ubterranean Blue Poetry
Volume VI Issue XI

The Cover Art/Photo:

"The Golden Oracle"

from A masque of dead Florentines (1895)

by Maurice Henry Hewlett

Kohler Collection of British Poetry

"And you read your Emily Dickinson

And I my Robert Frost"

- from The Dangling Conversation by Simon and Garfunkel

"sing song trees

in light

the winter . . . "

beware of false gods

you see the day go

you wave goodbye

dwell in the spaces,


more than nothing

you can only go to hell once

or can you go to hell forever

mouth the bit

there's nowhere to go

and nothing to do

swimming conjectures

the vanguard of Aleppo

i freshco

in the Buddha box

a sacrament is a love affair

pret a porter

painting heaven

sleep with shadows

sleep with blue

when summer calls

when the walls fall down

when we are free"

Subterranean Blue Poetry
Volume VI Issue XI
(November 2018)

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2018


The deadline (September 30th, 2018) for submissions to The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Contest/Anthology has passed and the New Age Renaissance Republic poetic offerings are fantastical this year. The theme of this years Contest/Anthology is rock and roll music, musicians/singers/songwriters, stories of being on the road with a band, stories of rock and roll icons, stories of love affairs, poetry inspired by or using lines from rock and roll songs, the music from the '60's, '70's, '80's,'90's and beyond, genres: rock and roll, grunge, punk, metal and any variation thereof. Subterranean Blue Poetry especially celebrates Symbolist, Imagist, Beat and New Age Renaissance synergies in poetry. If the poetry "bangs in the dance" it's in.

The gifts of the Golden Oracle are many. Rock Icons often write their own music and lyrics, play a musical instrument, sometimes more than one and it is entirely memorized, performing in front of an audience. This is very difficult to do, often these people rate with heads of state, and the intelligentsia that influence and run the society. Like the Bards of old they carry the memories of themselves, their people, their life and times in their music and their lyrics, with which they travel and play at home and around the world. Often their love lives are lost or misconstrued, however there is great healing power in an arts calling for the musician themselves as well as the audience.

Rock and Roll evolved in the '60's with the rise of the Hippies, peace, Ban the Bomb and flower power. Beginning in America and the U.K., evolving from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940's (which evolved from the blues, boogie woogie, jazz and swing music) music created by the Black people of the United States, and also influenced by country, gospel and folk music. In America beginning with Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bill Haley and His Comets, Derek and the Dominoes, Elvis Presley and in the United Kingdom, the Yardbirds, The Byrds, Herman's Hermits, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and an entirely new wave of music began to take shape like a bird in flight.

An international endeavour, this years Anthology contributors are largely from Canada, someone from Zambia now in Canada and California; Chicago; New York; Virginia; L.A.; Salt Lake City; Richmond, Indiana; the United States. Also, the Poets featured here are from different walks of life, some are professional writers, poet laureates, university and college students, teachers, retired lawyers, architects, poetry editors and publishers.

And now for the Winners! Pop the cork on the champagne for John B. Lee. This Writer was quite impressed with all the poetic offerings but the poem that stood out amongst the rest was "Burning My Father" by John B. Lee, the first prize winner. The second prize went to Liza Libes for "Amendment Thirty-Six". And the third prize is for Joel Long for "Laura Marling's Hands". The other Poets in The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Anthology are Honourable Mentions: Joseph A. Farina, kerry rawlinson, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Ashley Cooke, Christopher Stolle, Terrence Sykes, Norma Kerby, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Don Yorty, Ward Maxwell, Rebecca Anne Banks. All prize payouts should be made by Christmas 2018.

The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Anthology should be available by Christmas 2018 at Amazon Stations. $1 of each Anthology purchase goes to Bonne Accueil Food Bank in Montreal. Many Thanks to all contributors and anyone who wishes to purchase The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star.

- Subterranean Blue Poetry


by John B. Lee

after the Beatles
our hairstyles grew Biblical
and the barbers went broke

as for my father
one evening at supper
he said to me
"if you want to continue
putting your feet under my table
you'll go
and get a haircut"

meanwhile at the meeting of the Ladies' Guild
the church women
drove my mother to silence
over cake crumbs
and the money in tea
the disrespectfulness
of long-haired youth
my great aunt Isabel
wife to the dour

and sanctimonious Episcopalian priest
castigated me
for having respect
for neither God
nor country

men I'd known all my life
called me, "That thing! That
Hoochie Coochie girl"

I saw my bachelor uncle
drag a young man into the halter stall
at London Fair
where he ran the sheep shears
chattering up his red-scarred scalp
leaving him shorn from nape to crown
using the drunken excuse
"Long hair scares the cattle"

I've always listened well
for the ugly laughter
of nasty men

my father's hair at the end
lashing his forehead
inching over the delicate bone of his nape
fringing his ears
spilling on the hospital pillowslip
feathering the linen like a new-plucked angel
my sister
tossing a barn board
in with his body
gave the weight of his ashes
this additional smoke

trapped in the grave
beyond the last heartbeat of his being
his complicated love
and my forgiveness
given freely

how important it became


by Liza Libes

You were imbibed with parsimony
In an amphitheatre redolent of coarse perfumes.
Perfunctory ambitions soaring worthless
In a train car bound toward New York.

