Book Review for Mavericks:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue VIII


by Strider Marcus Jones

i'm falling,

falling into jasmine,

someone, who is, has been

put back on the shelf.

i'm calling,

calling from the jasmine,

sounding, like i have been

part of someone else:

not as the me, i used to be,

who did the doubts, of in and out,

not knowing, what i was about

hiding behind stealth

a favourite raindrop in the sun was he,

coming down and straight back up, without

a word when finding others out

suspicions kept inside this self.

i'm stalling,

stalling in the jasmine,

knowing who was, is seen

as more than something else.

i'm staying,

staying in the jasmine,

making truer roots, than these have been

out of something else.


by Strider Marcus Jones

what's the point of crying into me

but i can see,

to set you free.

don't you know

i did this long ago,

by turning songs off the radio.

silence is the bark

around my ark,

i wear it on, to eat the dark

and to keep out the images

of once shared symmetries,

standing, like stone circle cemeteries

in the open air, made

for the wind and rain to fade,

for the sun's bleach and icy blade

to erase it all,

to forget its fall,

to remove its face, from beauty's wall.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2016