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"A New Age Book of Poetry by Rebecca Anne Banks. The Winter Tree is the story of the evil witch Hecate, psychically intuited and told through 3 lifetimes, one in the early centuries and one as Rebecca Nurse in Salem, Massachusetts and then in the post-modern world. The poetry is the recounting of the beginnings of satanism in the Old World. Juxtaposed with this theme is a series of love poems by Esben (Anne Putnam) confronted with the revenge of Hecate as her mother and a cursed love life in a post-modern lifetime".

- Subterranean Blue Poetry

(“the night

in the winter tree

by dark wind sky ..”

and moonlight

the unfinished sleep of dreams

a place of Summer

in winter

the speak of flowers

the Lord of Thunder

o’ sweet rain

roll the nightfire

my garden walks

by moonlight, still

the trees weep into the river,

still, the water speaks by dark

and moonlight, still

you hold my hand,

still, I kiss your mouth,

the flowers jewel in the moonlight

the nightsky

by moonlight.

but it is winter,

the cold wind is in the trees

my uncombed hair falls long

against my shift

somewhere in my thoughts you dance

though you are away

as this poem writes

I love you,

long into the night.)

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