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"For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life."
- William Blake (Poet/Artist)

"There are no aethiests in fox holes."
- Collective Wisdom

"By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision to include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path towards a spiritual life."
- Thomas More (Philosopher, Author, Lawyer, Statesman, Humanist)

“Everything you say and do comes back to you karmically, thrice x's thrice.”
- Old Wiccan Proverb

“Whatever is wrong, the Holy Spirit will set right.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“There are Spirit rules or rules of Karma. There is a karmic balancing for justice and karmic redemption. Signs from God are subtle in visualizations and empathic occurrences.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“I suspect Spirit Rules or Signs from God are not to be described verbally or you could lose your grace, like naming God (something sacred).”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on The Way of the Spirit (the religious mysteries or the spiritual rules) . . . This Spiritual knowledge is essential to your well-being and the key to survival in any Community, promoting personal peace and peace in the world. Signs from God exist for everyone, helping keep people karmically pure and in the most happy covenant marriage. They also will tell the truth about any situation.

A response to Existentialism and Nihilism.

In these philosophies, emphasis is on the personal journey and discovery of God and his karmic mysteries by each individual.

Signs from God, the Spiritual Mysteries and the Karmic balancing of justice in the world exists.

Rather than each individual stumbling upon this knowledge himself, usually after great tragedy and suffering, why not present a teaching guideline of Karmic Principal? If no one instructs you in the Ways of the Spirit how are you to know? particularly when such foreknowledge could help you create a covenant marriage on Signs from God (giving great peace personally, to the Community, to families, to countries and peace to the world). Also, Signs from God tell the truth of situations promoting justice and peace in the Community.

Signs from God are ecumenical - they go beyond religion and are the basis of spiritual karmic happenstance for all peoples of the world. Signs from God are subtle, occur in visualizations and empathic signs. Signs from God are guidance that is based in unequivocal all knowing truth:

- Signs from God are there to tell you something

- Signs from God help keep peace in love relationships

- Signs from God tell you who to marry

- Signs from God help keep the peace in the Community

- Signs from God help prevent injustice and suffering

- Signs from God will warn you of life threatening situations

- Signs from God discern the truth of serious matters

Signs from God occur for everyone on key life events (meeting your star-crossed lover, turning karmically impure after too many lovers, karmic redemption after a lifetime of arts calling or public service . . . ) and may occur to Village elders to help keep peace in the Community. The Oracle/Village elder can be anyone pure in the spirit that God has called on, everyone has a reputation, after awhile you get to know who is trustworthy, the Oracle can tell when you lie, they are almost always in a state of grace, other people know them, they always tell the truth, it is a Community of Saints.

The life passage signs from God occur for everyone - knowing what being in a state of grace is, meeting a Starcrossed Lover, turning karmically impure after 5 lovers, turning karmically pure after a lifetime of an arts calling or a calling for work after having too many lovers, the pining prayer (to relieve the emotional pain if a lover leaves you), the discernment prayer for finding a suitable lover (if you cannot have your Starcrossed Lover) etc. there are more than 15 Religious Mysteries that I know of and I am discovering more all the time, it is like the unwritten language of the Holy Spirit. They are subtle, but by being attuned and realizing them will keep you on the right side of God and the right side of the Community creating peace and the way of least harm. I suspect Signs from God are not to be described in speech, it is tabu like naming God because it is sacred knowledge, I mention them in passing but do not describe them, verbally, I suspect if you describe them verbally you may lose your grace and cause negative karma. It is O.K. to find a trusted Religious/Oracle/Village Elder to describe them for you telepathically. In a good Community you just have to ask in telepathy and someone will come on your line and tell you what the Sign means. Signs from God are good magic from the Holy Spirit, like children’s fairytales the world does exist in the realm of karma and wonder, in dialogue with the Creator.

Suffering (too many lovers, physical/emotional trauma, injustice . . . ) in my experience is the basis for getting ad hoc signs from God (this and being pure in the Spirit, not harming others, practicing an arts calling/a calling for work, a ritual of prayer). One is usually an elder in the Community for this to occur, there may have been an argument within the Community and God is supporting this person. When someone doesn't support them or is mean to them the Holy Spirit will send a negative empathic sign. If you ask the Holy Spirit for a sign to discern the truth of a serious situation through the "Oracle" you may get an indication telepathically if you are pure in Spirit. You may also get a Sign through the "Oracle" about your selection of marriage partner.

Consult the Oracle(s)/Village elders in your town/city/village on all serious matters before taking action (even if just telepathically). It is important to understand the truth of a situation so that innocents are not made scapegoat. When the Spirit of the 10 Commandments are broken and someone is hurt there is karmic dissonance. Someone usually always knows what you've done and God always knows. When innocents are made scapegoat, the suffering creates karmic dissonance that is reflected back on the trespasser and the society. Needless suffering - being beaten on, losing employment, missing your calling for work, losing a lover/husband, becoming a rape victim because of serial lovers, becoming a whore because of serial lovers, turning karmically impure (because of too many lovers), not having children when you had a calling to have them, being physically hurt, being emotionally hurt so badly they become a drug addict or alcoholic, being emotionally hurt so badly they suicide or murder someone. Making innocent people scapegoat makes the Community unsafe and compromises democracy. It creates economic drivers, violence, debt and war.

