Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

I had no choice over having an open head array since birth, all my thoughts are in the open, I have no inner room for thoughts, this means anyone can hear all of my thoughts in telepathy (I am also mildly brain damaged from a rough forceps delivery). It is in the Spirit supposed to make me a gift to the Community, a leader of my family, perhaps the head of a Royal House, perhaps a leader of the country and/or a world leader. I suspect the open thought head array is so that people trust you, they feel they know you and you may be consulted on personal issues, business issues, the affairs of the state and in keeping the peace.

I am an honour to the Community from The Holy Spirit and yet was severely abused for no reason. Perhaps being part Anishawabe, an intelligent creative, someone not fathered by my mother's husband, mildly brain damaged and not socialized effectively was more than most people could handle.

Instead people ride my thoughts, misinterpret me, cause violence, I was not socialized effectively, I was railroaded into mental institutions, I could not find work (I only had good work for 9 years out of 40 years), I was publicly abused, all of my love relationships broke, I was sexually assaulted and most of people I meet do not keep in touch.

Because all my thoughts are in the open I am never quite certain who is in my thoughts and what they are planning for me. Sometimes they are openly abusive, sometimes they are of a different psych type (which can be very uncomfortable), I am never certain if they are giving me security problems or planning a sexual foray. Sometimes they are friends and Muses and it is a good time.

I have real trouble with a Society that treats every young adult woman as a potential whore and makes them rape victims giving them health issues and suicidal tendencies. To think some millionaire may be "ripening" (which is really ruining) them to accept a face card double with the wife he wants. Sometimes doubles, traditional family enemies and people of influence attempt to control the "head's" love life, for blood sport, or inverted self-esteem issues, convincing themselves they are a good match and squaring off on you or when they are silent operators.

It is easier to have happy outcomes, a Starcrossed marriage or a marriage on a positive SignfromGod if you learn the elite cultural rules for your family. The first resource is your family, the teachers and elders, the schoolyard and the street are also good places to find information.

I have trouble with a society that makes people with an open head array (their thoughts are in the open) which means they are the head of their family and makes them rape victims, alcoholics, drug addicts, mental patients, casts them as schizophrenics (a false diagnosis) and publicly abuses them trying to make them suicide when they are Oracles and Sages and need to be carefully socialized, possibly with a psychologist in the background at an early age.

This special head array, a gift from God, does not fit in with the elite white cultural rules very comfortably. I suspect there are unofficial rules about being in public space, tabla rasa, people are supposed to be in their "inner rooms" not having outside thoughts in public spaces. And if they do have "outside thoughts" it is important to follow the cultural rote to prevent violence. It is important to remember your thoughts can always be heard by someone in telepathy, your thoughts are always interacting with those around you (friends and family) and are heard by and interacting with the Community. You are always in a dance with the public as a public personna. Because there can be so much conflict with the social control system (the elite white culture family rules and/or chaos government rules) which presumes violence, and this special head array is from God, it is just another reason the violence against innocents of the elite white cultural way should not exist.

I suspect the vast majority of these special head array people are Michelangelo psych types.

They have the Royalty card for work. (Psychologist, Marketing, Economist, Artist/Writer/Musician, Teacher, Chef, Politician, Librarian).

They are not the vast majority of people. They are born famous and usually very talented.

If your Starcrossed Lover is the head of an official Royal House of Europe and you are a girl, it is important to keep your virginity. You may be allowed to marry on your first love affair.

If you are not officially a "Princess" (if you are a girl) there is a limit to the type of work you can do. Because all your thoughts are in the open it is not possible to work with medical records or confidential information. Sometimes people are upset because your open thought train is disturbing in the work environment, they may inadvertently mention things in their thoughts that they want to keep hidden and/or it disturbs their workflow. Work in the public sphere like Artist, Marketing, Economist, Teacher (although I do not think it would be a good thing to have young students in your thoughts all the time), Chef, Politician, Librarian are still possibilities. If you want to be a Politician, it is important to have a good reputation, never having taken monies for sex, no criminal record and be of upstanding character. Psychologist is working with personal information, if you tell the client that you have an open head array and ask if the leaking of personal details would bother them, not that you would talk about them, but that you have open head thoughts. It is good to be effectively mentored with feedback about talents and to match with an aptitude test (psychological testing). To marry on a positive SignfromGod, have a family and work at a calling for work part-time could be very fulfilling on true callings.

An open head array in personal relationships may be difficult. Early on you learn to be diplomatic, if you think something negative, also think something positive, all the truth. I would always give my first impressions of people away in thoughts, maybe making enemies. In a love relationship, I suspect your husband always knows what you are thinking. If you are in a marriage without an essence problem with a positive SignfromGod, it may not matter too much. If being in your head is a stress, there are after all no secrets, it may be good to take down time or have separate vacations.

The vast majority of women are too sensitive to have serial sexual relationships without seriously damaging their health, with depression, suicidal tendencies and physical catacalysms (weight gain as they self-medicate with food) and possibly addictions. It can become "End Game" as traditional family enemies attempt to prevent you from having children and a husband, possibly making you suicide, and making you an economic driver, coming up with ideas for their businesses. On the other hand, suffering from too many lovers can give you survival instincts in overdrive that may make you an empath, a lay psychologist, your gut instincts become like SignsfromGod, hones your artistic skills or other work skills, sometimes you can make monies from your own business ideas, and you become a Sage and/or an Oracle.

If you have an open room head, with all thoughts in the open, the best thing you can do is become fully versed in your family rules and read The Holy Spirit Way so that you know what you are doing. To win any confront, it is not about intelligence, it is about being on the right side of God. All God asks of us is to follow your calling for work, follow your calling for love (if you can) and to not hurt innocents. One day we will be free. The Way of Peace.



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