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Book Review for The Inspired Heart #3:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue IV

Attar of Rose

by Emily Bilman

Rose petals filled the copper basins

as your senuous hands distilled

the rose juices in the vessels: satin

densities reased, crushed, and

macerated into rose-oil.

You kissed her in the penumbra

of the silk fields. I hid my crying

face from the summer breeze

with trembling hands. Hurt,

I ran towards the rose fields.

Like rushing rivers, the wind-blown

silk draperies undulated deep into

the scented fields, cleansing the bruised

attars of my bleeding vision.

Mamma Helen

by Caroline H. Davidson

Through the small end of the telescope

I look back fort years

to your favourite aunt

her smooth grey cap of hair

so like yours now

In that room were old notebooks

with your poems

in decorative writing

quiet metered lines

now you read my poems

Your warm smooth fingers

settle on mine

I feel your gnarled knuckles

with no rings

remember the bulging veins

on the backs of your hands

that fascinated me

in our sunlit kitchen

Today you give me your pearl ring

that you always wore at dinner

I put it on and see

my brown spots, bulging veins

my hand is yours.

AnorHEXia: Exhibit A

by Michael Hurley

Under no enchantment

but mine own

& my own starving society,

both of us hoodwinked

by the Beauty Industry,

crossing the thin line

between real & unreal,

wasting away under a spell

a hex that is the dark water

we swim in

& drown

until we wake up ...

Can what the White Coats say

be true?

Is this what they're saying?

Subterranean Blue Poetry


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