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In the cold green of the beginning of Summer the white and purple star lilacs are in bloom at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am working on the Editing of Dear Oprah by Michael Ellis, a Chapbook is coming by Melanie Flores, a Book Review for Adrian Ernesto Cepeda and a series of Book Reviews for Emily Bilman at Subterranean Blue Poetry. Sleep the Winter Moon, a book of poetry, has finished writing and the novel The Demaricon is beginning to take shape. Poetry is writing . . .

Early pagan religion or Wicca is basically a procreation religious force that celebrates the Seasons, the growth of crops, the harvest and the creation of children. However, it is my theory that this benign religion was corrupted by one or more charismatic witches who introduced human sacrafice and so paganism turned into Satanism (my theory is based in research, psychic impressions of past lives and dreams). I suspect it began with infants who had the colic, Hecate would introduce clandestine ceremonies where these children were executed. As people in the village began to take note that infants were missing, and rumors spread, Hecate’s sister suggested they make it a game with the children, and if they were caught out, an elder in their family was murdered, rather than picking on the infants. Because Hecate and her accomplices died so bravely, they were burned at the stake or hung, others swore to keep the “game” ongoing. And an entire corollory developed with applications to dating and marriage rites and with various variations on a theme for different elite families throughout Europe. I suspect Satanism is the basis of elite white cultural rules. This system becomes complicated when certain “rules” conflict with the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and the “10 Commandments”. When the Old World system is inline with the Holy Spirit based in SignsfromGod it is sacrosanct, but it feeds a cult of ego mentality, there should be no initial violence and it takes a long time for the truth to unfold with grave emotional violence and sometimes actual violence. To be on the wrong side of an argument often means suicide. Innocents should never be hurt according to the Holy Spirit and yet this may sometimes occur to elders, creating violence, chaos and a lack of safety, a society away from God. Arguments over bed rites, violence from traditional family enemies, improper socialization because parents are working, and chaos operators has escalated the underground violence in the Western World. This old world system may have been infiltrated by "green" and chaos operators, presumes violence and should be an artefact in a museum. Because people may be in situations where they take serial lovers, or are celibate or unhappily married because they are cursed, this can contribute to violence. According to the Holy Spirit Way we should all be married in happy longterm covenant marriages to a Starcrossed Lover or a more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod while still karmically pure. Ideally, no argument should devolve into a lower cut, to use such a system negatively affects your sanity (causing violence and suicide), your karma and your reputation. If someone in the Community is out of control and murdering innocents there will be SignsfromGod, the person could be outed and ostracized, brought into the light of the Holy Spirit through instruction and brought to the attention of the authorities.

There is no known record of when these “games” commenced, but I suspect it was after the Peloponnesian War (B.C.) Perhaps at different times throughout history these “games” became out of control and were one of the multiple social and political drivers behind the persecution of witches. When people were tried as witches someone of the pagan religion, it means they may have been suspected of human sacrifice of an innocent. The painful torture of the witches I theorize was an attempt to discover the truth of the matter. After a period of torture, if the Holy Spirit sent signs not to torture the “witch” they were considered innocent and turned free (it means they are a Saint). If the Holy Spirit sign did not come down they were considered guilty and then put to death. This is a very fine line, the point was to injure the person enough without causing death so that the SignsfromGod would appear. Nany "witches" when being tortured bled to death.

The Witch Trials occurred from 1478 to 1693: the Spanish Inquisition (1478) was an attempt to consolidate the Catholic Church in Spain and all Jews and Muslims accused of not practicing Catholicism were made suspect. The Portuguese Inquisition (1536) was a consolidation of the Catholic Church against Judaism and the Roman Inquisition (1542) was against the spread of Protestantism. There were also the Scottish North Berwick witch trials (1590 – 1592), the Swedish Torsaker witch trials (1675), 4 witch trials in Germany (1581 – 1593), (1603 – 1606), (1626 – 1631), (1692 – 1693) and the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts (1692 – 1693). It is estimated 40,000 to 60,000 suspected witches were put to death in total.

There may have been a mass hysteria that was contributed to by a number of factors. The plague was rampant from 1348 – 1350, a very quick and vicious disease that killed mass amounts of people. The threat of this disease returning was a stress factor. There were fears fed about the destruction of Christianity and the threat of Satanism with the suspected murder of innocents. Plus the everyday insecurities over food and shelter and eventual death. And there may have been other societal factors.

A high percentage of women (75% - 85%) were murdered as witches. Gunnar Heinsohm and Otto Steiger theorize the witch hunts targeted women skilled in midwifery and knowledge about birth control in an attempt to encourage a repopulation of Europe after the Black Death (the plague). This writer theorizes that in a highly constructed society with arranged marriages, it may have been a way for the male patriarchy to castigate women because their marriages were unhappy. Thereby freeing the man up for a better choice of marriage partner.

Manifesting a scapegoat is a vent that takes the communal mind off its problems. The fear instilled from the Witch Trials keeps people in-line with the authorities and their families and peoples plans for them. Being cast as a “witch” I suspect was a Community cat-call, that caused the person to be alienated and abused. Perhaps other arguments about marriage rites, business prospects, arguments about monies could cause someone attempting to get the upper hand to call someone out as a “witch”, thereby ruining their reputation. And in a very slow time world, going to the public executions was a past-time.

The journey of the Artist or someone with a special calling for work is sometimes the result of having too many lovers or having been cursed. Like the torture of witches, the karmic impurity and the broken bed rite manifests extreme suffering. Over a long period of time (20 years or more) it is possible for the Artist to be karmically redeemed on a SignfromGod. It is also a way of proving their degree of righteousness or innocence in pagan matters. The Artist`s calling or special calling for work is in and of itself very healing and is an important contribution to the Community, saving lives, contributing to truthtelling, an information font, the worship of God, creating mythologies, contributing to the economy, providing entertainment and providing an Oracle/leader for the Community.

The world is overconstructed. This pagan liturgy as the background social construct may be about 3 thousand years old and was manifest from a completely different time period when it was largely a rural society, a slow time economy, with people at a distance. The truth always becomes apparent in SignsfromGod (which is a good thing) and it is a culture of signs and symbols, but it should not assume violence and any initial violence should never occur. Also, with both parents working and out of the house in the Industrialized Economy, children may not have been raised with effective socialization. Because of the subtle nature of the “game” it may have been infiltrated by chaos operators in the postmodern world. A hidden agenda and cult of ego society that overlords people and makes them suffer as economic drivers is not healthy. A society in which a majority of people are karmically impure or not with their Starcrossed lover or more suited lover on a SignfromGod manifests a broken and violent debt-ridden war economy. A society of sexual blasphemy, away from the Holy Spirit Way (God’s construct for peace) may be contributing to erratic weather systems Re: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gamorah, Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. My theory is an inline/online economy could be created through the vast majority of the population in happy longterm covenant marriages on a positive SignfromGod. All God asks of us is to follow your calling for work, follow your calling for love and not hurt innocents. The basics of the Holy Spirit Way are very simple, the world does not have to be overconstructed, violent and suffering. To break peace with the Holy Spirit Way, the Spirit of Good, the Community of Saints is grave suffering. Hurting innocents manifests insanity and bad karma, affecting your reputation and bringing arguments, people walking away, an emotional landscape of depression and paranoia, feeling suicidal, your bottom line will be out and your monies won’t stick with you. We are all the same under God, it is important to have empathy for each other, you would not like to be the victim of violence so do not cause violence to someone else. Better mentoring and discernment in marriage, an education campaign in cultural/political and Holy Spirit rules, would better shift the world into a place of karmic purity, love and peace. The Way of Peace,



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