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World Message of Peace

"Autumn, soon the trees bare dressed alone again in grey sky grey winter . . . awaiting spring."

It is a quiet morning rise at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The pumpkins are in down at the Market, rows and rows piled high. I am working on the November 2019 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry. The Demaricon is finally writing after years of sitting on the shelf, as well as the book of poetry, Prison Music for Chameleons. Poetry is writing . . .

Rethinking Soap

Most soap is in liquid form in plastic bottles, shampoo, hand soap, laundry soap and household cleaners. These plastic bottle containers are a huge stress on the environment, sometimes they aren't recycled and may take years to bioderade in landfill sites, if at all.

Handwashing Soap

The old bars of soap before liquid soap are a great idea, minimal or no packaging. What I did not like about this soap is that it would congeal, you would keep it in a small plastic container, water would get in and it would be a liquifying mess. What might be a good idea is small ceramic tiles (about 4" x 4") without sides and you could keep the soap dry between uses. Also, it might be an idea if they could recreate hand soap so that it would not dissolve so easily, so it would be more dry.

Another idea is to have the handwashing soap as a pill that you mix with water in a reusable pump bottle.


A bar of soap not unlike Handwashing Soap could be a good idea. The ingredients off the hard bar soap could be conducive to good hair care. It could also be kept on a tile so that it would not congeal.

Another idea is to have the shampoo as a pill that you mix with water in a reusable bottle.

Laundry Soap

Laundry soap coul be like Oxydol (dry soap "pills") but in small hard unwrapped dry squares in rows in a medium-sized cardbboard box. The squares would not have to be wrapped, just in rows, fitting into the square shape of the box. Just place a couple of small squares of soap into each load of laundry.

A new exciting Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Product I have seen an ad for is TruEarth - a small strip you peel off and put in the load of laundry. I have not tried this but may @

Dish Soap

Dish soap could also be small hard unwrapped squares in rows in a cardboard box, like the laundry soap but conducive to washing dishes. You just place one or two small squares into the sink for dish washing.

Another idea is to have the dish soap as a pill that you mix with water in a reusable bottle.

Household Cleaners

Household Cleaners could be small squares (rows in a box like the Laundry Soap annd Dishsoap) you take one from the box and put it in water in a reusable spray bottle or in a bucket/sink of water. Because there are different kinds of cleaners, you could have floor cleaner, fabric cleaner, all-purpose cleaner etc. the ingredients biodegradable and suitable for their application.

I have seen ads for a household cleaning product that is a small pill that you add to water in a reusable spray bottle. Two companies that provide this product are Blueland and Dazz

These small dry squares could be biodegradable so they would not cause harm to the enviornment. And they would be conducive to their cleaning application. A box of squares could have 3 or 4 columns and maybe 10+ squares across, the top corner column could be absent so each square could be easily removed by hand, saving frustration. The square cardboard box they come in could be recycled. And the small pills could be packaged in a strip. There would be no endless plastic bottles to put in the landfill or to recycle. The Way of Peace.



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