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Book Review for The Inspired Heart Exclusive:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue II

A Deeper Reason 4 The Day...

by Zo-Alonzo Gross

There is a Deeper Reason why,
in private,
many people's tears flow-
A Deeper Reason why,
through the years,
they refuse 2 let them show-.
There is A Deeper Reason why,
many with abundance R unwilling 2 give-+
A Deeper Reason why,
many whom R alive R 2 afraid 2 live-+.
Verily I Say...
There is A Deeper Reason why,
someone prays with all of their might ^
this same reason keeps them awake,
in the annals of night^
but without faith they stayeth in darkness,
O' So depraved of Light^.
I again say 2 Thee/
There is A Deeper Reason that saith,
2 set our inner captives free/
Woe 2 those with wounded blind eyeZ,
as this truth they can not see/
4 u may run away as the gypsy doeZ,
but from UR Essence Thou Shalt Not Flee/.
But Alas,
4 So Duly I Do Say{-
the old & foolish shall surely perish
& in their prideful-foolery decay{-.
4 There is A Deeper Reason why,
many a dream goeZ astray{-
A Deeper Reason 4 ur existence,
A Deeper Reason 4 The Day{-}.


by Wilika Asimont

we think we have time
before the gate is shut
to escape these pink walls
but what of the ghosts
clinging to lacey curtains
lost dreams on silky pillows
a breath of fresh air
soon to arrive
staleness hovers
shutters swing open
waiting hope
fragrance seeps
listening to heavy rain
to make a sea
of tempest and gale
the dark lagoon
has its memories too
fodder to be tilled, turned over
deep the abyss peers
the maiden’s call
seasoned moon’s rays shine
pearls strung, the web is woven
from oyster’s shell
casting to the wind
no time to lose
this endless drift
in a place, no time stands still

Subterranean Blue Poetry


© 2012