ubterranean Blue Poetry
Volume I Issue II

The Cover Photo/Art:

" Blue "

by Pd Lietz

“Just look into our eyes

you know us

the diamonds in the holes

of our shoes

the river and blue the dance

Bonne Fete

blue, blue by night

and Carnivale

on the island

by the light

and the singing goddess

where her tears fell

forget-me-nots and sweet elecampane“

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume I Issue II

(April 2013)

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2013


by Tadeo Seguin

what sounds!

these echoes rolling

from her tongue

her rhythmic lips

cut and mold

the flowing stream

melodies linger

until the next

comes lapping

on my mind

the touch of blue

that drink my ears,

the shores

her lips caress

Fissured Shell

By Tadeo Seguin

a passing scent

lights bygone scenes

of a past enclosed

within a fissured shell

the light it throws

into my eyes

steals my present,

fading moments

always drifting


never pausing

for my grasping hands

fragmented sounds

words lost

from careless mouths

bring visions

of my future

my future

waiting for the present

to reach and pass

and wither away

a flower’s scent


my disembodied past

to steal once more

my present

from my eyes

Featured Poet: Bella Akhmadulina

The Dream of Winter Night

by Bella Akhmadulina

‘Twas snowing. And to the snow,

To cold of the heaven and earth

The deeper I slept the more grown

Was Chegum tulips warming blaze.

‘Twas snowing. Soul was singing

From whiteness of snow afar,

‘Twas snowing. Plane-trees were greening

How green, dreams of winter, you are!

Missed Connections

Montreal Craigslist – January 2013 – Free Section – "Big Weird Head" - Anonymous


So I got this big weird head that I gotta get rid of because I don't really have space for it anymore.

It's really beautiful, and scary, and arty. I found it like 7 years ago and I've been keeping it since.

It's not small, it's very large in fact, like three feet tall all around, so a car is better than someone just walking to pick it up.

I think it's really cool but it's probably not for everyone. For example, my ex-girlfriend hated it, but we had a terrible relationship anyway so it was just one of the things we didn't agree on. My mom really likes it and she's still my mom. Go figure.

I will just give this to you if you pick it up, but the only problem is that you're probably gonna be fairly weird if you want it in the first place, and I'm always afraid of meeting weird people, so this is gonna be tricky. I like to think I can discern from an email how weird someone is, but in reality I probably won't reply to anyone. If you're super convincing I will probably let you have it, but I just hope you're not too odd when you show up. At least not in a scary way. I'm down with odd people as long as they're nice. I don't have room for mean folks, no sir-ee.

Also I will barter this for anything. I like recipe's, paintings of fruit, and booze. Also if you're a therapist - I'm looking for a good one so maybe we could barter like a 3 minute session and you walk away with this giant hideous head that you can put up on the wall of your practice and freak out your patients.

I hope this will make someone very happy one day, as it seems I might not.

After the storm: the sleeping garden


Rebecca Anne Banks

(inspired by the Muse, the death of a friends friend, the hurricane and the paintings of Paul Gauguin)

In the mystery

of quiet

the beauty of the goddess

the shadows

behind the eyes

of the Muse

beside Summer water

lays down

naked in the warm

in the rain.


I long to caress

the soft cresses of hair,

a fallen angel

like the smooth skin

the fallen goddess

in the eyes of the artist

the perfect orange in a bowl

of oranges

slit open in the light.


As if the sky broke

and the rain

the rage against

the fallen night

broken into blue

the night

the night

I long to gather in the cloth

some open flower

some silent wishbone

that everyone sees

the singing of angels.

Down in the south of sun

the poor girls club

as I wrap you in Tahitian blues

the song of the island

I know I’ll always be your lover

always in the same place

saying goodbye


drawn to the same point

of self obliteration

the darkness wanting

after awhile the light turns

I wrap myself

in your Tahitian love song.


In my dream of you

I live by the water

we are wrapped in the blue cloth

passed over by the storm.


In my sleeping garden

the quiet, after

a place where love

is always,

on some

blue Tahitian island.

Book Review


Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies the story of paradise lost.

by: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title: Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies

Author: Rebecca Anne Banks

Publisher: Tea at Tympani Lane Records, www.tympanilanerecords.com.

Date of Publication: 2013

Page Count: 21

Format: EBook

Available at: Poet's Corner @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. www.tympanilanerecords.com.

Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies presents the story of paradise lost, of love as war in the post-modern world. The long poem EBook presents the heart of darkness as war, love as war and the violence at the loss of innocents, a comment on the white culture/geopolitical violence of the West and the great insanity of the break with the Holy Spirit and the fomenting of death in everyday life and the revolving battles of the United States/European Union in foreign countries. The poem reads like a dialectic, the violence of the West aussaged by the calling of the artist, a calling back to the Holy Spirit. Images of jewelry, the beauty of the creation of the artist, allude to the sacred as “seeing antique earrings in a shop window anything that calls of home.” Also, images of the ancient Aztec culture suffuse the work, Maya as the place of evil, the desert, where human sacrifice was practiced, a fascinating parallel with the war setting Afghanistan – “the Maya rips out the heart of any living love”. With the theme of war, images of the Weimar Republic of World War II are subtle in nuances. Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies questions the nature of war, how the death of innocents creates evil, a war that is not righteous. The long poem also questions the nature of love, the nature of the white culture cursehold that takes us away from our starcrossed lover, away from God. This poem is an incantation not unlike T. S. Eliot’s, The Wasteland, truncated, bouncing between settings, speakers and time and presenting the disallure of war. The Wasteland was written in 1922 just after W.W. I, Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies is written in the post-modern world after World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and currently the insurrections in the Middle East. Also, in the work by The Poet Banks, the elements of Existentialism, the suffering in absurdist theatre moving past despair to express anger with a glimpse of light at the end of the poem in the possibility of redemption through the artist and ultimately the Way of the Holy Spirit. In The Wasteland there is great angst and despair with images of “no water” but the light of peace in the Hindi prayer at the end of the work. The style of The Wasteland is more elaborate and in the Modernist school while Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies is more a reflection of the Beat Poets and the post-modernists like Leonard Cohen, the lines more spare and blunt, a testament to the incredible violence, emotional and actual, of the 21st century. The work could also draw from the influence of the modern day fairytale, The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde – “the blue heart gemstone from the eyes of the Saviour plucked from her mouth” presenting elements of wanderlust and magic inside the scream at the blasphemy of modern love/war. This modern day classic, harkens to classical literature with references to Abelard and Heloise, the Bible and a modern reference to the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. What is unique is the eclectic use of lines of songs as quotes, borrowing from a traditional Scots ballad, a popular song from World War I and II, a show tune from My Fair Lady by George Bernard Shaw and two references from modern day rock ballads. Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies is a testament to the Spirit, calling us back to an ideal of peace by illustrating the subtle, casual and often unconscious nature of violence, violence in love and violence in war, the great suffering aussaged by the tenets of the Holy Spirit that sings to us in the background of the dawn of the New Age.

Available @ Available at Amazon.


Izabella Akhatovna “Bella” Akhmadulina is the celebrated and popular Russian Poet, translator and short story writer. Born in Moscow she is of Tatar, Georgian, Russian and Italian heritage. Although her work is apolitical she supported “dissidents” (including Boris Pasternak) and has at different times been in and out of favour with the Russian government. Akhmadulina has received many awards, including the USSR State Prize for Sad(Garden) (1989), the Pushkin Prize (1994) and has presented her work to packed stadiums. Some of her best known works are The String (1962), Fever (1986), Music Lessons (1970), Casket and Key (1994), My Own Verses (1995), One Day in December (1996).

Rebecca Anne Banks. CEO/Artist at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. At home in Montreal. www.tympanilanerecords.com.

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin. A renowned post-impressionist painter was born in Paris, France. He spent his early childhood in Peru and later spent time in the service of the French military. Returning to Paris he became a successful businessman. He married a Danish woman, Mette-Sophie Gad and had 5 children. The business failed and so did his marriage, he was driven to paint full-time. Shedding the conventions of society, Gauguin then traveled to French Polynesia, and had children by several mistresses, Juliette Huais, Pau’ura, Mari-Rose. His best works are considered the colorful Symbolist depictions of the native women of Tahiti.

Pd Lietz is a widely published writer, photographer and artist who lives in rural Manitoba Canada. As a child nurture and environment both shaped her artistic abilities, her Grandfather and both Parents were Professional Photographers and Artists, the Studio then her home. Coming full cycle it is with delight she again picks up pen, crayon or camera and simply enjoys what may occur. www.pdlietzphotography.com.

Tadeo Seguin. Philosophy student, of French Canadian and Brazilian heritage, Tadeo attempts to reveal the ever fleeting mysteries of perceptions and time and the beauty and rhythm of language through poetry. Exploring past artistic movements and searching for new forms of expression, he draws inspiration from music, painting, nature and past experiences.