ubterranean Blue Poetry
Volume VII Issue IX


The Cover Art/Photo:

"rain and stars and sails"

by Rebecca Anne Banks

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things:

Of shoes - and ships - and sealing-wax -

Of cabbages - and kings -

And why the sea is boiling hot -

And whether pigs have wings."

- from The Walrus and the Carpenter
by Lewis Carroll

"o' kerry coloured sky

the stones bleed . . ."

free-eyed and dearly

Iggy Balboa

white race Indiana

violent proto overhang

alone, waiting

on company

time pulls . . .

rock gentry

talk of bandages

the unicorn of fairy tales

a river of starlight

(living on a star

the night)

blooming hearts

the blooming heather

West Berkshire

a distant love letter


a day of longing

the earth pulls

what does the night bring?

this night . . .


blue-green zinfruud


a Leonard Cohen


for Christmas

a river of starlight

(living on a star

the night)

castles in the sky

the heavens

from afar, darkly

he gives you place

sweet decamp

honeyed chocolate

and starlight

flower of the blue exotic

rests on my tongue

a river of starlight

(living on a star

the night)

by moonlight

a sleeping dream

paints my shattered

seashell face

the guns are silent

(in that recipe

the vinegar was apple juice)

the night caught

in my throat

women falling


sweet garden places

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wilson

contemplating starlight

the cat plays with the fingers of my hand

beware false causes

oranges of sunshine

dancing in a scarf

Empress of the Catskills

the flower

of the rose and gold,

the flower

dancing in a scarf

a dress in the colour of the sky"

Subterranean Blue Poetry
Volume VII Issue X
(October, 2019)

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2019


by Denny Marshall

Blue sprinkles fall
Raindrops bounce off green leaves
A flower imagines a UFO

Later that night
While bees sleep
The wind ships its pollen
With a dream of stars

Next morning
Stretches its fingers
Toward celestial sky
Like many suns before


by Denny Marshall

Sometime before Halloween
The season's dance
Another song of rise and fall
The age circles wiser

Full moon reflect
Moving shadows on roof
Clouds move like show curtain (glide)
Hide the celebration

Upper wind conductors
Allow brief encores
Same distant star
Will return next year

Fades to whispers
Then gone
When we arise


by Emily Bilman

As the echo-graph slides on my skin
Tautened by new life, I think of the poet's

Insight that the child is father to man.
On the chiaroscuro screen, I see my baby's

Body oscillate like a kelp forest through oceanic
Currents carrying plankton to the sea-depths.

The symmetry of his heartbeat recurs
In my poem's rhythm like an undertow

Oxygenising the depths. As I hear the symmetry
Of his heartbeat, I visualize dolphins

And whales echolocating as if the sound
Of poetry could resonate in the sea-depths.


by Teresa McLamb Blackmon

She is the monument covered in rust, hair as gray
as Confederate swords and voice as sharp.
Over in the corner of some museum, dark and dank
as basement ground, she warms her baby,
her suckling, her first-born.
Its feet are warm to carpet and carriages.
Bundled in hunger, its wails hover like ghosts.
She feeds it in cups of tradition, empty and barren as steel -
a surrogate tea that poisons crib and cradle
and rocks the past to dust.


by Teresa McLamb Blackmon

We all have first loves, puppy love
that may be silly but real to the puppy.
I was no different, sure in the 7th grade
that my life would depend on a kiss
from the lips of my first boyfriend.
And it did.
Like an unexpected snowfall:
there is bare, cold ground,
clouds pout, waiting,
and suddenly, at dawn,
everything is different, silent, pure
covered by tiny white fingers,
turned into something it had never been before.


by Joseph A. Farina

boy and girl
under a maple
golden in the sun
holding hands
create their moment
as i drive by
remembering my own

enveloped in the amber glow
of autumn light
the sun now low
against a changing sky
they illustrate
the perfect state
of love beginning
love unspent

i sigh
and leave
their moment holding
them as one
against the yellow
and the red
of a setting autumn sun

this dream is theirs
and not for us
except to feel
just one more time
the union of first love
and sky....




