Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

It is a quiet dark Autumn day at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The big orange pumpkins are in at the Market. I am working on a book of poetry, Prison Music for Chameleons and The Demaricon. Writing The Demaricon has spun a Chapbook, Epilogue, poetry is writing . . .

How the Thinkbox invention recreates the social economy, recreates the way we live our daily lives, recreates time, connects all like-minded people, creates business opportunities on social media, creates an oeuvre, a mood, creates freedom, creates health, communicates truth, creates safety, creates Thinkspace and ThinkPeace. Imagine.

People can live and work in the home, arranging flex schedules to be with their children, their life partner, juggling the economy of the home with work over the Internet. The center becomes the home, the priority becomes the family and friends, the home is the inside, the place of being in comfort settings that exists in tandem with the outside world through the virtual library and social media creating a place that knows you, having place is safety, a tribe. The home becomes. In the Old Economy, physically working outside in the Community, the home was a place to eat and sleep, a large empty castle on any workday, a disembodied ghost with a lot of overhead, not fully realized.

A virtual reality world streamlines the burden of the physical space, streamlines time frees you up for priorities, a calling for work, friends, if you are lucky the loved one and/or family. It means you can move and travel freely, without a lot of overhead, a computer, a cell phone, virtual books, virtual music. Unleashed creativity and the booming arts culture, given to artists, students and intellectuals, an at home library, creating background information for a communication system that can get the word out in seconds, shaping Thinkspace, mobilizing for action, saving the planet for celebration, justice and democracy. The truth reverberates throughout cyber space and holds the negligent accountable in seconds, crime doesn't pay. Thinkspace is the new reality, the new freedom creating Community of like-minded souls where the truth prevails freeing all peoples from human rights abuses giving needs met, justice and peace.

Disinformation can also occur shaping public consciousness. However, everyone has a reputation, it is a sin to mislead and give fraudulent accounts. What you say and do and what you Tweet will come back to you thrice x thrice (9 x's) and that is just in karma, affecting employment, business prospects, love, mood, if you have a hole in your pocket, peace or discord, in sync, out of sync opportunities. Communication that is truthful will bring all good things, communication that is fraudulent will bring negative outcomes.

In the Old Society thoughts, speech, action were in rote. It was a disembodied soul away from the light, too easy to mislead and withhold information for hidden agendas that may not have been inline with the callings for work and the calling for love of the individual. A blunt bag operations kit that strung people into far away, a broken place without. The broken telephone. Information sources existed in the physical world, telephone books, books, the radio, the telephone, the typewriter, the tv, the movie theatre, the entire physical information structure outside, disembodied. Through Thinkspace the world has moved inside into virtual reality, all sources amalgamated into one easy access space of Thinkbox. Recreating space and time and creativity.

The joining of the typewriter, the tv and the telephone into a construction of creation and communication, into Thinkspace. A thought becomes the world the world becomes a thought.

In the Old Economy Artists needed grants, scholarships, a rich husband/wife or at least a husband/wife with a job, as your skill as an Artist was developing, it may have been more difficult to survive the Industrialized Economy. What creative could have survived a factory job? The bright lights and mind numbing noise of the machine, in rote, repetitive actions that left one alone with one's thoughts on an 8 hour shift, in mind numbing boredom, day after day, the prisoner. All the jobs in the umbrella of jobs for psych type Artist (marketing, publishing, chef, teacher politician, economist, librarian) existed but you needed an aptitude test from a psychologist/counselor which cost monies to help discern your calling. Also, most work was full-time, it was more difficult to find part-time work in the first part of the 1900's, which usually didn't pay enough, if you wanted to attempt to sustain yourself, keeping the bills paid and creating art.

In the New Economy the Artist can find an aptitude test on the Internet, sometimes for free. If you cannot find part-time work in the Service Economy you can work your way onto the Internet selling goods and/or services, the jobs associated with the ThinkBox, software writing, WebSite development, writing social media ads, blogging. A minimum base-line salary from the government, would go a long way to supporting Artists (or anyone) as they develop and offer their true calling for work, giving the stability of food and shelter and bills paid in the Transition Economy.

ThinkBox frees the Artist in everyone to create. To walk through a virtual museum, watch videos, experience music and books and poetry from the center of the world. Look up local arts events, soak in the experiences of others, to begin and walk the journey of art. Using software for arts creation and public performance. Education is no longer a physical place far away, it is Thinkspace. Easily and inexpensively accessed through ThinkBox it gives an education and frees the reality of creation. Arts creation becomes streamlined, a picture, a word, a sound in a box that travels to the world and home.

Thinkspace frees people from around the world to understand each other, those of different cultures, different languages meet in art forums, social media, become supportive of needs met, an idea of mentoring and discernment for love and life, an idea of God and the Holy Spirit, galvanize thoughts into speech and action, when enough people think the same way things change. So, we sit at the virtual café with a coffee under a banyan tree, celebrating the new day.

The Way of Peace.



Subterranean Blue Poetry

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