Book Review for Pixel Boy in Poetry World:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue III


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Pixel Boy in Poetry World

Author: S.T. Cartledge

Publisher: CLASH Books

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 50

"Wishing you were next to me
You are my pixel girl . . ."
- from Pixel Girl by L33tStr33t Boys

"We're all swimming in a koi pond . . ."
- from Koi Pond by Matt Easton

Spellbound. Lost inside a Game Boy, some lost love song written from inside the machine, a generation "Y" write in New Gothic poetry progression, Pixel Boy in Poetry World by S.T. Cartledge and Clash Books. S.T. Cartledge has published three books of poetry with Eraserhead Press, Orphanarium, Cherry Blossom Eyes and Beautiful Madness. He lives in Australia, married with a child and numerous cats and dogs.

This book of poetry is in two parts, the first, begins with the surreal, someone inside a Game Boy, wandering, a distaff on the "matrix," lost and misconstrued bed rites in neo-classical images within images of the New Technology. The images of the video game are entwined with the love affair with poetry world, and the beautiful enigmatic Poetry Girl. A haunted meltdown with Poetry Girl, a sci-fi journey, on the edge of "The Mystery" in post-apocalypse nightmare.

"Right now, the homescreen exists without him.
It exists within him by proxy
like a shell taken from the beach
is a reminder of the beach.
The white noise waves call him back,
the bit-crushed ocean calls him back."

The second book is titled "It's Always Raining Bosho In My Mind", a poetic prose piece that dreams inside the imagine of Basho. A mythology of inside, the imago of Basho the Poet, the inside writing of haiku, the art of Cartledge bounds in ecstatic imagine, a mix of poetic prose, Beat and Haiku inspired verse. This offering is profound, enigmatic and flies on images of dragons in the sky. Truly inspired and inspiring. As if written in the memory of some lost Edo shrine, Pixel Boy in Poetry World by S.T. Cartledge, a brilliant write.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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