Gerard Manley Hopkins

LOOK at the stars! look, look up at the skies!
O' look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!
The bright boroughs, the circle-citadels there!
Down in dim woods the diamond delves! the elves'-eyes!
The grey lawns cold where gold, where quick gold lies!
  Wind-beat whitebeam! airy abeles set on a flare!
  Flake-doves sent floating forth at a farmyard scare!-
Ah well! it is all a purchase, all is a prize.
Buy then! bid then!-What?-Prayer, patience, aims, vows.
Look, look: a May-mess, like on orchard boughs!
  Look! March-bloom, like on mealed-with-yellow sallows!
These are indeed the barn; withindoors house
The shocks. This piece-bright paling shuts the spouse
  Christ home, Christ and his mother and all his hallows.


Craigslist Maine - Missed Connections - June 9th, 2017 - Anonymous

Wished (On every star)

Quitting you can't do this anymore no more no more no more no more done done done done done! Next time around. I'll carry you with me always.


(N.B.: "in the next life . . . "- a note from the editor

"we'll be a princess"- a note from the other editor

"we'll live on a star"- says the cat

"we'll have a cat" - says the other cat

"no need for ice cream" - says the cat

"you are not having a cat" - a note from Machiavelli

"or ice cream" - a note from Machiavelli Junior

"then we're having twirly girl dresses" - says the cat

"childhood memories are important" - says the other cat

"mum says" - says the cat)



Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Uplands: The Book of the Courel (an excerpt)

Author: Uxio Novoneyra

Translator: Erin Mouré

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 30

"Can you hear the drums Fernando
I remember long ago another starry night like this . . ."
- Fernando by ABBA

The Uplands: The Book of the Courel (an excerpt) is an iconic poetic work by the Spanish Poet Uxio Novoneyra, writing in the beginning of the post-modernist era, this Chapbook is like a slice of a very large cake, with an introduction by Anton Lopo, translated by Erin Mouré and published by above/ground press. Uxio Novoneyra (renowned Galician Poet, writer of children's stories, journalist) studied literature and philosophy, and worked in TV and radio in Madrid. In the introduction Anton Lopo writes of the Poet's years from 1952 to 1961 when he was struck with pleurisy (a painful disease of the lungs) and is living in the Courel Mountains of Galicia with the poet Maria Marino. He may have been largely bound to his bed. During this time he wrote The Uplands: The Book of the Courel which was published in 1955 by Galaxia, the story of how the mechanical print pages were torn apart for corrections by Novoneyra until the publisher, Pineiro, put his foot down so the book could be published. The introduction introduces the Poet and his life and times, giving context to the excerpt.

Novoneyra in his introduction to The Uplands: The Book of the Courel writes: "the possibility of ephiphany and that first promise of the bird of night: to make songs not yet sung in the forest" heralds the beauty of what is to come. This work is a celebration of landscape of the mountains of Galicia, it is as if the poem is in constant motion, the poet, the alone traveller, walking or riding a horse through the trails, the vineyards, conjuring the mountains and sky, the forests and creatures of the land, impaired by his sour lungs, compelled to write from his bed, in a state of longing. The poet's deep connection to the land is a celebration of place, every word considered, every word a deep integral of the Poet's relationship to the landscape, a prayer. In the poetry is the idea of silence, a grand silence, perhaps born of time alone, a man alone within landscape before God.

This work is a genre of Imagism and influenced by the Beat Poets of the time. A repetition of place names creates a beat within the panorama. This poetry is spare and doesn't rhyme, except accidentally. The Uplands: The Book of the Courel is a mastery of the written language, a Zen of poetic execution. This Writer wonders how the original Spanish would sound against the ear.

A fantastical history and presentation of the renowned Spanish Poet Uxio Novoneyra, The Uplands: The Book of the Courel (an excerpt) makes its debut in English form, brought to life by Erin Mouré and Anton Lopo, a brilliant write.

Available @ above/ground press.


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: seam

Author: Monty Reid

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 16

"I've been sleeping Barely dreaming . . ." - Burning Man by Maggie Rogers

seam is a long poem, that explores the imagery of fire and earth in new language, an excellent journey in the art of poetics at the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry by Monty Reid and above/ground press. Monty Reid (Poet, Museum worker, poetry editor, poetry festival organizer) was born in Saskatchewan and now lives and works in Ottawa. He has been nominated for the Governor General's Award three times, he was the poetry editor at Arc Poetry Magazine and currently manages VerseFest, an Ottawa poetry festival. He has written many collections of poetry, including Karst Means Stone (NeWest), Garden (Chaudiere), Meditatio Placentae (Brick) and Chapbooks. This is his fifth Chapbook published at above/ground press.

