ubterranean Blue Poetry
Volume V Issue II


The Cover Art/Photo:

“St. Valentine Station”

by Rebecca Anne Banks

“blue on blue ink clouds

cathedral sky

close and quiet . . . “

St. Valentine Station

“at the station

lukchak grace






and lake tiajuana

empathy 4 criminals

bish for bash

a bad harmonium

lies all lies

dog town

white hegemony

Black race

car mines

a new winston


at the station”

Subterranean Blue Poetry
Volume V Issue II
(February 2017)

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2017



Daniel de Cullá


In “La Literatura de los Aztecas” (Aztecs’ Literature) we read :

“We only come to sleep, we only come to dream.

It is not true, It is not true,

That we come to Live on Earth¡

In Spring as the herbs do, we transform ourselves

Out hearts grow green & are renewed.

Our body produces a few flowers

& the past is wilted.”

Yin: Only together do we exist

Only together do we form a whole

Yang: Life & Death

Man & Woman

Weak & Strong

High & Low

Happy & Sad

Black & White

Sunrise & Sunset

Who are we?

A bee trapped in btween curtain and glass¡

Featured Poet: Ernest Hemingway



Ernest Hemingway

“We would be together

and have our books

and at night

be warm in bed together

with the windows open

and the stars bright.”

Missed Connections

Craigslist Montreal – Missed Connections – May 12th, 2016 - Anonymous

enrobes de caramel - m4w

Et puis,

Le chant


vague et solitaire

comme le souffle,

un peut amere,

d'un vent lointain,

se rapproche,

pas a pas,

comme un soldat epuise.

Dans la direction accidentelle

de chiens perdues

et sous la brume

d'un esprit aveugle

ils s'encomblent,

comme des idees fragiles.

Eloigne du temps quotidien

ils se melangent

et deviennent eternites,

pour un instant.

Cette relache du solitaire

nous fait imaginer

la possibilitee du vif.

Les moments clefs

un a un

se denouent.

Et ont se trouve paries,

par un desir.

Les secondes,

commes les annees,


Elles se melange

au ritmes de vagues tourmentees.

Oiseaux aveuglent

silencieux aux petites traisons,

des moments nosifs,

enrobes de caramel.

Clothed in Caramel - m4w

And then,

the song

of lovers,

waves and lonely

as the breath,

a little bitter,

a distant wind

himself close,

not has not,

as an exhausted soldier.

In accidental leadership

lost dogs

and in the mist

a blinded spirit

he is cumbersome,

as fragile ideas.

Distant time daily

they confuse

and become eternities

for a moment.

This released the solitary

made us imagine

the possibility from bright.

The key moments

one by one


And has to find Paris,

by a desire.

The seconds,

as the years,


The women mix

the rhythms of the troubled waves.

Birds blind

silence of small treasons,

harmful moments,

clothed in caramel.

Book Reviews

22 Love Poems: 22 Romantic Poems for 22 Lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: 22 Love Poems

Author: Gina Nemo

Publisher: Zava Poetry

Date of Publication: 2017

Pages: 32

“Hang each night, in rapture.
In rapture.”
- from Rapture by Debbie Harry and Blondie

“You will always be
My endless love”
- from Endless Love by Lionel Richie/Diana Ross

What makes the world go ‘round but love, love, love? 22 Love Poems: 22 Romantic Poems for 22 Lovers on Valentine’s Day by Gina Nemo rocs in white girl rap love poetry. The universal theme of forever love spins in, with this New Age progression of the beat. There is something timeless about the magic of love poetry that exists in the hearts and minds of people on the journey, love as the desired paradise of healing, belonging and arrival that entrances people into the place of poetry. 22 Love Poems, a selection of poems from the books of poetry, Scarlet and Carousel, this is a sweetheart pocketbook collection, that perfect gift of love for someone special on St. Valentine’s Day. Gina Nemo (Poet, Writer, Actress, Teacher, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Marketing Director, Hollywood Palindrome) lives and works in California. She was a co-star of the popular television show 21 Jump Street for which she won an Emmy. She has written 5 books of poetry, produced 3 audiobooks, 3 CD's of music, and produced the movie VOICES about contemporary Poets, amongst other projects.

The love elixir in dreamworks, the worship of the resident love god, these sensual poetry offerings are the essential Gina Nemo. The poetry is a New Age gift, that plays within the shadows, within the light of love, a song of the American carousel. The passion and the mystery entwine, resounding with enchantment, the images are woven with the fury of the natural world, the storms, the currents of oceans and the fire inside the romance of longtime love.


