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"Ain't Russian Doll"
-Veronika (Singer/Songwriter)

"life is too short to be space junk"
-Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

Personal Security Tips for the 21st Century . . .

(If you are in trouble it is best to fess up and make amends. The police can be at your door despite these urban survival tips.)

It is important in the 21st Century for people to be aware of the dangers that lurk on the outskirts of peoples lives.

Must haves: a cell phone and a door security system.

There is a home invasion tactic that involves getting through a persons door security usually at night, putting them under hypnosis, where they may be sexually assaulted or raped (and I also wonder if it is an easy way of murdering people when they are old) and you may not realize what has happenned. In Western Culture, there are some families that are notorious for “belling” their own people to control them (I suspect Black Irish, Italian and maybe a tactic employed by enemy agents). I suspect people may be “belled” by their parents from the time they are 2 years old, when the child goes to sleep they hypnotize them. Sometimes the child’s psychology is affected and they are being worked on to be coin ops (economic drivers). It is important not to be a doll. It may be difficult to tell if this is happening, the signs being, you are inordinately depressed and you may hear reports that there has been trouble in the street. Usually compliance on an issue is wanted, an exboyfriend may be looking for you or you are wanted in a particular “house” float with a certain facecard marriage partner (they usually do not steal from you in my experience). It may be possible to “snap” someone, put them into a hypnotic trance at a word, where they do not remember what has happened afterwards. And when the enemy agent gets through your door security they hypnotize you while you are sleeping and this is when you may be sexually abused and not realize it.

To prevent being a doll, put in a good home security system. Sometimes a handheld security system on a door can work, something that is heavy and something that makes noise when moved, but I suspect a good motion detector or white box system connected to the Internet and the police department is the best bet. When alone in a room always face the door; the desk/table you are working at should always face the door (this way they cannot sneak up on you and chloroform you) (while chloroformed they will feed you hypnotic trance suggestions) (the hypnotic suggestions can then be used at night while you sleep – when you may be raped) (sometimes you can be “snapped” put in a hypnotic trance at a word if they hypnotize you enough). It may help to get a dog.

If you are already a doll. Use a handheld or motion dectector/white box security system. Also, get a cell phone, with the time prominently displayed. Always be vaguely aware of what time it is. When in public always have the cell phone at hand, so you do not lose large spaces of time. Always know what day it is. And when in public always watch traffic, the scene, the movements of people so you are not waylaid – if the scene suddenly shifts and you’ve lost time on your cell phone you may have been “snapped”.

When you enter your house or the door of your apartment house always pull out the cell phone and check the time (so you know if you’ve lost inordinate periods of time and to prevent being chloroformed). Also, when answering the door at home, you should have the cell phone with you.

Why would someone make you a “doll”?

- to force compliance on an issue - you may have forgotten protocol (or are an enemy agent) and it is how they are reminding you to remember
- an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend could be looking for you
- you are expected to “entertain” a certain facecard double in an elite security paradigm for your marriage partner
- some “capitalist” is looking to make you an economic driver by having you raped surreptiously while you are hypnotized
- someone wants you to suicide because _____________________ (put any reason here)
- they have control issues and are rapists – they are not emotionally happy, may have had too many girlfriends, they do not recognize where they begin and end or where you begin and end, they have boundary issues and may have violation issues as well.

It is important to ask in the street what is going on through the grapevine (telepathically). Have no enemies, be well versed in cultural and karmic principal. Rely on information in the street and from reliables, know who your friends are.

After awhile you become bell weathered, you know what kind of time you are going to have before you leave the house. Anything out of the usual that happens could be a warning. If you leave the house more than 3 times and come back for something, just stay home. If you never argue but argue before going somewhere, just stay home. As if the subconscious knows something and it is manifesting in conscious behaviours. If you smell smoke, for a 2 or 3 consecutive days it could be a Sign something is about to go down.

If you actually have a home intruder, in the light of day, call 911. If they are moving slow and pulling home invasions, I suspect they are really hurt and not very smart. If you can't get out to call 911, get them to talk about themselves and tell their story. Keep a bottle of liquor or wine around and get them drunk, maybe give them some food and when they pass out call 911.

If they are moving fast, move down the back of the house and get outside to call 911. Perform the “Pining Prayer”, so their heat will turn blue and they will miss their mark.

Avoid physical confrontation, talk them down. If they are assaulting you anything within reach can become a weapon. Try to escape and call 911, make noise and get some help. There are more tips on home invasion, consult the Internet.

To avoid street confrontations, don’t go out past 10 o’clock at night. Dress innocuously, take a cell phone, keep a level head, try to exist in a positive frame of mind, follow cultural/karmic rules and stay out of trouble.

The Way of Peace.



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