This poem tells a story, as a journey in the imagery of a burning coal seam juxtaposed as a failed love affair. It is as if he is in a field watching the burning coal, observing, describing and lamenting to the sky for the suffering.

"The seams

                         burn underground, consuming themselves, molecules
                                   released from the organic glue
                                                                                                    into smoke"

The language is full and round in the metaphor of damnation, an exploration of ended beginnings, the hell of missing a lover in heat, fire and burning. Perhaps there is a subtle argument of accusation, a lover is missing and not suffering, "At the throat's fissure, a burnt language, but this is not you." Reid describes sexual sacrilege, being in intimate relationship without consent, ending without consent, deep suffering, the world as a whore, caught in burning. A work caught in the Old World Society after World War II, elevated into a classical post-modernist weave. A vivid write in full images, classical poetic climes, seam by Monty Reid.

Available @ above/ground press.



(a book in serials)


Rebecca Anne Banks


Often when young, people have an idea of what they want to do for career. Often there may be naysayers people who say you can't be an Artist. Your path may twist and turn but if you have a true calling to do something you will usually end up doing it. Sometimes other people's attitudes are different, they are different psychological types, they may have hidden agendas and/or are jealous and they may not understand that being an Artist is a legitimate calling.

It helps to take an aptitude test and see which umbrella of jobs you belong in. The umbrella of Artist, psychologist, economist, marketer, librarian, teacher, politician, chef is quite gifted and may excel at multiple disciplines. Public service people/accountants and lawyers may also have a successful Arts calling. The way of the Artist is a natural one, that can help you integrate negative life occurrences, grief, loss of a lover into a place of healing. And can be a place of pure celebration.

How to survive financially?

Education costs can be defrayed through student loans, bursaries and grants. It is also possible to be self-educated over the Internet. For self-education on the Internet it helps to find or create a reading list of the most important contributions to your field of interest, perhaps gleaning from course descriptions at universities. And go from generalist writings, like Wikipedia or a compendium overview of art/writing history and narrow in on the major writers/artists determining the genres/artists you are captivated by.

It is possible to be educated in a related field for your psychological type and find work in that field that will sustain you as you develop your skill set and follow your calling for Art. If you can work part-time and follow your calling for Art, you may be able to keep the bills paid. It may also help to have a spouse who supports you in your Arts calling. In the morphing economy to the Computerized Economy, as the changing business models are creating new job types, it may be possible to work your way onto the Internet, offering a storefront and/or business services as an entrepreneur. It may also be possible to go "Off the Grid" practising your art full-time and living inexpensively.

It is very inexpensive to have an Internet presence, joining social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Hotmail email and sites related to your type of art for selling and ads. (e.g. for selling music, CD Baby, Spotify and a host of servers . . . for selling art, Etsy . . . for publishing books CreateSpace, Amazon, LuLu, and Ingram's and more). It is possible to get a list of distributors from an Internet search. It is possible to be supported in your Arts calling by appealing for donations, Patreon is a great platform as well as GoFundMe campaigns.

It is also possible to have your own WebSite for a base price of creating the WebSite for about $100, WebHosting from about $7 per month and the purchase of a Domain Name for $20 yearly. It is possible to be paid for your work over the Internet using an Electronic Funds Transfer through the bank or by using PayPal. In my experience PayPal is a reliable financial instrument. It is important to have a golden business reputation, in my experience it can take about 5 years for the business to be grounded. If one must be on welfare, it is important to give back to the Community in some way. Even if it is offering your art up on the Internet for free or inexpensively.

Surviving and having the basics of food and shelter, the bills paid, does not have to be difficult. To keep shelter costs down, friends can get together and share an apartment. Also, there are low cost housing arrangements from the government in most major cities. You can apply for a low-cost apartment (rent geared to income, usually ¼ of your take home pay) you just need to get on the waiting list, it may take years (in my experience 5 to 7 years) but it will come through eventually. There are also public sector and private sector coops, where the tenants help run the housing initiative for reduced rent. High rent price can be an issue especially for people living alone, in my experience the rental market is inflated, it has been my highest bill, perhaps a regulated rental market could keep rent prices down. Someone once idealized that rent should only be ¼ of your take home pay.

