Book Review for Voices from Oja Ba Market:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue III


by Onwuasoanya Chika Tobi

Have you seen the play of Adamu?

Mortals of earth, have you seen the play,

Of Adamu Orisha?

The one in the white mask waits,

His rod stiffly in hand,

He waits in the wings of life,

Ready to take center stage,

The tall white one,

O great Eyo gogoro!

The one whose feet are ever impatient,

Who’s dancing feet stirs up,

The black dust of mourning in men’s heart,

The one whose hat,

Skims effortlessly slicing through air,

Reaching deep to pluck at the chords of our hearts,

Close down Carter Bridge!

Cordon off Tinubu square!

Gather round you great people,

The spine of western Nigeria!

Hide your motorcycles,

Their sounds I want not,

Draw off your sandals and quench your cigarettes!

The white masquerades are about to dance,

Let no suku be seen on our women,

Let no bicycles be wheeled in!

People of idumota, where are your eyes?

Let your feet be in the multitude,

Children of Oduduwa!

For we have seen the death of another great man,

The grim reaper’s hands have seized,

Another son of Odu'a!

The one in the white mask has been called out!

Watch out for his staff!

Stare closely at his moving feet,

Let us mourn and dance,

From Idumota to Iga Idunganran.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2012