Book Review for The Silence Before The Whisper Comes:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue I

other side

you now

on the other


of water

of shadows

             falling backward

of time

no longer believing

             in itself

of other

lifetimes remembering


of others

still wishing

             to be

you who still

do not know

how many times

             i have watched a door open

             expecting to see

             your face come through


the doors open

the doors close

to no one

to shadow

to whispers





have never felt

             an emptiness

             like this

blue rain

with this page before me

waiting to catch moisture

there are times when words

no longer freely fall

       from an

       ordinary sky

and on those days i take

the lavender bowl to

the barrel beneath

the corner eve of the house

i draw from barrel's surface

the wet words

floating there

then with tongs

dripping black ink

i separate and pull words

          from the bowl

and place them gently

          on a page



to be there

but their heart

        is still floating

        in yesterday's sky

late last night

the full moon

blood red

then orange


rising over

reflecting itself

          its colour atop

the eastern shore

          of lake ontario

then white

          on black

a lone grey owl

silhouette flying

against the evening

          across the line

          of newly risen


and here

casting its shadow

through my window

opening a space

in the air

letting voice

          slip through


          the maker of dreams

          and filling

          a space with darkness

          with what comes

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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