You should never have to go hungry. There are flyers from the grocery stores in your area, with weekly food sales. There are soup kitchens, Food Banks, shelters where you can have a meal or pick up free food. All these services can be located in your city over the Internet. In the area where I live there is a Summer market newly open with fruits and vegetables locally grown for pay what you can.

Also, it is possible to network locally and over the Internet for the best price for anything you need, household items, personal items, clothes, Art supplies. The second-hand market on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay is flowing with good discounted household items. Dollarama and Dollar stores are great for personal items, office supplies, writing and art supplies. Also places like Value Village, The Salvation Army and Thrift stores are good for household items, furniture and second-hand clothes. It is also possible to pick up first run clothes over the Internet for not too much monies. Because there are so many producers on the Internet, there is competition for the best price. If you shop locally first you may defray shipping costs and are keeping the physical storefront in the societal structure.

How to survive emotionally?

"I tried to commit suicide by sticking my head in an oven but there was a cake in it."
- Lesley Boone (Actress)

"If I had not been already been meditating, I would certainly have had to start. I've treated my own depression for many years with exercise and meditation, and I've found that to be a tremendous help."
- Judy Collins (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

"If they could put happy love life in a bottle it would sell a million."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

How to cure depression from having too many lovers or when a lover leaves you and suicide prevention . . .

Sex with too many lovers, sexual defilement, sex in serial relationships, sexual abuse, rape and the break-up of a marriage can cause sexual violation issues and negative karma which can lead to anger issues and depression. A sexual/love relationship that breaks is like soul murder, it leaves darkness on the soul. If you have sexual violation issues there are many things you can do to feel better and create a better mood (positive affect), your love life need not be permanently ruined.

There are certain rules of karma around a sexual relationship, sex is the sacred physical union of a man and woman in which it is possible to be touched by the Holy Spirit, as if experiencing Heaven on earth. The woman's hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant - I suspect in the Agricultural economy the first marriage, perhaps to your Starcrossed Lover, was meant to last for your entire life. (However, this may not be possible with the unofficial rules of love lives/the economy in modern times - in my experience the vast majority of people, currently, do not marry their first lover but marry their Starcrossed or more suited Lover as their second lover). Sexually defiling each other, anal sex, possibly oral sex, possibly physical manipulation of genitals by someone else could be karmically negative and cause you to lose respect for each other making the relationship break. After having sex with 5 different lovers or sex with one same sex lover (heard from the street) there is a visualization from the Holy Spirit that you are karmically impure, I suspect this may make it difficult for a future sexual relationship to work in the long-term but not impossible. There are white culture rules about being karmically impure (ask telepathically). In my observation it may be possible to be in a committed intimate relationship when karmically impure but there may be suffering that translates as arguing or silence, it helps if one of you is karmically pure, both of you are very well suited to each other and are committed to staying together. It also helps that you deal with your angst that the relationship may end by prayer, release work and journaling, and following an arts calling or special calling for work and not taking out your suffering on your partner.

It takes about 20 years of following your calling for work/an arts calling to find karmic redemption and then I suspect it is possible to have a peaceful love life in covenant if you can find a suitable partner on a SignfromGod. Women are the font which needs to be filled regularly in covenant and love making to keep good karma and positive affect (no depression, a good mood). Women need to be protected in relationship in a well-suited covenant relationship or married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover. This means they need to have a good working relationship with their man and need to have sex regularly. It is a good idea to talk about family planning and use birth control. In uncertain times, it is always good to know what you are doing in relationship, if you do not have an insured income or are being cursed and in serial relationships it is always good to make informed decisions about having children. It is not fair to bring children into very conflicted situations. Every child a wanted child, well looked after and socialized with love.

The cult of ego in the West should not exist. It is not alright to square off on someone, everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or a more suited Lover on a SignfromGod. People should not have to marry someone they are not suited for without a SignfromGod just because someone else says so. Marriage is a sacrament, it is meant to be happy without an essence problem. These arguments over bed rites are never meant to happen, they are against God and the Holy Spirit way. People were not meant to suffer in their time on earth they were meant to be in a happy dance with their Starcrossed or more suited Lover.

