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World Message of Peace

It is quiet Summer evening, Tango Blue is out and about in front of the big window @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We have just finished publishing Dear Oprah for Michael Ellis and are expecting to work on Marula II Anthology soon. I am attending a "Post Colonial" Poetry Reading at Saint Henri Parc mid-August 2019. I am working on writing The Demaricon . . .

Trespass: the dialogue between men and women

Trespass is a constant issue in this society. Men and women think differently about love. Love is not a military exercise, either that special love exists or it doesn't. Love is irraidement, it is of the light, it is not about the darkness of violence against innocents, it cannot be forced. The dialogue between men and women aches. People often get caught in unhappy marriages with essence problems or in happy marriages that can't last or some variation of broken covenant. It is possible to be too broken, fueling violence, health issues, addictions, suicide and murder, the war machine and the debt-ridden war economy. They are making people soldiers. Marriage is a sacrament, on a positive SignfromGod, until death do us part. Marriage is the cornerstone of personal peace and peace in the Community. There are Holy Spirit and political/cultural rules around marriage. It is not fair to corner someone and expect them to show up, the cultural/political way is antiquated, too easy to use and causes chaos. It is important to make certain you are on the same page and it is not o.k. to corner someone and expect them to show up, this is the cult of ego and causes chaos. There are severe consequences for this. If you are interested in dating someone ask them out, if they say “no” they are not interested, you may ask for reasons and a dialogue may ensue in which you are enlightened. (i.e. we are not enough alike, I am seeing someone else or some version of this). If you are still interested, ask again in 6 months or 5 years later. In the meantime work on finding someone who says yes. (see World Peace Newsletter, St. Valentine’s Day Special, 2011) Longterm happy covenant marriage is rocket science, the best choice is your Starcrossed Lover on a SignfromGod (or someone on a positive SignfromGod with soul/favourite colours that do not clash with yours, they do not love a colour, you hate and vice versa). In general an accountant (and anyone in this umbrella of jobs) goes with a lawyer (and anyone in this umbrella of jobs) and a Michelangelo/Poet (and anyone in this umbrella of jobs) goes with a Poet/Michelangelo (see World Peace Newsletter, Christmas 2011).

It is not O.K. to cause violence to innocents, spreading lies/slander, causing rape, murder, beating on someone physically and/or emotionally so that they acquiesce to marry you. It is not O.K. to force people to be alone in celibacy, or to be whores in serial sexual relationships when God has provided a Starcrossed Lover or a more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod for longterm happy covenant and sometimes more than one, when only one is needed. People with hidden agendas who are too attached to outcomes are committing the sin of grasping, it is O.K. to have a plan but the object of your desire does not have to show up if they don’t want to. The world is overconstructed, it is important to be well educated, to know who you are and what it means to be you. All you need is effective discernment and mentoring information to determine a good marriage partner for a happy, longterm, covenant marriage.

Never be on the wrong side of an argument.

In this society because of the Holy Spirit paradigm, the Community of Saints/Elders/Oracles the truth of all bad situations comes to light eventually. It is not possible to lie or commit violence without someone knowing, if you want to do something you want no one to know about, remember everyone already knows. So all perpetrators of violence come to light and then the Community operates to bring the person to justice, by shunning, conscience raising, shaming and in time this person depending upon the severity of crimes is brought to the attention of law enforcement, brought to the attention of clergy, brought to the attention of the psychiatrist, or may eventually be reinstated in good standing, all on SignsfromGod. The Scarlet Letter is an example of universal truth, in this novel a woman makes love to a priest, becomes pregnant and has his child, the Community is outraged and shun her, she does good works for about 20 years and becomes a shining light in the Community, and people eventually accept her back into the Community. Contravention of the 10 Commandments, going against the Holy Spirit Way, the Community of Saints by hurting innocents is grave suffering. Sometimes someone who has committed violent crimes if not brought to justice will kill themselves, it helps to confess and make a clean breast of it with the authorities. Manifesting bad karma by hurting innocents with come back to the perpetrator 9 times and cause suicidal tendencies. A society based in SignsfromGod is righteous, there should be no initial trespass or violence, everyone should be effectively mentored and discerned for their calling for work and their calling for love with knowledge of cultural ways and The Holy Spirit Way. If you have a strong drive to do something, an arts calling, a sports calling, a need to travel, or need an essential item like a computer or guitar you should have it. It is possible to network over the Internet, raise funds over the Internet and shop the secondhand market if the item is too expensive.

No callings from God should be frustrated and everyone should be safe and free of violence. Part of this vision is to tell the truth at all times, never lie to yourself, never lie to anyone else and if you are suffering or considering a plan of action to talk about it with an Elder/Friend/Oracle and get feedback.(The elders/Oracles can tell when you are lying). If your thinking/speech/action is not in line with the Holy Spirit your speech and actions will not be righteous. If your plan of action is not righteous it is karmic dissonance, and will manifest violence and suffering for you and others. This sets up a paradigm where you will be in escrow, coming to the attention of the authorities, if you are on the wrong side of God you are on the wrong side of the Community. A good example of universal truth from literature is the story of Les Miserables, because the police officer who has been hounding Jean Val Jean over a stolen loaf of bread for years, realizes his mission was not righteous and he jumps off a bridge.

All thought, speech, and actions should be in line with the Holy Spirit, beware the Seven Deadly Sins (greed, envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust and pride). God and the Holy Spirit are not about violence, the Godhead is about love, forgiveness and peace. The dialogue between men and women deserves a rethink, because there was so much strife between men and women in the last century with the misuse of the cultural/political way, a misuse of power, people began to consider becoming queer. In my experience the vast majority of people are not queer, in my experience SignsfromGod for a lover are always of the opposite sex. Having a happy lover is a yin/yang phenomena. It is important to get your longterm covenant marriage to work in the first five opposite sex partners, so you are karmically pure and not suffering too badly. There are also other Holy Spirit paradigm rules. There are too many people without a longterm covenant marriage who are karmically impure, it is causing violence and a debt ridden war economy. The vast majority of the population should be in happy longterm covenant marriages as God intended, a happy marriage is the basis of prosperity, personal peace, a peaceful Community and a peaceful world. The Way of Peace.



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