my friend you look familiar (I wish you were in Rio)

(inspired by Robin Williams)

“o’ the moon

in cicada Summer

tangled in the heat, the sky .. “

dear rainbow,

how I found the Summer ..

o’ the Fisher King

visions of the pink underground dragon

the fire of the moon

so we dream, the Holy Grail of dreams

laying naked on Summer’s green

by night ..

Bucharest coffee and vanilla butter cookies

the day began well enough

my friend you look familiar

la vie en rose

an ecoscene beach crime

the gift of tree bough

cake and two

a pan am guest tree ..

tonight, through the walls

the living make love

and I can still remember the click

before silent night

and the dark

of rain,

my tears fall,

all the next day,

laugh for me Billy Jones.

“dark cloud sky

the trees green in sorrows wind ..”

the Summer storm sky

odd, the silence of spaces

somewhere amongst the poppies

she sits,

quiet the wind

quiet the red-orange jewels

against the storm sky

a place without words

she has one of those beautiful faces

forgotten by time

at a distance

she waves

any fallen angel

poets, before the world was won.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2015