Men and women may understand sex differently - for a man it may be like a handshake, they can roll over and they just had physical exercise, yet for most women it is like finding the enchanted garden and being home and to be without this special love relationship is like being in oblivion. In my experience about half of all men can have serial sexual relationships and not suffer too much, while it is only about 5% of all women who can "jump" successfully. And I suspect even those who are able to have serial intimate relationships at first, it may wear thin after awhile.

Sexual violation issues can lead to anger and depression and/or artist's rote: fighting anger and acting in (suicide) or acting out and becoming violent. Even people who are able to have serial sexual relationships and not suffer too greatly (I suspect a minority of people), it can really begin to take a toll after awhile, with drug and alcohol abuse, becoming mental patients or in the prison house. If you have had too many lovers, take up an arts calling or a special calling for work, over time you will become karmically pure again. It should then be possible to marry in a karmically pure relationship. It is still possible to have lovers up until this time, but you can become very sexually wounded, suffering from too much sorrow and anger/depression, it may be difficult to keep work, people sometimes suicide or become violent and abuse alcohol and drugs.

How to deal with sexual violation issues:

- ask yourself what you need and give it to yourself.

- go to bed and sleep for 3 or 4 days or for 6 months or for however long it takes (with just minimum maintenance, going to the bathroom and taking some food) until you start to feel better, sleep is very healing.

- release work: blow the anger off by doing physical exercise (or beating out pillows with a bat or with your fists) and deep breathing. (it also helps to pray for God to take the anger away from you as you do this).

- turn up the radio and scream as you do physical exercise and deep breathing (it is a good idea to let people know that this is therapy, so they do not call 911). (and also pray that God take the anger away.)

- in-depth conversation/therapy with someone you love who will not scapegoat you or with a Deep Process Worker (when in therapy with a good Deep Process Worker it is possible to have hugs and organic Pot-Luck Dinners).

- get a hug.

- get the endorphins going: rub the inside of your right hand, eat sugar or carbohydrates (anything that turns to sugar when it hits the bloodstream) (this may not be very healthy but in a crisis situation can take the edge off).

- eat the magic foods: chocolate or meat/fish or ice cream or any food you have a yen for.

- get a blood test, you may have nutritional deficiencies (such as low iron in the blood) that can be corrected with a vitamin, supplement or just by adding a particular food with that element to your diet and this in turn can make your physical health better which can make your emotional health better.

- drink herbal tea remedies for depression - particularly good is lavender tea.

- do meditation/yoga and deep breathing.

- take a long walk.

- prayer - talk to God; get someone to do the Pining Prayer (not your ex-lover if you hope to get back with them) or the Healing Prayer through the walls (ask questions telepathically). there are various prayers for healing.

- ask your friends and family to pray for you.

- give a donation at a church and ask the church people to pray for you. if you are very conflicted emotionally with a lot of bad karma from sleeping around and maybe cursing get an exorcism from the Catholic Church.

- pray for the ancestors. make a sojourn to visit the graves of those that have passed in your family, or famous icons you admire. Say prayers and leave flowers/gifts by their graves.

- celebrate all Holidays. even if it is just to have some special food and say a prayer. perhaps get together with friends/family. you should probably not work on Sunday.

- get a massage.

- take a hot bath or get to the whirlpool/Hot Springs.

- go to the Spa or make an at-home pedicure/facial.

- if you are really steaming, hot and burning from the bad karma from the sexual violation/violence take a cold shower or a cold bath. (usually after 2 weeks to a month after the sexual assault and when needed).

- do journaling/writing.

- write a gratitude journal, giving thanks for the good things in your life.

- read and practice daily affirmations. (like a horoscope).

- immerse yourself in a reading list. read all your favourite poetry, novels, comics.

- practice your calling for the arts and make some big, beautiful art.

- look at your favourite art - go to your local Museum/Art Gallery or browse the Internet.

- "colour therapy" - look at your favourite colours (maybe repaint the living space or get some new clothes in your favourite colours).

- listen to and sing your favourite music or write a song.

- look at your favourite flowers (take up growing orchids or your favourite flower).

- be around healing nature, bodies of water and trees are very healing. go for a walk in the woods.

- watch fireworks. very uplifting when in season.

- laugh - read the comics, watch comedians and/or tell jokes.

- sit under a sunlight/heat lamp bulb (you can get them at the hardware store for under $10) - this is especially good in winter when natural light levels are low.

