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It is quiet as the trees bloom in Spring green at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are working on the June 2019 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry and Book Reviews for Emily Bilman and Gregg Dotoli. We will be launching Everblue Soul by Gregg Dotoli this month and Michael Ellis has sent the .docx for Dear Oprah, a much celebrated and anticipated offering. Poetry is writing . . . Stay Tuned . . .

"Lua (Olivia) is the fifth star of pornographic films to die in the past three months - the second in eight days. At least one of those deaths was ruled a suicide, while substance abuse appears to have been factors in the deadly downward spirals of three other women, including Olivia Lua, as well as Olivia Nova on January 10th."
- from "Fifth young porn star dies: drugs, despair, suicide factors in deaths" by Martha Ross, Bay Area News, The Mercury News (January 22nd, 2018/Updated February 16th, 2018)

"If it hurts don't do it."
- Collective Wisdom

Someone once said, "No self-respecting woman would be a sex worker or a dyke, it is like foreign territory" that being said sometimes people may feel they don't have a lot of choices but when well-informed they really do. Often women/men may not be effectively discerned for life, their love lives or for their work life, (see World Peace Newsletters: Noel/Christmas 2011 and mid-Septembre/September 2016) they may not have cultural knowledge based in their family lineage and the society or an idea of the Holy Spirit Way. Sometimes someone is looking for them in their bed, someone squares off on you (and you may or may not know it) or someone has plans, one of your parents wants you at home with them to look after them in their old age or some variation of this, it is called hidden agendas.

Unofficially there is something where a woman is systematically broken in their love life through multiple lovers so that they accept whoever is appointed as their final bed. What the men who plan this abusive rite don't understand is that the more a sensitive woman is abused in serial sexual relationships the less likely she is to accept the final offering, sensitive women may just fold up and go away. (It may help if the bed rite is effectively discerned with a positive SignfromGod). Sex trade work is not for the vast majority of women, they are just too sensitive and it is a violation of the Holy Spirit (if God had wanted us to be whores he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover for longterm happy covenant and there would not be so much depression and suicidal tendencies associated with a broken love affair). The vast majority of people were meant to be happily married to their Starcrossed Lover or a more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod for the longterm. In my guesstimation only about 3 out of 100 women could be a sex trade worker without severe complications of abuse, depression, addictions and possibly suicide. If you are a very practical person and not too sensitive you may be suited but it is rare, get feedback from reliables, there is an empathic sign when someone is suited, the elders know. Tragedy is too easy, it is too easy for women to be ruined, in general they are vulnerable and need to know what they are doing in their love lives so they do not become too broken.

Working girls - To be in line with the Holy Spirit. All sexual liasons are supposed to be true love affairs, ideally for large gifts. If monies is exchanged it is best to put towards basic needs, like rent or housing and food. If you are suited to being a sex trade worker, it is best to be very well paid, perhaps work out of a hotel or agency. Because the affair cannot last it is a broken covenant which is against the Holy Spirit causing karmic dissonance and suffering often reflected in the violence of depression, addictions and suicide, there is a certain negative karma to taking monies for sex. It is not worth compromising your values or special callings, that is what the social safety net is for, if you can't find work and are on welfare, you can get to the Food Bank, Soup Kitchens, shop the secondhand markets, Dollar Stores, Value Village, Salvation Army, Thrift Stores, Internet deals while you establish yourself in your true calling. And in the Internet Age if you cannot find traditional work, it is possible to work into your calling over the Internet by opening your own business and for not too much monies.

You have the possibility of 5 intimate relationships before turning karmically impure. You may turn karmically impure for taking monies for sex, it is like being Judas, a certain bad karma because when the sexual liaison is over, people may suicide. It is possible to turn karmically pure again and it takes about 20 years. I suspect it is easier to have a peaceful longterm intimate relationship when you are karmically pure and very well suited on a SignfromGod. It is best to get feedback from reliables (school teachers, elders) about your skills and talents, and to take an Aptitude Test, like an I.Q. test, sometimes free over the Internet to determine your calling for work. Know thyself, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, people often have hidden talents, you do not know what you are capable of until you attempt new learning and for example actually pick up a pen and apply to the paper, as in art. All skills take time, study and application to develop.

After W.W. II there may have been an experiment with the economy where the vast majority of people were sexually broken without a clear idea of outcomes. What happened was a very broken society, with violence, suicide, murder, dislocated social scene, addictions, street people, queers, a debt-ridden war economy producing economic drivers to spike the creation of monies. Causing great harm for great good is karmic dissonance and causes violence. The West has an incredible Zen and sorrow. The Old Economy is fueled by the unofficial government, a broken cultural way of violence based in Satanism that may have been infiltrated by chaos government.

A real economy, the New Economy, values and respects everyone's callings from the Holy Spirit for love and work, when the vast majority of people are happily married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover by 25 years and contributing their calling for work to the economy the post-modern society becomes magical. Because everyone is in-line with the Holy Spirit, this is pure positive energy, there is no karmic dissonance (major suffering/violence) and therefore less violence and this natural good karma creates prosperity.

The Way of Peace.



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