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Written in Toronto, 1997 – 2006.

I. Without Borders: blue water, stone floor

II. The War of the Roses

III. The Black Orchid Series: Song of the Summer night

IV. The Canticles: Seasons of the sun

I. Without Borders: blue water, stone floor

Seeing the blue closer

Let us compare symmetries

light hard on stillness

and lost against the day

barefeet on hot gravel

as we marched

down to the water

blistered on the hot stones

the grass as dry as the sun

and long, long the road.

Seeing the blue closer

we threw ourselves

into the water

and the blue

made us drink

only the blue

long and hard,

against the sun.

"Well I know that you're in love with him
I saw you dancing in the gym,
you both kicked off your shoes,
and I dig those rhythm and blues . . . "

- from American Pie by Don MacLean

Blue water, stone floor

Blue sky


dancing white rain

golden sun

burning white rain

sun, silent.

Blue water,

stone floor.

Without Borders

The sirens,

the gray

that echoes

with the night,

the rain.

I could hear them

but I could not see them

as they slipped away

shadows, laughing behind their hands.

The silence,

the tapping of the rain

I shed my wet clothes

who will see us here

old friends over tea

who will remember us here,

when even the walls are gone.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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