You were a faultless parasite
Knocking doors and traveling hallways.
Studious in quantum physics
Bound up in a dream.

Threnodies of taxi cabs and tarpaulin
Pistachios and chocolate wafers
Warbling commission and obedience
Something something impecunious.

Caffeinated kisses and a lisp of alcoholic fumes.
You knew well to fumble with the snow.
Maestro Noam Chomsky
Do not teach me how to play with words.

You were a consternation who did not desist
Thundering in the simulation of a cabaret
Imitation of a reverie by Heraclitus
Fountains draining faster than the blood of Caesar.

Modernity refuses to depart.
You cried a basin of bucolic tears.
Smiles interspersed with wonderment aborted.
You composed a series of infinite regress.

You were a flawless paradise.
Now I recline and sip a cup of tea.
I do not remember how to burn for you.
Immolation devolves into felicity.

I cannot remember how to recreate
Your chirrup and its haunting scent.
I cannot pretend to know your novel placement
Fiddle through your spaces.

Tomorrow sends a blitz of fallen snow.
You shall see it through Manhattan windows.
I shall send my wishes through the windows.
I remember how you used to love the snow.


by Joel Long

Ivory returns from the dead in her hands.
There is no way she cannot move them.
Her hands structure the way the air moves.
It is like stitching, the way they touch the strings
and a bird emerges, a swallow, a dove, a cat
the swallows the dove and purrs on the armoire,
every thread of sound catching the color from light.
The street dogs of Chennai pull chicken bones
from the trash fires. They gleam with oil
and blue tendons. They hunger for beauty
with the tongues. I want to ask her if it hurts
when the needles render dogs with such thirst.
The thread hurts the needle more than the dog,
she sings, strumming chords like embers.




Federico Garcia Lorca

The weeping of the guitar
The goblets of dawn
are smashed.
The weeping of the guitar
to silence it.
to silence it.
It weeps monotonously
as water weeps
as the wind weeps
over snowfields.
to silence it.
It weeps for distant
Hot southern sands
yearning for white camellias.
Weeps arrow without target
evening without morning
and the first dead bird
on the branch.
Oh, guitar!
Heart mortally wounded
by five swords.


Craigslist Montreal - Missed Connections - January 11th, 2015 - Anonymous

I was busking - m4w (Laurier metro)

you were wearing black doc martens
you were looking back & smiling at me while you rode the escalator
i was playing sweet nuthin'
let's get coffee someday and talk about music

(N.B.: "let's talk about love . . ." - a note from the Editor

"you can be the Muse" - a note from the other Editor

"i want to be the Muse" - says the cat

"i want to be the Muse" - says the other cat

"no drinkin', no smokin', no sextin' and be home by 10:00 p.m." - says Machiavelli

"remember u have a Starcrossed number" - says mum)



Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star

Contributors: Joseph A. Farina, kerry rawlinson, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Ashley Cooke, Liza Libes, Christopher Stolle, Terrence Sykes, John B. Lee, Norma Kerby, Joel Long, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Don Yorty, Ward Maxwell, Rebecca Anne Banks.

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 91

"And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun"
- from Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) by John Lennon and The Beatles

The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Anthology, Art Nouveau shine in the New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry from Subterranean Blue Poetry. The theme of this years Contest/Anthology is Rock N Roll, the music, the lyrics, the singer/songwriter/musicians and all the stories about being on the road, love affairs, poetry inspired by the lyrics and music, this new music through the 1960's to the present that sings in the background of our lives, of the celebratory season. How the music changes our lives, alters moods into more positive spaces, expresses sorrow, laments for past loves, tells stories of people, places and things, how the music became iconic brought the underground, above ground, how Rock N Roll made us dance. The New Age offerings are a song for our times, in the inexpensive ease of the New technology, the flowering of the art of creation and the opening of lines of communication all around the world. The day sings of peace.

Choosing the poems for The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star, like choosing all poems for Subterranean Blue Poetry is an act of love. When This Writer reads a good poem, you fall into it, like water flowing, you go into a trance and the poem cascades, it has cadence and is considered. If you read a poem you are not ready to read yet, you stop and stumble at certain words or the ending isn't right or the cadence is off and it is not considered enough. If you have a love of poetry, love what you produce and write often, the gift ripens and after long-time will explode powerfully across the page.

