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It is blue Summer with the quiet of winter's edges . . . so the days go, as we search for a new home for Tea at Tympani Records in Montreal.The book of poetry, Stories of the Blue Islands: by the lilacs of August . . . is nearly completed, a tome of poems written over the seasons of 2008, weaving the stories of the Muse and friends in Montreal. I am planning some new photographs, to introduce a t-shirt with the company logo and eventually to offer hardcover copies of my first book of poetry The Song of Blue. Over the winter I hope to continue to play in the Metro and at The Pound.

"Gay sex is like eating too much cake." - Collective Wisdom

“The vast majority of people are not gay - you just have to look at the equipment to know straight sex was meant to be. better mentoring.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover – the world is over constructed.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Sometimes vanilla sex is best . . . if you defile your lover sexually, you may lose respect for each other, the relationship may break.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are some thoughts on gays and the gay community.

Traditionally people who were gay were disabused (as I suspect anyone who was different). As a reaction to this disabuse the gays became politicized promoting a queer culture that became a role model. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover (if they survive childhood and if you are lucky enough to meet them (and in my experience they are usually right in front of you)) and they are always of the opposite sex. People often question their sexuality for unhappy reasons, usually they have emotional wounds from their original families and/or have had emotionally painful experiences with lovers and need to do some emotional healing work (Deep Process workers are very highly recommended because they have done their own emotional work), if you are not straight afterwards you at least will be a very emotionally healthy queer. Sometimes people have traumatic or unhappy experiences with their love lives, or rape issues that may make them consider becoming queer. Another scenario is you have been cast as an enemy agent and your Lovers are not committed to staying with you, making you a rape victim and you consider becoming queer. Again emotional healing through Deep Process work and prayer helps. I suspect most people just need some luck finding an opposite sex partner (get on the Internet and network your social contacts) you just have to look at the equipment to know that straight sex was meant to be.

There is an unofficial litmus test or hormonal scale that can indicate if you are queer or not (this is empathic, just ask for input in the street, from friends, elders). This litmus test is only for someone of fully formed character (at least 18 years old and sometimes you are reading whoever they are thinking about (or whoever is on their line telepathically)). Also, sometimes young people are just unwritten on, it is probably best to ask for this "light meter" after having 3 broken intimate relationships. In my experience for a successful physical gay relationship it helps to not be too sensitive and have skewed hormones (if a woman, high male hormones and if a man, high female hormones). It is possible to give massage and have a close emotional same sex relationship without defiling the font.

Being queer is basically an economic lure, gays usually suffer emotionally so incredibly they experience "the Jewish effect" and become economic drivers. It may be difficult to make a homosexual relationship work longterm because in sexual terms they may be defiling the font (which creates negative karma) which could cause you to lose respect for each other and the relationship could break. If you are gay it is important to remember that there are social mores (rules of culture) around this (ask questions even just telepathically) there are unofficial rules about coming out so ask around telepathically – you never know when you’re going to meet your exact blood type in the opposite sex and you wouldn’t want your happiness to be abrogated.

And as in any love relationship it is important to know yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. It is also important to know your partner, are they really gay or just acting out from their broken straight relationships. It is also important to remember that broken hearts and having serial love relationships can create emotional violence which sometimes spills over into actual violence, so the less misunderstandings and broken hearts the better.

In order to have a happy love life it is important to be educated in and have an understanding of the Religious Mysteries. There is no reason for people to suffer so incredibly because of their broken love lives. The discernment prayer (for choosing a straight marriage partner if you miss your Starcrossed Lover) and the Prayer for Pining when a relationship has broken help to create peace. Also if you miss your Starcrossed Lover and decide to settle on someone else, it is important that your psychology be complementary and most of your primary favourite colours or soul colours match (the more colours that you both share as favourites, the better karma for the relationship) (see How to Discern the Perfect Marriage).

People should not be made scapegoat because of their love lives, people's personal lives are their own (yet exist within the context of their associates, families, the Community and the Society) and life is a journey and a learning experience. Better discernment and mentoring is key to preventing the emotional violence of broken relationships.

In earlier times during the days of the agricultural economy (B.C. to 1800's) children were encouraged to talk to each other to find their Starcrossed Lovers. With the celebration of the May Pole I suspect everyone knew pretty much what they were doing, anyone left without a Starcrossed Lover became Clergy, a Bard or travelled to other places to find a life partner. I also think there may have been some misunderstandings but I do not think the Community was as broken as it became in the modern world. They were basically virgins on their wedding day being married to their Starcrossed Lover for their lifetimes, creating much positive karmic energy within a preservation of the sacred and the pure magic of a spiritual/physical union. Ask a lot of questions, learn about dating rituals, be educated in cultural mores and Life ways, respect other people's boundaries, practice forgiveness and attempt to stay karmically pure. By defiling the font in a gay relationship (after just one relationship) you may turn karmically impure (heard in the street) and also by having more than 5 lovers of the opposite sex. Karmic purity I suspect is important so that you do not suffer in relationship and may be important for having a happy family with children, or having a longterm covenant, also there may be cultural rules around karmic purity.

Even if one is karmically impure it is not impossible to make a relationship work (it is just difficult, it is important to do your own emotional work, prayer etc. and be determined to stay in a committed relationship) plus over time karmic redemption may be possible through a true calling for art, service or work. These suggestions, and some networking and luck will lessen the emotional violence of broken relationships and lead to happier and healthier love lives.

The Way of Peace,



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