ubterranean Blue Poetry
Volume II Issue VI

The Cover Photo/Art:

by Rebecca Anne Banks



fly away home


and everything in white bird

a dove in a golden cage

o’ pomegranate juice runs sweet

against morning light

she dresses by the window


quiet, rest and sleep



fly away home”

Subterranean Blue Poetry
Volume II Issue VI
(July 2014)

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2014


On the School of the New Age

New Age Poetry, birthed from the invention of the Internet and the quiet ease of the see and be seen online arts culture phenomenon, is an evolution from the debasement and violence of the White Culture/geopolitical machine age of the 20th Century. Not unlike Apocalypse poetry or Anarchist poetry, the darkness of hedonism is presented and healed through reclaiming cultural/spiritual enlightenment. Introducing respect for women, minorities, nature, and Romance, the New Age Poet reclaims life as a dance within the Holy Spirit way. Borrowing from elements of the past, particularly Imagism, the style is pared in, every word carefully considered, painting pictures with words using natural images in a constructed stream of consciousness. Also presenting the juxtaposition of supernatural significance with illogical, grand, intuitive associations without a clear linear path, out of place, out of time, harkens to the writings of the Symbolists. And the Asian sensibility of Haiku may present itself, with elements of the profound, details of nature in a breath. A progression from the Modernist school of free verse and the hidden rhyme schemes of the Post-moderns, the white magic of rhyme begins to show itself with the influences of the Beat Poets and Rap Music of North America, yet sparingly, a recent development. In old Wiccan magic, spells were cast as poetry, the rhyme of the words white magic that theoretically, would make the words come true. (N.B.: one would have to be careful what one wished for, hopefully only good things like the attentions of a special love interest). Themes include war, violence, love, peace, historical moments in time and the entire landscape of inspiration from the weather to emotions, art, paintings, movies, songs, news, presenting the truth inside the worship of the Holy Spirit, New Age Poetry spinning mythologies that heal. New Age Poetry is poetry that bangs in the dance, it is exciting, makes the world shake and on a good day may change your life.

- the editor at Subterranean Blue Poetry

Out of Our Flesh

by Steve Klepetar

All night we came alive
rolling on this bed
which soars
through star-littered
bringing us home
to bodies
fused from elements
gathered in the nebulae of soul.

Mornings we are dazed
our eyes averted
and abashed
we stumble toward
a kitchen
fragrant with daylight
and music
overflowing from hands
rendered humble with joy

Stepping out of our flesh
we leap from this trembling
boat into amber water
find we are made of light
we sparkle and dance
on the surface of this lake
dive deep and are refracted
into rainbows
vanish into its depths and reeds

Music of Cold Days

by Steve Klepetar

Here is the music of cold
days ready to break

song of chipped teeth
and bruised tongue

a prayer to now, a chant
to the magic of change

prophecy of wind’s
warm kiss one last

note held, mouth swollen
and raw, some blast of air

trumpeting this birth
here in the Midwest

where trees grip river’s
edge where nothing

blossoms yet, where iron
gray sky trembles

as stars fall, as the moon
sinks onto startled beds

of waters ripped
from rock, piercing

granite and sand in a wild
rush to tumble and breathe.

What If?...

by Anca Mihaela

What if....
butterflies grow under my skin,
with overwhelming aroma?
Will you still say good bye
sixteen times per a day?...

What if...
their wings paint
the rhythm of your Heart,
with its elegant brushes?
Will you still say good bye,
during the electric nights?...

What if...
with their own swirling dance
bring your breath nearer
to taste the endless similarities?
Will you still say good bye
during the fleeting hours?

And.... do you know
where the butterflies go
when lavender kisses touch you
in the night?!...

Featured Poet: W.B.Yeats

The White Birds

by W.B. Yeats

I would that we were, my beloved, white birds on the foam of the sea!

We tire of the flame of the meteor, before it can fade and flee;

And the flame of the blue star of twilight, hung low on the rim of the sky,

Has awaked in our hearts, my beloved, a sadness that may not die.

A weariness comes from those dreamers, dew-dabbled, the lily and rose;

Ah, dream not of them, my beloved, the flame of the meteor that goes,

Or the flame of the blue star that lingers hung low in the fall of the dew:

For I would we were changed to white birds on the wandering foam: I and you!

I am haunted by numberless islands, and many a Danaan shore,

Where Time would surely forget us, and Sorrow come near us no more;

Soon far from the rose and the lily and fret of the flames would we be,

Were we only white birds, my beloved, buoyed out on the foam of the sea!