- hold and pet a dog or cat (or look at pictures of your favourite pets on the Internet).

- get a new perspective: do some goal setting, take up a new project or past-time something you can get excited about. Figure out your Mission from God (sometimes revealed in dreams) and follow your calling for work (take an aptitude test) and love.

- have no enemies - do not trespass against God or the Community, live in a curse free zone. If a relationship is stressed, make amends and do some consciousness raising, make peace, however if the relationship is emotionally or physically violent it may be better to walk away, at least think good thoughts to them and make peace telepathically and in prayer. Thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words, doing positive works will create good karma which will create positive affect and make you feel better, creating healing synergies.

- do good works (perhaps do volunteer work), follow your callings from God, contribute to the Community. Be an information font (there are rules about this, so ask telepathically).

- mend your love life in happy covenant.

These suggestions are all natural/inexpensive ways to heal the depression and anger of sexual violation after having had too many lovers. Sometimes people use drugs and alcohol to feel better but after the initial high they are usually depressed the next day which adds to their emotional pain (however, it may be helpful in moderation to take the edge off.) It may help to sleep through the lows. If you have tried everything and are still in a really bad way you may consider seeing a psychiatrist and getting some medication. Time heals all wounds, it may take years of Deep Process Work, taking good care of yourself, prayer and possibly being celibate but it is possible to regain your mental health and a new perspective. It also helps healing to not trespass against the Holy Spirit or the Community, don't hurt each other and have positive thoughts, words and actions creating good karma and healing synergies which will make you feel better. It is even possible to heal in intimate relationship, but it is important that the marriage be very well-suited and in covenant, so you are not sexually wounded again through a break up.

The use of Drugs and Alcohol in the Artist's Rote.

Is the use of drugs and alcohol necessary to the Artist's process? Usually it is a survival strategy if your love life is very conflicted, can take the edge off depression, void and angst in moderation and may prevent suicide. In my opinion, most people/Artists need a happy working love life, usually a longterm happy marriage to help avoid the hell of addictions. With alcohol the positive affect is temporary and the next day can be more depression, it may help to sleep through the depression.

I would suggest only using alcohol and soft organic drugs in moderation. (e.g. cannabis). In my observation hard synthetic drugs, heroin and crack amongst others can be hazardous for your health over long-term becoming addictive. Sometimes over prolonged use combined with a conflicted love life/bad situation may contribute to violent actions and suicide.

The use of natural LSD in the form of Peyote and/or magic mushrooms in the writings of Carlos Castaneda present insight into Yaqui (Mexican Indigenous peoples) traditions of mysticism. These books were supposed to be based in research and earned Castaneda a Ph.D. in Anthropology, however his writings were later called down and denounced as fiction. Maybe use Peyote/magic mushrooms once to contribute to opening of psychic spheres, altered perceptions, an opening of the subconscious, perhaps contributing to creativity. I have never done this but may have had one brush with LSD in my travels. New information on the Internet says magic mushrooms are a way to manage depression when you have multiple lovers.

I would not use hard drugs regularly, if your perceptions become too stressed it may lead to altered perceptions of reality that could contribute to violence and suicide. The newspapers are full of reports of violence fuelled by addictions and many Artists have succumbed to suicide. The brain is a delicate thing, and no one wants to spend their life in the hell of addictions and/or possibly jail.


on bare trees

the dark

and quiet . . ."


(Inspired by Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir by Kristen Garth)


Rebecca Anne Banks

"is there life after death?"

watch the sky

bling and lamplight

at the bar

another blast

at randy

the angels know

dee oiseau

the missing

slits wicket

the puppet economy

the cat

moves so fast

moves so fast

an angel of the state

late night video


"candy cigarette womanchild noir"

she, an accident

of the sweet

of the eyes

of the sweet

some unexplained violence

she whispers

of poetry

the haunting

no highwayman

no highwayman

where is the night?

where is the moon?

where did the time go?

why is my cup half


keep the wine


play that video


again . . .

(a reprieve from the governor

capital casings

free passage to Istanbul

breathe in

the starlight

that incredible

beautiful . . .)

sing, sing into night.