The center
Where we are
Igniting stars
From our hearts
Stealing dreams
Yours and mine
Walking on light
Looking for calm
Bringing our souls
From dusk ‘til dawn

You are the nucleus
Of my deepest thoughts
Where time escapes
And life grows branches
That lead us right back
Where we started

Walk with me
To the center of time
Where everything else
Means nothing
We are here
Nowhere else to go

Passion, love and lust
In the nucleus of us.”

The song is a white girl rap beat, with short staccato lines that rhyme almost every second line, a flow of broken and light that calls on the heavens for happiness in love. Rapture by Debbie Harry and Blondie was the first rap song to gain international attention by scoring number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1981. This was the first white girl rap song, a funk/punk mix that entranced the world and sky rolled rap and hip hop music into popularity. 22 Love Poems is an American girl adventure in romance inside the cosmos, the heat, the love, the magic in rap poetry, a New Age innovation in form.


We are like
An explosion
Like a season
That lasts
All yearlong
We are like
Warm water
With music floating
On an endless
Love song
We are like
Smoke and fire
Igniting clouds
They carry us
As our heat
Travels along.”

The poetry riffs on hope and dreamspeak, the incredible light in broken places, celebrating the ancient pagan rites of the season of love. With the steady rhythm and rhyme, casting a magic spell for forever love. This brilliant pocketbook in the Beat tradition, transforms into the New Age poetic Muse, is a celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers. Shaking out the cold of winter, wrapped in a blanket by the fire with a hot drink and 22 Love Poems by Gina Nemo. Love . . . love in the third degree.

Available @ Amazon.ca.


Sker: the dark, haunting Magical Surrealism of Peter O’Neill.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Sker

Author: Peter O’Neill

Publisher: Lapwing Press

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 76

“An old man in the corner sang
Where the water lilies grow”
- from A Pair of Brown Eyes by The Pogues

Sker, a brilliant Magical Surrealist poetry lickament,* the dark haunting dreamscapes of Poet Peter O’Neill. Peter O’Neill was born in Cork, Ireland and currently lives and works in Dublin. He spent most of the ‘90’s living in Paris and has been published internationally. He has published 2 books of poetry previously and this is the second book of poetry I have reviewed for him, the first being the Anthology of Irish Poets, Agamemnon is Dead.

This poetry is evocative of the legacy of great Irish Poets, in Celtic lilt, drawing from classical influences, the French Symbolists, German philosophers, the nature imagery dreamscapes contrast with an incongruous thought train and dark violence existing in a place of magical surrealism. Sker lives inside the Collective Memory of poetry and history Dublin, an event that blurs the lines of place, time and space, unfolds through mists off the water, sailing ships, a secret place revealed. As if a dreamscape of the Collective Consciousness, as if all the ghosts of past, present and future Dublin and Poetry have danced and been written upon.

The Drunken Boat
After Arthur Rimbaud : 1854-1891

How I descended the impassive rivers

No longer guided by the haulers;

Red skins had taken them as targets

Nailing their colours naked to the masts.

Incoherent to the crews,

The importers of Flemish wheat and English cotton,

When the boatmen had finished unloading

The rivers let me go as I pleased.

Into the furious awakening of the tides,

I, the winter previous, deafer than the brain of a child,

I ran! And the peninsulas departed,

Without sounding out triumphant.

The tempest blessed my maritime bath,

Lighter than a cork I danced upon the waves,

What are known as rollers, vice drowned,

For ten nights spun, not missing the silly winks from the bouys.

Softer than the skin of children, the peal of flesh,

The Irish sea inundated my craft of pine,

And the stains of Moorish wine, and vomit,

Bathed me, having dispersed with all rudders and hooks.

And lo’ and behold, I came to bathe in the Poem

Of the Sea, infused in its milk of stars,

Devouring the azure plains- where float

The pale, bloated corpses of the drowned;

Who, holding the brining blue trumpet’s delirious

Rhythm, slowly throughout the rupture of the days . . .”

