ubterranean Blue Poetry
November Special 2015
"for those subterranean blues"

The Cover Art/Photo:

by Jean Jullien


(inspired by the Paris Massacre, November 13th, 2015)

“sky day and bird flies

autumn cold and quiet . . . “

quiet day

rain and rain . . .

(he is a dancer)

she of beauty

walks in diamonds

the diamond shine

and someone on springtime

a child and springtime

certain things certain

and yet uncertain

at the same time . . .

(he is a dancer)

such a brave child

o’ Lily the Pinka

The Tempest

(he is a dancer)

wicky wog

wicky, wicky wog

o’ wicky wog

stars and crosses

he is a dancer

cheebotnik winter winner

trust the open weather

i lay sleeping


if i could hold you in my dreams, close

it is be adored

o’ gareth

with the broken blue heart tattoos

someone’s angel

when he dances

the rain falls

the music, the music

the bangs before the screams

and everything broke loose

broken rag,

rag, rag on rag

(he is a dancer)

a quiet day

rain and rain

rain through red roses bleed

the borders closed

the tower lights dimmed

“attackers thought to be dead”

crack whip soldier

kiss, kiss

rain and kisses sweet

my mouth

she raises her hand to her mouth

the silent scream

rain . . .

o’ the dark, the dark

of night.

(he is a dancer)

the war raged

the day he died, she burnt all of his clothes

she paints her forehead with ashes

through the chaos

the rain washes the blood through the streets

the men are dead

the women in ashes, concubines and ashes.

(he is a dancer)

(he is a dancer)

(he is a dancer)

In the morning

we hang our red clothes in the forest

watch the rain,

the rain

through red roses bleed

quiet day

rain and rain . . .

today it is winter.

(winter hearts and roses

amongst the candles and the flowers

step lightly

a loud bang

the people run

the candles fall

burn the flowers

burning flowers

flowers burning

but where is my lover

where is the sun

and the moon,

the stars

someone plays “imagine”

in the Springtime, in the Summer . . .

blessed be the lovers

blessed be the lovers

blessed be the lovers)