, if the other person was happy in the relationship they can overlord you in an elite white cultural game, try to hold onto you and make you a whore in serial relationships or enforced celibacy if you are too sensitive to have multiple relationships. And your traditional family enemies can operate and destroy your life. They can tie you up for over 20, 30 or 40 years or more and sometimes your love life does not work out.

This Satanic game is not very forgiving, it is blood sport, where the elders in your family may be murdered. A family that makes bad calls and hurts innocents destroys itself, there is fighting and distaff, people do not talk to each other, the family peace dissolves and that bloodline may end.

And when you do achieve karmic redemption and the ex-lover has killed themselves or has not achieved karmic redemption, and they have some brutal influential relatives or supporters who do not forgive, do they continue to manifest violence in your personal love relationships even when you are righteous? According to the unofficial Spirit Handbook you are free to go. If you have karmic redemption (and there are degrees of karmic redemption) you are innocent, basically they are blaming you for making a bad decision in choosing them for a lover. Usually, the person who throws the first hammer (operates first) kills themselves if the relationship is not mended, in my opinion it is not O.K. to use the elite white cultural rules in your love life. If you are suicidal because a consummated love relationship ended, there are a lot of things you can do to feel better, (World Peace Newsletter) the pain will pass over time. You have 5 chances at making a love relationship work before turning karmically impure. Better mentoring and discernment in love relationships (World Peace Newsletter) can prevent a busted relationship and possible recriminations. If no one uses the elite cultural rules, I suspect everyone would have their longterm happy marriage within 10 years. If you have not caused violence for others, you may be gifted with a longterm lover eventually.

You should not have to marry someone you do not have a positive SignfromGod with.

House configs. Usually if you have lost your first 5 chances, it did not work out with the first 5 lovers you can fall in with a "house" configuration. In my experience it is difficult to find a good settle on a positive SignfromGod in a "house" configuration.

I have trouble with the elite white cultural rules that presume violence . . . I am not comfortable in my own private living space. I cannot walk around my apartment, sleep, work, cook, clean in private without worrying about a contravention of cultural rote that could cause violence.

I have trouble with a society where people may have too much monies and influence and control outcomes for innocent people . . . hurting them. N.A. is overconstructed our lives may be planned to the last detail by other people . . . without regard for our true callings for work or love.

The white cultural rules are an abuse, assuming violence, it is not right that innocents are abused or may be killed.

I suspect people who are of elite white families who are mixed race are particularly targeted for abuse.

I have trouble with an elite white culture that even the elite may not know about.

The people of influence who plan people's "houses" for longterm marriage may not be setting them up effectively so they have multiple sexual partners become alcoholics/drug addicts, possible suicides and become economic drivers (a note from observances from 1967). So that they are rape victims, the survival instinct in overdrive being milked for their ideas.

The white cultural rules are a social control system that assumes violence. I suspect it was put in place by an evil charismatic witch and is based in Satanism (a murder cult). It was manifested and put in place 3,000 years ago in a slowtime economy without tv, radio, computers, telephone, movies or even books. Transportation consisted of horses and ships, and it was expensive and took longer to travel. Most people lived rural route on farms, which was also a certain isolation, everything was at a distance and people were bored, manifesting a violent control based cultural system that regulates actions, speech and even thoughts. Which after W.W. II may have been abrogated by foreign chaos governments with violent political agendas.

A society in the eye of God/the Spirit does not need a social control system that hurts innocents. God is an all loving consciousness that leaves a roadmap for each of us in SignsfromGod, that create peace in our marriage and tells the truth of all situations creating a happy, peaceful society without human rights abuses.

The Way of Peace.



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