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The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star

Contributors: Joseph A. Farina, kerry rawlinson, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Ashley Cooke, Liza Libes, Christopher Stolle, Terrence Sykes, John B. Lee, Norma Kerby, Joel Long, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Don Yorty, Ward Maxwell, Rebecca Anne Banks.

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 92

"And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun"
- from Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) by John Lennon and The Beatles

The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Anthology, Art Nouveau shine in the New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry from Subterranean Blue Poetry. The theme of this years Contest/Anthology is Rock N Roll, the music, the lyrics, the singer/songwriter/musicians and all the stories about being on the road, love affairs, poetry inspired by the lyrics and music, this new music through the 1960's to the present that sings in the background of our lives, of the celebratory season. How the music changes our lives, alters moods into more positive spaces, expresses sorrow, laments for past loves, tells stories of people, places and things, how the music became iconic brought the underground, above ground, how Rock N Roll made us dance. The New Age offerings are a song for our times, in the inexpensive ease of the New technology, the flowering of the art of creation and the opening of lines of communication all around the world. The day sings of peace.

Choosing the poems for The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star, like choosing all poems for Subterranean Blue Poetry is an act of love. When This Writer reads a good poem, you fall into it, like water flowing, you go into a trance and the poem cascades, it has cadence and is considered. If you read a poem you are not ready to read yet, you stop and stumble at certain words or the ending isn't right or the cadence is off and it is not considered enough. If you have a love of poetry, love what you produce and write often, the gift ripens and after long-time will explode powerfully across the page.

The work in The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star is considered Art Nouveau offerings paying homage to the greats of Rock N' Roll. Taking in the traditions of Beat Poetry, the works of T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, the modernists, the post-modernists and spins into the New Age, this fantastical day of New Age poetry. The Poets in this international Anthology are largely from North America, California; Chicago; New York; Virginia; L.A.; Salt Lake City; Richmond, Indiana; the United States and Brantford, Sarnia, Okanogan Valley (formerly of Zambia), Vancouver, Montreal, Canada. Some are university and college students, poet laureates, teachers, retired lawyers, architects, poetry editors and publishers, all are Poets/writers.

Each Poet with work in The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star has a considered and unique offering, a combination of skill, life experience and soul cadence that shines. The work of John B. Lee, a much-read professional writer well decorated with international awards is noted for his Imagist influenced and full classical style. Liza Libes, a university student, is noted for the spinning of stories inside poetry with a considered style. Joel Long is noted for his original, pungent and surreal portrayals in poetry. Ashley Cooke, brings a progression in Beat poetry in the feminine mystique. Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, having just published his first book of poetry Flashes and Verses . . . Becoming Attractions, is noted for his original New Age spin on Beat poetry. Joseph A. Farina is widely published having written two books of poetry, presents a Beat progression inside a love story. Don Yorty, Poet, writer and teacher is well noted for his classical Beat style. kerry rawlinson presents a riveting, pared in, "bangs in the dance" Beat progression. Don Kingfisher Campbell offers a brilliant, "where were you when?" poem, with stories of what he was doing to rock music on the radio. Ward Maxwell, a founder of the Peterborough Poets spins '60s impressions with Beat and Imagist influences in poetic narrative. Christopher Stolle is published widely and presents considered, Beat poetry progressions. Terrence Sykes is published internationally with a classical Beat progression style. Norma Kerby was nominated for a Pushcart Prize (2017) is noted for surrealist Beat progressions. A cornucopia of New Age poetry.

Poetry as the celebration of the times of our lives. The gift of poetry celebrating Rock N Roll music and icons, The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star from Subterranean Blue Poetry.

Subterranean Blue Poetry


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