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Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue II

Mexico City, 1521

Cortes, the kilter. An elegy, worthy of figuring. Appointment to rifle. Imagine a passion-flower. Trapezoids, drawn. Recording, I am in pain. Some grey lines, gold. Introduction of letters, lined chocolate. To a certain degree, feminine. I am having an atom bomb. The contours of poetry. North, sentence mountains. Knows only, inferiority. Finger-marking the causeway. I heart you, premeditate.

Vancouver, 1886

Means love, and I am presently. A settlement named Gastown. Will I write you this letter? Arranged as memories, the story of a man, increased dramatically. Sequences reversible. An urban centre made of miles, kilometres-long. This Sunday marked with June. Tracks rode all the commentaries. This great fire, transcontinental train. The written word, still creeps. Such regulated sense.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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