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Book Review for Isotropes: A Collection of Speculative Haibun:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue XI

The Sea Wife Retrieves Her Man

by T.J. McIntyre

It was a quiet night, like any other. Just Hans, Obediah, and I above deck. A flash of lightning lit up a mountain range
of distant clouds high up in the western sky.

winds ruffling sails
under a moonless sky
cutting through the sea

Waves rose. Winds blew. Tiny drops of salty ocean spray pelted through my wool coat, making it even heavier than usual.
Obadiah screamed something my way, but I didn’t hear him. I wasn’t really paying attention. My coat was too heavy.
Despite the chill, I slipped out of my coat, only wanting to have that weight off my shoulders.

thunder rumbling
ocean and sky merging
a brewing tempest . . . “

Subterranean Blue Poetry


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