Rebecca Anne Banks lives in the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry. She has been writing and producing artistic content for 37 years and is the author of over 30 books of poetry, a guide to the Holy Spirit, a primer on marriage discernment, a family cookbook, a book of children's stories, a book of World Peace Newsletters, all available at Amazon Stations. She has produced 3 CD`s of Folk/Rock music and has 17 CD's of music awaiting production. She won an IARA Award for Top 55 Internet Airplays for Angel Song (2010). She is an Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets. She is also the Poetry Editor at Subterranean Blue Poetry ( www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com), CEO/Artist at Tea at Tympani Lane Records ( www.tympanilanerecords.com), the Book Reviewer at The Book Reviewer (www.thebookreviewer.ca) and the Quilt Artist at Kintsugi Art Quilts (www.kintsugiartquilts.com).

Emily Bilman teaches poetry in Geneva, CH. Her dissertation, The Psychodynamics of Poetry: Poetic Virtuality and Oedipal Sublimation in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot and Paul Valéry was published by Lambert Academic in 2010 and Modern Ekphrasis in 2013 by Peter Lang. Her poetry books, A Woman By A Well (2015), Resilience (2015), and The Threshold of Broken Waters (2018) were published by Troubador, UK. Poems were published in London Magazine, Salzburg Review, Offshoots, Expanded Field, MONK, etc. She blogs on www.emiliebilman.wix.com/emily-bilman.

Teresa McLamb Blackmon is a retired high school English teacher. She received an MA in English from NCSU and an MLS from NCCU. Teresa lives on a farm in eastern North Carolina. She has had poems published in Toasted Cheese, Absinthe, The News & Observer, Poet Lore, Cellar 101 Anthology, Nochua Review, From the Edge Poetry Review, Rat's Ass Review, Floyd County Moonshine, Main Street Rag, Olive Press, Poetry Breakfast, McKinley Review, and various local newspapers and community publications. She loves spending time reading, writing, crafting and enjoying her donkeys, goats, horse and two adorable pups.

Joseph A. Farina is a retired lawyer in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Several of his poems have been published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Ascent and in The Tower Poetry Magazine, Inscribed, The Windsor Review, Boxcar Poetry Revue, and appears in the anthology Sweet Lemons: Writings with a Sicilian Accent. He has had poems published in the U.S.A magazines Mobius, Pyramid Arts, Arabesques, Fiele-Festa and Memoir(and) as well as in Silver Birch Press "Me, at Seventeen" Series. He has had two books of poetry published - The Cancer Chronicles and The Ghosts of Water Street.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (poet, teacher, Jesuit priest) was born in Stratford, Essex (Greater London) U.K. He was not published until after his death and is considered a leading light of Victorian poetry. He is a percursor of the modernist school, influencing T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden and Dylan Thomas amongst others. He studied at Oxford University and taught at University College Dublin. He is best known for the poems "Binsey Poplars", "Pied Beauty", "The Windhover: To Christ our Lord" and "The Wreck of the Deutschland" amongst others.

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. One recent credit is poetry in Scifaikuest Feb. 2019 issue. See more at www.dennymarshall.com.

Erin Mouré (poet, translator) was born in Calgary, Alberta. She is a celebrated Canadian Poet and has won the Governor General's Award, Best Translated Book Award, the Pat Lowther Award amongst others. She translates poetry from French, Spanish, Portuguese and Galician into English and has translated numerous books of poetry. She has written 14 books of poetry including Empire, York Street (1979), The Green Word: Selected Poems 1973 - 1992 (1994), O Cadoiro (2007), The Elements (2019) amongst others.

Uxio Novoneyra (poet, writer of children's stories, journalist) was born in Galicia, Spain. He studied and worked in TV and radio in Madrid. Novoneyra married Elva Rey and gave her 3 children. He is a renowned Spanish poetry icon. He worked for the Association of Writers in the Galician Language from 1983 - 1999.

Monty Reid is from Saskatchewan and grew up in Alberta, currently living and working in Ottawa. He has worked at the Canadian Museum of Nature, was the Poetry Editor at Arc Poetry Magazine and currently is the Director of VerseFest, the Ottawa poetry festival. He has published collections of poetry and Chapbooks in Canada and internationally. His work includes Karst Means Stone (NeWest), The Alternate Guide (rdc), Garden (Chaudiere), Crawlspace (Anansi), Meditatio Placentae (Brick) amongst others.