- A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint -

“ where is my beautiful wife,
where is my beautiful car “

- from Once in a Lifetime by David Byrne and Talking Heads

“ somewhere at the glockenspiel diner

real life is just like sin

blindfolded, tied up, beaten on and raped

by whiteface

“where is my beautiful wife”

“where is my beautiful car”

“Christian, Christian (and Jew) “

“ they dance in the rain

so beautiful the wild horses “

“ leave my heart Wisconsin,

better than a quarter change “ “

“ skundinny Lefroy

the monster’s on the thoroughfare

some last game of golf “

“ charity bloom hotsauce

and all bar b*tched out

like bad lanocaine

concert comin’ “

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Subterranean Blue Poetry


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