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Book Review for PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue II

PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ

Author: Zo-Alonzo Gross

Illustrators: Beya Prince Gross (Back Cover Abstract), Michaël Lezay, Alexia Zakariya, Keila Zuniga, Danielle Siegelbaum,
                         Jahim Trotter, Bum Buniii/Joslyn Tapia, Dwayne Jones, DK Photography,
                         Adail Dilly-Santiago of Jadil Photos, Alex Gaston Art, Justin Bua,
                         The Artist Wesley, Stanislav Sidorov, Jason O'Brien, Abeon Hosting,
                         Kevin J. Taylor, Jahbu Art

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2021

Pages: 136

"All you need is love . . ."
- From All you need is love by The Beatles

PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ by Zo-Alonzo Gross, a Rap music inspired poetry and art/photo event where the blues street meets the neo-classical, on the wings of doves, creating an original art house poetry offering, A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint. Including an eclectic mix of artwork, the work features 17 illustrators/photographers, particularly Michaël Lezay, Kevin J. Taylor, Jahbu Art, Dwayne Jones, Jahim Trotter, Danielle Siegelbaum, Keila Zuniga amongst others. Zo-Alonzo Gross (Poet, songwriter, recording artist, dancer, writer) lives with his wife and children. He has earned a degree in literature at Temple University. He has published short stories, poetry collections and has poetry featured in anthologies and journals. He is featured in "VOICES" a documentary of cutting-edge New Age Poets by Gina Nemo. He has received Awards for his poetry from the Lehigh Valley Music Awards (2012), The Poet Magazine (2020) and Inner Child Press (2020).

This poetry has the power of dream travel, a magic conjuring of a parallel universe, a heaven universe of love, truthtelling, wisdom and mythos. A spirit call for love and peace that transcends violence. In Beat box delivery that moves and rhymes intermittently at the ends of lines, in terms of old-world magic it is as if the poetry attempts to reintroduce love and true bright to a conflicted world. The poetry is a pictograph, in and of itself with creative use of syntax, that at once creates a new vision for our times, an enlightenment in protest. Written in neo-Shakespeare, Gross uses word constructions in an Old English presentation, influenced by the writings of the Bard. Images of nature resound in original poetic light.

This poetic gift combined with the illustrations, give a new celebration in ekphrastic poetry. The poetry and illustrations play with an internal state of ecstatic experience that dances in spheres of love and forevermore. Cuandos Bailamos (When We Dance) with the illustration by Michaël Lezay is a truly gifted presentation that illuminates an idea of love and respect in love's storybook, as if alluding to an idea of karma and discernment, much needed in a lost world of hidden agendas. A truly great write, this poetry is an original creation in style, iconographic.

From "Hymns of Eternity":

"Her Wings Stretched out,
in2 the Dawn of Night,
Her path (From God)
etched out, She's ever Grateful,
4 the Dawn's Invite."

The themes in the work celebrate the life and love of the poet in his journey. A truthtelling for peace that shines within the eternal magic of New Age poetry, PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ by Zo-Alonzo Gross.

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