The Way of Peace: an idea of God. Newsletters were written in response to the underground diaspora of the Western World, in my opinion all cultures should come with a handbook. A concept does not exist unless you can name it, unnamed it is fuzzy and nondescript, a large gray monster that is growing larger on the edge of the periphery, people walk past it daily as if walking through a war zone with their eyes closed. Naming the truth, once named becomes a beginning point opening the way for further discussion and evaluation. For me the discovery that karmic principals and cultural rules existed was a great enlightenment. In these letters the concepts of socialization in the culture and the Way of the Spirit are woven with the needs of life and love as reflected in the New Online Economy. The Ways of the Agricultural Economy are juxtaposed with the Ways of the Industrialized Economy and conceived in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit into the new way of the Online Economy. The Way of Peace creates a Romantic Enlightenment and the beginnings of a way of life, a new peace in the Utopian Age.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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