Surrealism was birthed in 1920’s Paris, perhaps a reflection and inversion of W.W. I playing into The DaDa Movement, a nonsensical reaction to great violence. The classical influences include references to the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires, naming Heraclitus, Carthage, the Punic Wars, Copernicus, Aquinas, Virgil amongst others, bringing to life the ancients and ancient civilizations. He also calls on the French Symbolist Poets Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire, the milieu of Paris in the early 1900’s, creating a moody dreamscape illustrated by nature imagery, inside a celebration of the collective memory of Dublin.


Excavating the site
for further traces of you

your furthest outreach
buried among the mound of
Proustian artifacts

bears triumphantly cavorting on wine labels
exhorting all of the virtues of the Médoc
dune and wooden slats
all aromatised with pine

and just above the great blanket
of pulverised white sand


the isle of birds . . .”

The title of the book is borrowed from the name the Norse gave to Fingal, Sker or Skerries, where the Poet and his family has lived since 2000. Sker is the first book in a trilogy titled The Fingal Trilogy aka The Hereclitan Trilogy. The book has divided the year of writing into 4 parts, the Hereclitan elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, a journal of days. Also woven into the poetic soup is the influence of German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, the entire beginning poems of the books seem to play within and expound on this Existential writing. Themes within include childhood, lost love, drinking, death, Dublin history, the sinking of a W.W. II submarine, a poetry reading, a parenting course, a concert by The Pogues, plays off nature imagery with a violent undertoad. The writing itself unfolds in broken poetic prose, incongruous thoughtscapes, with rare rhyming couplets, borrowing from the style of the French Symbolists in a Post-modernist progression.

The love poetry is fantastical, enigmatic, plays with shadows.


eruption of cloud

billowing like the Archeron

above the arrow-headed leaves

trembling and Virgilian

this ink

awash upon a primed sky

which the great window frames

pooling all origins

from the vortex of the night

the golden dawn radiates

banishing all fear

illuminating gently your lover”

The poetry is fascinating weaving current events such as a Poetry Reading, a parenting class or The Pogues Concert with nature imagery and the essence of Dublin in the time of sailing ships. As if the poetry of the life and times of Peter O’Neill in Skerries lives in fantastical spaces. Also 2 of the poems are offered in French with English translations.

Within the magical spaces of the mind of the Oracle Poet, this poetry dances, plays in dreamscape with history and time, flies with angels. A brilliant rendering of Symbolist and Magical Surrealism lives in the New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry, Sker by Peter O’Neill.

* medicant

Available @ Amazon.ca.


Shiftless(Harvester): in minimalist spaces.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Shiftless(Harvester)

Author: Buck Downs

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 24

“T’aint no big thing
To wait for the bell to ring
T’aint no big thing
The toll of the bell”
- from Love is the Drug by Roxy Music

Shiftless(Harvester), the rage in the beat, the rage in the wind, fantastical Beat influenced poetry in the New Age Renaissance from American Poet Buck Downs. Buck Downs (Poet, Writing Coach, Member of the Board for the District of Columbia Arts Center) a native of Jones County, Mississippi lives and works in Washington, D.C. His latest book of poetry is Tachycardia (2015).

Poet Downs’ poetry is a masculine perspective on the sex and war economy North America. The poetry is based in rural route America, lives in images of automobiles, marriage, nature, war, the agricultural industry, and lingers in themes of violence and lost/misconstrued love.

“left under

           meltdown elevator
           down memory lane
same song, second verse
third spouse, mighty kind

           one a them
           two a them
                       hot cross
a few a them

           all because we feel like
           rocking the sick flow,
             the cause of poesie
             power and beauty

              any genius
make or model

            street aloe
coca cola blonde

                        I keep a button
              from her winter coat
                        in my back pocket
              for memory, and for luck –

The nature imagery, roses, cherry trees, bees, horses, birds, stars, phoenix, jewel provides a living force counterpoint to the masculine and violence of the minimalist beat, as if weaving breath into the dance with death.

“vertigo lite

suffocated single child
                          twenty five
                                      years later
              she came up for air
                              & a cocktail
she was not my boss
and I let her

              the jewel of her moan
              a rattle in the building”

The poetry is minimalist, borrowing from the Imagist school and bangs out in the staccato rhythms of a reinvented Beat Poetry tradition, traveling across the page, dancing with empty spaces. The beat of the poetry, is like a chant for the dead. The language rolls out in cadence, a dance with meme and slang, repetitive words and phrases creating a holistic rendering, a new take on apocalypse poetry. The violence and karmic dissonance of ended love affairs manifesting the dance at the end of the world. In bare and bones, the truth-telling in poetry is the story of the land, the story of the lost America, looking for a new day.

