Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”

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Photographer/Artist: Danielle Bedard -

Artist: Lucie Chicoine -

Photographer/Artist/Poet: Adam Cramb -

Photographer/Poet/Publisher: Daniel de Cullá - Email:

Photographer/Painter: Patrick Ennis - Facebook

Photographer: Gina Hanlon

Photographer/Artist/Poet: Pd Lietz -

Artist: Grace Morai -

Photographer/Artist/Writer: Dean Moriarty

Photographer: Melissa Pelchat -

Photographer/Artist/Writer: Agostino Scafidi -

Photographer/Artist: Patrick Slaughter - Facebook

Photographer: Edie Steiner

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Photographer/Painter/Poet: Ginna Wilkerson - ArtFinder

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