Missed Connections

Craigslist Montreal – Missed Connections – April 15th, 2014 - Anonymous

Starbucks. Five sugars. - m4w (Creamy Coffee Land)

U put 5 sugars in ur coffee and it excited the crap out of me.
We briefly discussed the awesomeness of cream...then I dashed.
Best coffee all week: same time 2morrow?

(N.B.: o’ yes! – note from the editor)

Book Reviews

Arrhythmia, Imagist poetry in the New Age school.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Arrhythmia

Author: Janice Tokar

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2014

Page Count: 13

“Poetry inside the breath of Summer” Arrhythmia by Janice Tokar is a dance with Imagist and Symbolist influences that celebrates. Poet Tokar lives and works in Ottawa and has had poetry published in Arc Poetry Magazine, Bywords Quarterly Journal, ottawater, The Peter F. Yacht Club amonst others. A previous edition of this Chapbook won a secondplace award in the Tree Press Chapbook Contest 2012.

This long poem begins inside nature imagery and the quiet disconnection of slow time.


The forest breathes north
for a thousand miles

a slow, deep exhale
of patient resuscitation

We fill our lungs
saturate each pulse”

Deliciously, the language paints images of nature including glaciers, seaweed, lake, ocean, birds, moon, clouds amongst others. There is a concise economy of language, every word is carefully chosen, pared in and runs as if in a constructed train of consciousness. In free verse, this poetry occasionally displays disguised rhymes.


Pinned by a dented
brass tack

last year’s calendar
still mounts the wall

   kept for its pictures
   of Audubon songbirds
   (so I say)

This year’s is hung
loosely on top

August displays
a black and white flight
of Escherian stairs

I measure her distance
by sedimentary layers
of tiles
of days”

As if inside a dream of quiet, this poetry is the celebration of a love affair, a background theme that weaves through the work. Interestingly, the Poet uses the word “she” or “her” in a different way. Is “she” herself in the third person, a celebration of the Poet, she as author, the writer of lines. Or is “she” perhaps a woman as romantic interest. (I tend to think it is the former as she is married to someone named Roland in her “with thanks” dedication at the end of the Chapbook). In any case a fascinating entrenous.


When she left


     hard choices made

     histories deanchored

     gold bands
     tossed in the Falls

I imagine
she imagined
we’d sail free

But the beginning rides in
on an ending’s wake”

“x. On a calm day the canvas splits
along the lakeside’s edge

and its inverse dream

Your black mask and fins
pierce the blue sky

I float
on the underside
of clouds”

Exciting edible poetry. The long poem weaves a love affair inside the perfection of nature and time. Arrhythmia, by the beat of the heart by Poet Janice Tokar.

Available at above/ground press.



Rebecca Anne Banks

“for a time

the birds sang so sweetly

thrush notes in Summer”

I mouth the flowers of your wrists

kiss them sweet

white flowers into the blue night

the moon

by cloudwork

come, my love, come

now that the table is set

we’ll put jasmine in everything

the dinner, the dessert, the kisses of love

into the blue by night.


Rebecca Anne Banks is at home in Montreal. She is the CEO/Artist at Tea at Tympani Lane Records (www.tympanilanerecords.com) and the Book Reviewer at The Book Reviewer (www.thebookreviewer.ca).

Anca Mihaela Bruma, I am Romanian living in Dubai/UAE. My love for poetry started when I was just 9 years old, when I registered myself to some creative poetry writing group. It was a turning point for me as I started to discover the mysteries of the written word and its impact on the readers.

Steve Klepetar’s work has received several nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Three collections appeared in 2013: Speaking to the Field Mice (Sweatshoppe Publications), Blue Season (with Joseph Lisowski, mgv2>publishing), and My Son Writes a Report on the Warsaw Ghetto (Flutter Press). An e-chapbook, Return of the Bride of Frankenstein, has just been published by Kind of a Hurricane Press.

Janice Tokar lives and works in Ottawa, Canada. She has had poetry published in Arc Poetry Magazine, The Peter F. Yacht Club, Experiment-O, ottawater and Bywords Quarterly Journal. A previous edition of Arrhythmia received a secondplace award in the Tree Press Chapbook Contest 2012.

W.B. Yeats was born in Dublin, Ireland. His father was a portrait painter and a lawyer. He attempted an Irish Literary Revival and helped found the Abbey Theatre as well as being a leading light in literary circles in London. He is a playwright, Symbolist Poet and Irish Senator. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, writing about Irish legends, the occult, masks, cyclical theories of life and more. His most famous works include The Wild Swans at Coole, Michael Robartes and the Dancer, The Tower, The Winding Stair and Other Poems, Last Poems and Plays, The Countess Cathleen, The Land of Heart’s Desire amongst others.