“night hydro

jim beam incognito
as if sight were the only sense
and even a blind man could tell
that we were getting stank up, yall –

shall the rose bush grow
where the cherry once stood

                         and with dung and bees
            covered with dung and bees
            when the nicotines
no longer lay waste
                             to us all –

let’s rough the fuck out
let’s just wade
right into
the war on broken hearts

            days when you whisper
            nights when you cry

sounds like some horsemen

             all the burnt parts
             still rule inside

This poetry is reminiscent of the minimalist style of Canadian Poet Stephen Bett, the tight rolling silences and broken spaces in a very few words, yet existing as the American imprint. A fantastical rendering in minimalist spaces, Shiftless(Harvester) by Buck Downs.

Available @ above/ground press.

without you


Rebecca Anne Banks

“cold Summer sky

blues shadows

blues day . . . without you”

and everything becomes beautiful

so beautiful . . .

the trees heavy with storm coming, dance

the trees heavy with rain

gypsies so beautiful

gypsies so dance

tremble the light on orange penumbra

o’ evening

the blues

the cat dresses in orange

some vice regal cantata

something in nightengale man

gypsies so beautiful

gypsies so dance

God is my heart

and blue

so blue,

the sleep of angels.

Sans toi


Rebecca Anne Banks

"Ciel d'été froid

bleus ombres

jour bleus . . . sans toi"

et tout devient belle

si belle . . .

les arbres lourds avec l’orage à venir, danse

les arbres lourds avec de pluie

tsiganes si beaux

tsiganes si danse

trembler la lumière sur la pénombre d'orange

o’ pénombre

les bleus

les robes de chat en orange

quelque chanson du vice-roi

quelque chose dans l'homme rossignol

tsiganes si beaux

tsiganes si danse

Dieu est mon coeur

et bleu

si bleu,

le sommeil des anges.


Rebecca Anne Banks lives in Montreal. She is the author of over 27 books of poetry, a family cookbook, a book of children’s stories, a book of World Peace Newsletters and a primer on marriage discernment all available at Amazon.ca. She is also the CEO/Artist at Tea at Tympani Lane Records (www.tympanilanerecords.com) and The Book Reviewer at The Book Reviewer (www.thebookreviewer.ca).

Daniel de Cullá (1955) is a writer, poet, and photographer. He is also a member of the Spanish Writers Association, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, and others. Director of Gallo Tricolor Review, and Robespierre Review. He has participated in Festivals of Poetry, and Theater in Madrid, Burgos, Berlin, Minden, Hannover and Genève. He has exposed in many galleries from Madrid, Burgos, London, and Amsterdam. He is moving between North Hollywood, Madrid and Burgos, Spain. His address is in Burgos, just now. He has more than 70 published books. e-mail: gallotricolor@yahoo.com.

Buck Downs (Poet, Writing Teacher, Member of the Board for the District of Columbia Arts Center) a native of Jones County, Mississippi lives and works in Washington, D.C. He has written books of poetry, Tachycardia (2015), Ladies Love Outlaws (2006), Marijuana SoftDrink (1999) amongst others.

Ernest Hemingway born in Cicero, a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois. He worked as a Writer and journalist and served in W.W. I as an ambulance driver, he met and was engaged to a nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky. The engagement broke and he married Hadley Richardson, they had a son. He worked for the Toronto Star as a foreign correspondant in Paris, where he met with the leading lights of "The Lost Generation", Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Pablo Picasso and James Joyce. He had an affair with Pauline Pfeiffer, who became his second wife and they had a son. Reporting on the Spanish Civil War, 1937, he met Martha Gelhorn who became his 3rd wife. In W.W. II he was a war correspondent and met and married Mary Welsh his 4th wife. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. He committed suicide in 1961. He is best known for the novels, The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea, A Moveable Feast amongst others.

Peter O'Neill Poet, Poetry Editor was born in Cork, Ireland. He lived in France for most of the '90's and has been living in Dublin since 1998. He has been writing poetry for over 30 years and has been published in Ireland, U.S.A., U.K. and France. His first collection of poetry is Antiope (2013), his second is The Elm Tree (2014) and he was the Poetry Editor and contributor for And Agamemnon Dead (2015) Poetry Anthology of Irish Poets writing in the 21st Century.