The Religious Mysteries may be at the heart of the Catholic Church and Wicca - The Mystery Religion. But I suspect Signs from God are somehow not common knowledge, I was not aware of them until middle age. It may help to find a mentor for your education. I suspect the Spiritual Mysteries may have been lost with the move off the land to the cities with Industrialization or may have been forbidden in an experiment with people’s love lives and the economy. Not knowing the Spiritual Mysteries, not understanding them or not believing them may lead to having too many lovers and becoming an economic driver with all the violence this creates and/or to a miscarriage of justice compromising safety in the Community. The Spiritual Mysteries or Signs from God are there to keep you safe and prevent you from needless suffering.

The majority of the Spiritual Mysteries are there to aid you in finding peace in your personal life, the covenant well-suited marriage the cornerstone of Community and the importance of a happy family that keeps each other safe and creates safety in the Community. Safety is created when all members of the family are socialized in the culture (the rules of protocol) and the Way of the Spirit, when the elders in the family provide information on family feuds and traditional family enemies (so that you can avoid a possible broken marriage vow) and the history of the family giving roots and helping the children understand themselves (who they are, their nature, their favourite colours, suitability for job occupation etc.), passing on the traditional family cultural skills (quilting, knitting, woodworking, cooking, house cleaning, shopping etc.) So that the children can not only survive in the Community but can grow and prosper having families of their own.

Picture this a country of interconnected Communities in which there are few single people over the age of 18. Everyone is karmically pure and married to their Starcrossed Lover, living happily with children if they have a calling for them. Everyone is acculturated in the culture and the Spiritual Mysteries and the entire Community helps in socialization as well as the matching up of Starcrossed Lover/most suited lover by telling the person what the sign of a Starcrossed Lover means (telepathically because I suspect there are rules about naming sacred knowledge) or by helping them find a more suited lover. (It is not a good idea to settle in your married life until 25 years old, giving you a chance to meet your Starcrossed Lover.) The minority of people without a Starcrossed Lover networks through friends, relatives and the Internet to find someone or lives out their life’s destiny according to their calling. Some may want to travel or take education before settling down. Getting to know yourself (if you are from a conflicted emotional background you may need to do some release work and insight counseling to have a happy marriage) and getting to know your Starcrossed Lover is a journey.

This Community is safe without violence, less pedophiles, less suicides, less murderers, less mental patients, less people with health issues (obesity etc.), less queers, less street people, less drug addicts, less alcoholics, less people in the prison house. (In my experience most aberrations in love life (serial relationships, celibacy, queers, satellite marriages . . . ) are because of cursed love lives.) Ideally this Community is a curse free zone – all cultural power paradigms are benign, even if someone trespasses no violence happens. All elders are valued and valuable members of the Community, living within the Community and are well cared for, respected with a happy social life of friends and family so they are not lonely.

The crisis in culture and the economy; loss of the ways of the culture and the Spiritual truths with the hidden violence of the cursehold creating social dis-ease, with an infiltration of "chaos" and "green" operators, a corrupt society with too much suffering causing karmic dissonance, addictions, rape, violence, debt and war. These conditions are stressed by the morphing to a computerized society with less employment - creative solutions could include part-time work, low costs for consumers, happy marriages and creative use of the Internet by social institutions (government etc.) in new synergies to keep costs low. Also people who can not find regular paying employment in the largely service economy should be encouraged to discover their calling and work their way into the Internet marketplace.

I suspect a majority of the population are karmically impure and not with their Starcrossed or more suited Lover, according to statistics from 2001 only 20 percent of the American population is married.* (and I have heard through the grapevine that more recently this statistic is less than this). By increasing mentoring and discernment information, the majority of the population could be in happy, covenant, longterm marriages on a positive Sign from God. A society that lives in the Spirit by Signs from God will naturally be a place of enough, good karma and peace creating wealth and prosperity. An increased number of happy, longterm, covenant marriages could bring the Internet economy, online. A better understanding of the subtle ways of the Holy Spirit for direction in choice of thought, word and deed could wake people up to the magic of life in the Spirit and the ultimate truth creating peace in personal lives and the Community. God does not ask very much of us in our time on earth, according to the 10 Commandments, just do not hurt each other. The world does not have to be more complicated than marrying your Starcrossed Lover or most suited lover, and following your calling for work. A “Just say no to violence” attitude could go a long way to healing the Community, with better socialization and cultural power paradigms that don’t hurt people the Western world could become a realized utopia of dance, wonder, peace and enough.

The Way of Peace,



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