Subterranean Blue Poetry
“for those subterranean blues”


Subterranean Blue Poetry Presents! The large Perfect Bound Codagriffe Journal is 7" x 10", full Colour in Art/Photos and Midnight Blue font, in French and English.

Back Issues. If you would like a back issue in hardcopy Please Inbox: The greater requests for an Issue, the sooner it will be created as a paperback. Subterranean Blue Poetry Codagriffe hardcopy issues are available at cost. Please Inbox for a quote.

Free Codagriffe. In lieu of payment for publication we can send you a Free Codagriffe. Please Inbox.

Author Copies. Available at cost. Please Inbox.

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Volume IV Issue II (and blue green sky at evening . . .)
Volume IV Issue XII (a rose for Marilyn)
Volume V Issue XII (Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley)
Volume VII Issue XII (The Leonard Cohen for Christmas Issue)
Volume VIII Issue V (The Missing)
Volume VIII Issue VI (“the last station”)
Volume VIII Issue IX (A day in the life - A day at the aquarium)
Volume VIII Issue X (The Blue Girl)
Volume VIII Issue XI (Blue Pink)
Volume VIII Issue XII (The Marlon Brando for Christmas Issue)
Volume IX Issue I (Four Trees of Park Hill: angels in the forest)
Volume IX Issue II (Black Lives Matter)
Volume IX Issue III (The Covid Diaries: Cat on the piazza)
Volume IX Issue IV (The Revenge of the Deep Green Forest)
Volume IX Issue V (Our Towne)
Volume IX Issue VI (The Doll House: the blue Metropolis)
Volume IX Issue IX (The Word: Kraftwerk)
Volume IX Issue X (Night Street: Moonlight)
Volume IX Issue XI (Thunder Under the Mountain)
Volume IX Issue XII (The John Lennon and The Beatles for Christmas Issue)
Volume X Issue I (The Garden)
Volume X Issue II (Girl in Traffic)
Volume X Issue III (The Beat Poets)
Volume X Issue IV (The Girlfriend/The Goddess)
Volume X Issue V (Satanic Verses)

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