The work in The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star is considered Art Nouveau offerings paying homage to the greats of Rock N' Roll. Taking in the traditions of Beat Poetry, the works of T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Leonard Cohen, the modernists, the post-modernists and spins into the New Age, this fantastical day of New Age poetry. The Poets in this international Anthology are largely from North America, California; Chicago; New York; Virginia; L.A.; Salt Lake City; Richmond, Indiana; the United States and Brantford, Sarnia, Okanogan Valley (formerly of Zambia), Vancouver, Montreal, Canada. Some are university and college students, poet laureates, teachers, retired lawyers, architects, poetry editors and publishers, all are Poets/writers.

Each Poet with work in The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star has a considered and unique offering, a combination of skill, life experience and soul cadence that shines. The work of John B. Lee, a much-read professional writer well decorated with international awards is noted for his Imagist influenced and full classical style. Liza Libes, a university student, is noted for the spinning of stories inside poetry with a considered style. Joel Long is noted for his original, pungent and surreal portrayals in poetry. Ashley Cooke, brings a progression in Beat poetry in the feminine mystique. Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, having just published his first book of poetry Flashes and Verses . . . Becoming Attractions, is noted for his original New Age spin on Beat poetry. Joseph A. Farina is widely published having written two books of poetry, presents a Beat progression inside a love story. Don Yorty, Poet, writer and teacher is well noted for his classical Beat style. kerry rawlinson presents a riveting, pared in, "bangs in the dance" Beat progression. Don Kingfisher Campbell offers a brilliant, "where were you when?" poem, with stories of what he was doing to rock music on the radio. Ward Maxwell, a founder of the Peterborough Poets spins '60s impressions with Beat and Imagist influences in poetic narrative. Christopher Stolle is published widely and presents considered, Beat poetry progressions. Terrence Sykes is published internationally with a classical Beat progression style. Norma Kerby was nominated for a Pushcart Prize (2017) is noted for surrealist Beat progressions. A cornucopia of New Age poetry.

Poetry as the celebration of the times of our lives. This gift of poetry celebrating Rock N Roll music and icons, The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star from Subterranean Blue Poetry.

Available @ Amazon.ca.

"And the rain fell down"
- from Rain Fall Down by The Rolling Stones

"in the time of dreams
he is still perfect
I am in quiet
alone . . ."



Rebecca Anne Banks

Odd the dichotomy of mind

my Venusian blues

(cult mystery figure esplanade)

let the rain fall

I could wrap you in my arms

and let the wind

and the rain

and the light fall down,

there is no beginning

and no end to time

a painting of rain

the vagabondage and winter

o' let the rain fall

let the rain fall down.


Rebecca Anne Banks lives in the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry. She has been writing and producing artistic content for 37 years and is the author of over 30 books of poetry, a guide to the Holy Spirit, a primer on marriage discernment, a family cookbook, a book of children's stories, a book of World Peace Newsletters, all available at Amazon Stations. She has produced 3 CDs of Folk/Rock music and has 17 CDs of music awaiting production. She won an IAIRA Award for Top 55 Internet Airplays for Angel Song(2010). She is also the CEO/Artist at Tea at Tympani Lane Records(www.tympanilanerecords.com), The Book Reviewer at The Book Reviewer (www.thebookreviewer.ca) and the Quilt Artist at Kintsugi Art Quilts ( www.kintsugiartquilts.com).

John B. Lee. In 2005 John B. Lee was inducted as Poet Laureate of Brantford and in 2015 he was appointed Honourary Poet Laureate of Norfolk County. A recipient of over eighty prestigious international awards for his writing, he has well-over seventy books published to date and is the editor of nine anthologies. Called "the greatest living poet in English," by poet George Whipple, he lives in Port Dover, Ontario where he works as a full-time author.

Liza Libes is a Poet and a novelist studying English literature at Columbia University. A native of Chicago, she loves everything that New York City has to offer, especially its bookstores. In her spare time you will find her reading T.S. Eliot or John Keats for inspiration.

Joel Long's book Winged Insects won the White Pine Press Poetry Prize. Lessons in Disappearance and Knowing Time by Light were published by Blaine Creek Press in 2010. His chapbooks, Chopin's Preludes and Saffron Beneath Every Frost were published from Elik Press. He lives in Salt Lake City.

Federico Garcia Lorca was born in the small town of Fuente Vaqueros in Southern Spain, his father a landowner his mother a gifted pianist and teacher. Lorca is a Spanish Poet, Dramatist and Theatre Director. His work is known for its passion and haunting images of Andalusia, dark with sorrow and loss. He is most noted for his poetry: Songs (1927), Gypsy Ballads (1928), The Poet in New York (1940), Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter and Other Poems (1937), First Songs (1936) and plays.