Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

World Message of Peace

It is quiet shadowed Summer evening at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am about to begin work on Marula II, a poetry anthology for Michael Ellis. Subterranean Blue Poetry is in the can for September 2019 with 2 Book Reviews for above/ground press, Seventeen Summers by Cole Swensen and COLLECTIONS-14 by Kyle Kinaschuk. Poetry is writing . . .

"the sound of silence"
- from The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

"all things are given,
you cannot take anything"
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

"be careful what you wish for
you just may get it. or not."
- Collective Wisdom

"We are not free, this country."
- from Passengers and Scripts by Rebecca Anne Banks

"This is not a democracy."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The Industrial Society as it morphs into the New Age is in transition. The Old Society was very over constructed and ruined its children with severe consequences. This society was very expensive, I suspect somewhere a denizen/s thinks that the grand tragedy of depression, mental illness, addictions, serial rape, street people, broken families, suicide, violence, murder, and a debt-ridden war economy is not a problem and is par for the course. This system caused great suffering and violence. The costs of a system where people are not properly socialized in the cultural way and The Holy Spirit Way or are partially socialized just enough to operate and wind up eventually hanging themselves, committing suicide on unrighteous calls. Paying for an action/speech that probably took under 10 seconds to commit, the full consequences to the perpetrator not manifesting fully until after 20 years +. Child operators are a problem, they do not understand what they are doing, they may be followed by schizophrenics and it is an excuse to manipulate the child's bed rite for sex, for elite security paradigms, so traditional family enemies can ensure they do not have a lover or a family of their own or work opportunities and for sport. The child is basically an innocent and will usually win in karmic redemption over the long term (20 years plus or when they are around 50 years old or older).

There is a "cult of ego" cultural way operating which is like absurdist theater where power paradigms battle against the rights of the individual. It is the rights of the individual vs. the rights of your neighbour, vs. the rights of the corporation vs. the rights of your ex-lover, vs. the rights of chaos Inc. All held in place by violence, the unofficial government, the police and the psychiatric system. Where do the rights of the individual begin and end? Often when people, particularly women, are not socialized effectively they are trapped by men for sexual relationships that are not suitable, forcing them to be in serial sexual relationships making them rape victims. This can also happen to men but can be worse for women because they are usually more sensitive and suffer badly. This is entrapment. Where seemingly innocuous actions or speech can have huge ramifications often never understood or intended. The horrific suffering and consequences can play out over 20, 30 or 40 years +. Interfering with people's callings from God for love and work is a sin. To keep someone you don't like, for whatever reason, from the life God meant for them and to ruin their personal life, their work life, all you have to do is control for special information to them, from their family and in the community. According to old adages only the smart and favourited are supposed to procreate, but the innocent victim cannot control if others are giving them the special information they need to fulfill their callings. The Old World system is supposed to be an honour system, people tell the truth, fulfill their commitments, be trusted by the Community because it is not possible to lie, the elders can discern when someone is lying and the truth will eventually become apparent in SignsfromGod, someone always knows. However, the Old World system may not be forgiving, it should be O.K. to make a mistake in your love life but often broken relationships can turn into costly plays on time (often 20 + years). The Old Society system is an abuse and infinitely fallible.

The abusive psychiatric system, rather than helping people in wholistic ways with insight therapy, meditation, release work, information, prescribes hard psychotropic medication, that may deteriorate their physical health over time. (It is a highly orchestrated society where key information, The Holy Spirit Way, the cultural way may be hidden so the person's bed may be manipulated for sport. And often special information is withheld by the psychiatrist.) And it seems impossible to go off these drugs because I suspect there is a power paradigm in place that keeps people on them. It is a blame the victim rote keeping the pharmaceutical companies bottom line in place. The psychiatric system is largely political ascription for unsocialized people or people who abuse the cultural way, are foreign chaos agents or who have too many lovers (because they are cursed and/or do not understand the Holy Spirit Way) and are rape victims.

The old cultural way, the initial violence should never connect, and over long term, great suffering and righteousness is championed by The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit creates peace and justice, it is a karmic balancing for good and karmic redemption. The cultural way was born of a different time, of the agricultural society, a slow time economy where everything was at a distance and people were bored which may have caused them to regulate, thoughts, speech, actions in a social control economy. Possibly so that people would have to marry who was conscripted for them, all marriages were arranged until 1800. People traveled by horse and ship, traveling was expensive, there was no radio, tv or Internet, communication was more difficult, because of this it was a disembodied cultural way, people were not known to each other, it was easier for violence. This social control economy is basically chaos and presumes schizophrenia. Children are not responsible for other people's actions. It is not a righteous system because the initial violence is against The 10 Commandments and is a form of Satanism. The New Age world has evolved through inventions into a very connected see and be seen global peace space. Communication and travel has improved 10-fold. Communication has evolved through the printing press, radio, telephone, movies, tv and now the penultimate in communication the Internet. Travel is more convenient, it is easy to get on a bus, take a plane, train or ship. Tragedy was too easy in the Old Economy; it was too easy to be ruined and be in a place of violence. Karmic redemption in SignsfromGod for following an Arts Calling, a special calling for work (usually saving lives) should be honoured. It is not righteous to carry arguments beyond the grave or to seek revenge against someone who is proven innocent through karmic redemption.

The Old Society way may also have been infiltrated by chaos governments. Interfering with people's callings from God for love and work is a sin. The answer is better mentoring and discernment for work and love and to stop negative cultural practice. The vast majority of people should be happily married to a Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod by the time they are 25 years old for long term. Despite not having a steady income, being on welfare or having been ruined by a cultural way that is not in line with the Holy Spirit. Children are not responsible for not being instructed effectively, the designs of other people or the actions of other people.

Life is a gift. Life is a dance. It is meant to be lived following your callings from God for love and work and in concert with a righteous and caring Community. It is important to be effectively mentored and discerned for life, love and work. It is not O.K. to plan the lives of innocents away from their special callings from God, it is not O.K. to commit violence against innocents. Often people do not know what they are doing in their love lives (please see World Peace Newsletter: "How to discern the perfect love life" Christmas Special, 2011). A society that is in-line with The Holy Spirit where people follow their SignsfromGod for marriage and work is a prosperous, peaceful, safe and happy World Community. The Way of Peace.



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